Good day, mate! What a day that I have you here on this page!

Before we begin, let me tell you this: I read emails from many users who came to my site more than once and tell me that the content is helpful to them, they want to help me keep this blog live. As you know, running a website is costly, I mean both time and money. I am looking for donors and sponsorship from people who want to have references from my site and I have the profit to re-invest in Motormanner.Com and keep it updated for long-term. It's a win-win strategy

If you don't want to think of a topic, finding a title for the new GP article, waiting for editing & posting after nearly 2 weeks until your link is live, you can add a link directly to your blog on 1 of my existing article. Easy and fast. I will also help you index that link asap by submitting my own updated version to Google. Here are 2 options:

1. Link from the Contributors' Section on My Homepage:

Anyone donates the amount of at least 30$ will happen to be on my first page. Please notice me by emailing Lucas.motormanner@gmail.com

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  • This is a Contributors' Section so I only accept Homepage Link. This is a reference to the owner of the website who helps me maintain my little blog.
  • The minimum amount of donation is non-negotiable.

2. In-content Link:

This is the type of link that most of webmasters want. You can search through my blog and find the appropriate anchor text to put any specific URLs you want. Anyone donates the amount of at least $$$ can pick the words and easily get your reference form this blog.

Any further discussion, please contact me first at Lucas.motormanner@gmail.com

<!> Note: The minimum amount of donation is non-negotiable.

3. Sponsor Post:

You pay me for an article on my site which is writen by me. The article you require should be related to the topic I have listed in the Guest Post Submission Guideline.

I will contact you when the article is finished and suggest some linkable anchor texts that are up to your decision. You canfind your own anchor text if you want to.

The price is negotiable.

I really want to continue to develop the blog in the highest quality form. You can trust me on developing the blog in long-term and the link you have today can have the most value in the future when there will be no longer this price or any open opportunies to have link on this blog. I hope you understand this and looking forward to working with you soon!

Have a nice day my friend!