7 tips for surviving a long road trip

Gas in your tank and food in your belly are not the only two things you will need to survive a long road trip. Driving for 40, 50 or more hours and going to the store is definitely not the same, and you will need to plan in advance if you wish to reach your destination safely and comfortably. Keep in mind that after hours and hours on the highway most drivers begin to feel drowsy, so you need to make sure that you will stay alert and energized throughout the trip. Here are several tips that will help you survive your long road trip.

Get plenty of ZZZs before you hit the road

You should never get behind the wheel when you are sleepy, no matter how short your trip is. Therefore, when you are preparing for a long trip, getting enough sleep is crucial. Make sure you get at least eight hours of sleep for two consecutive nights before you hit the road so your body can build up energy reserves. If you can choose, go on a trip early in the morning after a good night’s sleep, not after your shift at work.

Don’t drive more than 12 hours a day

Before you get behind the wheel, plan your trip thoroughly and set a limit to how many hours you will drive each day. It is important that you stick to it, even if you feel like you are able to drive for several more hours. If possible, avoid driving at night and use that time to get some rest.

Get out of the car at each stop

Every now and then you will be forced to stop and fill up your tank. Even if you are just taking a five-minute break, get out of your car and stretch your legs and back. Sitting for a long time without much movement can lead to serious back pain, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to stretch those muscles. If you go to GarageGymBuiler.com you will find reviews of resistance bands that can come in handy on long road trips. They can fit in your glove compartment and you can use them to stretch your whole body in just a couple of minutes.

Make a playlist

Your favorite songs can help you stay awake and alert on long trips, so make sure you create a playlist beforehand. You can also keep yourself entertained by listening to funny audiobooks. If you prefer, you can listen to podcasts as well, just make sure that the narrator’s voice is not monotone, otherwise, it could make you feel sleepy.

Follow the trucks

Although you will see signs for rest areas along the way, make sure you take a break at truck stops instead. This way you will have access to bathrooms, food, car supplies, medicine and more. On the other hand, rest stops are usually isolated and have only a bathroom. In addition, you might feel much safer in a place with a lot of drivers than in the middle of nowhere with no one around.

Get an extra cell phone car charger

Sometimes having a full cell phone battery can literally save your life, so make sure you bring an extra car charger with you. Keep it in your glove box and you will have one less worry on your mind.

Protect your feet

Even if you feel more comfortable in your flip flops, drive with comfy and hard-soled shoes on. This way if you are in an accident your feet will be properly protected, and if your car breaks down, you will be able to walk without struggling with your sandals.

With these useful tips, you should reach your destination safely and have a pleasant experience.

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