How Hot Does A Muffler Get And How To Repair One?

Being too worried about the muffler of either your car or motorcycle? Well, you should not be. Why? Because there could be ways on how to handle exhausted muffler and if you are equipped with the idea whether how hot does a muffler get then things will be a lot easier for you.

But First, What Is A Muffler?


A muffler or also referred as a silencer is a device for decreasing the amount of noise being emitted by the exhaust of the internal combustion engine. Mufflers are designed in order for the exhaust gasses to slowly expand. Once the gasses are allowed to quickly expand then the resulting noise could be a bit deafening.

So, How Hot Does A Muffler Get?

Most mufflers would deal with temperatures which range between 300 and 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Because of the heat intensity being produced by the emission system of the engine, most of the exhaust systems are indeed built to handle an excess of almost 1200 degrees.


Though some of the heat from the exhaust system might disperse prior leaving the tailpipe, mufflers could still be extremely hot. Once the heat on the exhaust system exceeds the average temperature then there could be an issue with regards to the emission system of the engine.

With this, the emission system must be trouble shooted and repaired quickly prior to continuing the use of the vehicle since high temperature would cause the catalytic converter to fail.

But, How Are You Going To Repair The Muffler Hole?

In order not to worry too much about a damaged muffler, there are indeed ways on how to repair muffler hole. Just simply follow the steps below:

Materials And Tools

There are numbers of tools and materials that are needed in doing so. Some of these are the following:

Axle stands or wheel ramp
Eye protection
Jubilee clips
Metal ships
Spanners, assorted pliers and thumpy things
Exhaust repair paste
Empty tin can

Bear in mind to always consider wearing appropriate clothing along with a hat. Indeed, you should have the best rolling tool box wherein you have all the needed things in terms of repairing muffler hole.

Find The Problem


This could be so easy. Once the exhaust is not snapped through however it is still blowing then you might be able to hear it. The car might sound like the engine has gained an extra couple of liters. But if you can’t see the hole, there is just a need to move your hand alongside the exhaust up until you feel the breeze of the escaping fumes. Just feel along both of the sides but always be careful since the exhaust pipe would get a lot hotter.

Outside Or Inside


Once exhaust broke into an odd-shaped bit then there is a need to fix it from the inside out. There is a need to use the snips in turning the can to a sheet of steel then roll it up to be small enough fitting the exhaust. But once the break is in a straight section, the can could only be wrapped around the outside of break then locking it in place along with a pair of the jubilee clips.


There is a need to pull the loose section tightly against the fixed one. Just put a jubilee clip around the loose section of the exhausted and the second clip is threaded through the first as well as around the protruding part of the fixed section. Smear the joint in copious quantities of the exhaust fixing paste then leave it to the set. You might also want to know how to paint an engine, so read this.

And for ways on how to paint the muffler, consider the following:

Make sure that all the things needed are ready and available.
First, remove the old finish the muffler has.
Then prepare for painting.
Now, simply paint the muffler.
And finally, bake on the finish.

Indeed, doing the process on your own could also be a daunting task but could be fulfilling once you successfully finished it. Being equipped with ways on how to repair damaged or exhausted muffler will make you not think too much whether the muffler exceeds the average temperature or not. Watch this for a more detailed guide on how to repair a hole or a leak in an exhaust pipe having not to dismantle it at all.

Why Not Get Rescued By Professionals?

If you think that the exhaust system of the car is only designed in reducing noise, well you are wrong since it is as well responsible in terms of reducing harmful emissions from entering the atmosphere. Indeed, there are great roles that mufflers are playing. And with that, you might not afford to deal a too hot or exhausted muffler. So, if you couldn’t do it all by yourself, asking the help of professionals or experts with regards this matter should always be your next move.

Indeed, with the importance of mufflers, getting it done as soon as possible must not be ignored. There are also numbers of products out in the market when it comes to exhaust pipe such as expander, epoxy and repair tape that are needed much during the process.

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