Protecting Your Car From Extreme Heat

The summer months present numerous challenges when it comes to your car comfort and maintenance. The extreme heat from exposure to warm temperatures can do a lot of damage to your vehicle, which is why it is important to take preventive measures that lower the temperature during these months.

If you are living in a climate with hot weather all year-round, then you must take these measures even more seriously, as taking them for granted can result in further damage to your car. Here are some ways that you can protect your car from the sun and the severe heat it brings:

1. Park in the shade

As much as you can, keep your car away from direct exposure to sunlight. You may take this for granted, especially when you’ve come from a long day and realize how taxing it is to make the effort to squeeze it into your garage, when there is enough space in your driveway anyway. However, the extra step can give you so much more comfort when you drive off in the morning or even in the afternoon the next day– when the car is significantly cooler compared to if you left it to bake in the sun all day.

2. Install tint in your windows

This simple step may seem like a purely aesthetic choice, but the fact is that tinted windows provide many benefits to your vehicle, namely in keeping the temperature down.

Along with added privacy, tinted windows help keep you comfortable during especially hot summer days, reducing the need to turn up the air conditioning. This saves you energy and keeps your car running more efficiently. You can have reliable installers such as Van Isle Glass to do the job for you, and ensure the quality of the tinting for your car.

3. Install seat covers

Whether your seats are fabric or leather, seat covers can protect the upholstery while also keeping the air inside your car cooler. Anything to help with this, no matter how seemingly incremental, can make a world of difference when compounded over time.

4. Use a windshield visor

You will realize the value of this if you often park in unshaded areas. A windshield visor lowers the sun’s ability to cook your car, and keeps you comfortable when you enter after leaving it out for some time. A visor is easy to use and portable; you can simply transfer to whatever car you are using for the day, although it is advisable to have one per vehicle.

5. Perform routine maintenance checks

It is important to keep your car in top condition, especially when there is a threat of overheating from low water and coolant levels. Take note of these signs and make sure to check it in for inspection and repairs when for example your air-conditioning seems to not be cool enough. Putting them off can cause further damage to your car, which could be more difficult to fix later.

These are some of the best ways you can protect your car from the often menacing sun. Don’t take it for granted and remember that too much sun exposure can be just as harmful for it as it can be for you.

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