Motorcycle Down? Follow These Three Simple Steps

After any accident it is always a confusing encounter for any one who is involved and can leave all those who have witnessed or encountered an accident, in a state of shock and being left dazed and confused. 

Motorcycle accidents often are a lot more life threatening and severe. Not only to the driver than to other vehicles, for the obvious reason that motorcycles leave the driver and passenger espoused to many dangers.

Especially in places where motorcycle helmets are rarely used, such as South East Asia. Although research has shown all around the world That the  most commonly caused accident which involves a motorbike is because the motorcyclist is both seen and not heard by other road users.  

For anyone who is unfortunate enough to witness or be involved in a motorcycle accident although there are many steps that take place after an accident has occurred. Here I will list the three most crucial steps that should be followed in order to minimise and prevent more harm not only to the driver and its to  that you can take place in order to prevent any more damage caused to vehicles and harm to others.

After being involved or witnessing an accident, the first thing we would want to do is to preserve the life of others and to minimise the risk of further injury. Accessing the accident would be the first protocol in order to establish if any emergency services are required. In most cases the first thing would be to request paramedics to the scene. despite the fact that the people involved might seem ok, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Symptoms of injury in more serious cases can take anywhere between 24-48 hours to show. If there is injury to the back, head or neck, Then that should most certainly only be removed by a trained paramedic. If any untrained person ( persons) attempting to remove the helmet could result in the loss of life, no one would want that on their conscience for the rest of their life. 

Contacting the appropriate authorities

The police might also need to be called not everyone likes to take responsibility or are aware of their mistakes in which case could lead to some very unhappy and painful situations which could escalate into violence also known as road rage. If someone seems to be getting agressieve it is best to let the professionals handle it rather than escalating a already stressful and confusing situation.

Hopefully know one will have to witness another human being, being impaled but if this is the case then, The fire brigade might be needed, not only do they put out fires, they also deal with many other situations such as people being stuck inside cars and other objects that someone might need to be cut free from. You might think that the authorities are not always needed but whenever an accident has taken place then someone is responsible for the accident. This is not determined by the police, although if a law has been broken then the police will obviously be involved a lot of smaller accidents that occur do not need any of the emergency services. The simple exchange of insurance details should be ok. In some cases a lawyer might be required such as Abrahamson & Uiterwyk

Getting Details of Those Involved

Hopefully no one in this situation would try to drive off or flee from the scene of a horrible sight, but some people may do so if they already have criminal convictions or they could already be in trouble with the police. It is always best to try and get everyone who was involved in the accident details as soon as possible. It is not only the people that are involved in the accident itself, it could be eyewitnesses that play a crucial role in that could help establish what happened.

These days it is very hard for people not to be without mobile phones, with mobile phones comes the use of the camera. Although the idea of someone filming an accident taking place is a gresoume act, it happens on a daily basis so someone would have all the evidence on their phone. Not everyone would be pleased to do so but luckily the majority of the general public are helpful souls so asking for people’s contact details should not be too much to ask whether it be a phone number, a E-Mail or an address, This is a very important action to take. Insurance details of all those involved are also needed in order to claim on the insurance. In many countries it is illegal to drive without having any issuance policy. So again if someone can not produce this information the police most certainly need to be contacted. 

Remove motorcycle or any vehicle debril

Removing the vehicles that have been damaged,  if safe to do so, has a crucial part to play in order to stop any other oncoming traffic or pedestrians experiencing the same mate as the ones who have already been affected by an accident. 

Getting the bigger bits of vehicle debris out of the first would help the most. This procedure should only take place if it is not putting anyones else’s life at risk. If it is not safe to do so then getting other people to help is a must. Stopping the flow of traffic would help the removal of the motorbike. It might be a case of getting a witness or a member of the public to flag down or stop the flow of traffic. It also depends on the type of road you have had an accident in some cases you would have to wait for the authorities to take action. In this case there is nothing that can be done to remember the preservation of life is the most important first step to take. The other steps only come after that risk assessment has been carried out sensibly with no heroic actions, which could risk endangering the lives of others.  

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