Choosing The Best Rubbing Compound To Remove Scratches: How To Pick The One?

One of the most important and most valuable investments we might have is a car. With that, we are doing almost everything to keep it running at the same time looking good as well. So, one of the best ways, in order to maintain the looks of the car, is to regularly wash it and definitely apply the best rubbing compound as for eliminating scratches and stains it might have.

It is considered to be normal that a car might have minor dent, scratch or stain so a good rubbing compound could help in order to lessen or remove their appearance. However, choosing from wide options could be a confusing task so being guided on how to pick the right one is indeed important.

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Some of the best options when it comes to the best rubbing compound could be from among the following:

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Reviews Of The Best Rubbing Compound

In order to learn more about the best rubbing compound for car, these reviews could help you a lot.

The Best Pick For Long Lasting Effect

You might be looking for a rubbing compound that could last for a longer period of time. With that, this one from Mothers is the best alongside with great quality and affordability.

This one would provide an immediate detailed look to your car. It is definitely safe to be used on paint so you will be guided in defining the natural beauty of your vehicle. It also works hard in removing those embedded grains of metal from the surface and also the tree sap paint overspray as well as those airborne environment deposits.

It would also create an all new look for the car though it’s a bit year older. Once used regularly, there will be an assurance of long lasting effect. And this kit would come along with microfiber towel, two clay bars, and the Showtime instant detailer.

Via Amazon

User Rating:


A rubbing compound the extremely works well.
There is an assurance of long lasting effect.


The spray might leave a residue and also a strange minty smell.
There is a need of many works to complete.

The Best Pick For Spotless Car

It is everyone’s desire to have a spotless car along with being shiny and glossy. So with that, this one is the best option to ever consider.

This is considered as one of the best selling products when it comes to car care. Why? It has this ability to remove oxidation of the car because of age or also too much exposure to harsh chemicals or sunlight. It also has this ability to eliminate scratches as well as water spots.

Once you are wondering whether why there are numbers of cars are considered to be spotless, it might be due to the fact that the compound they might have used made the looks of the car brand new and shiny. So, with this kind of rubbing compound, it could also remove all the blemishes having not to scratch the car.

It also doesn’t have any harsh chemicals which could ruin the paint job of the car along with having the micro-abrasive technology which could make the car look brand new. Many people would use this compound because of its quality.

Via Amazon

User Rating:


It works great on minor or basecoat scratches.
It also works well on bird droppings, water marks, and oxidations.


It might not come along with cleaning brushes or pads.

The Best Pick For A Shiny Look

Indeed a shiny car would look a lot newer compared to others so this one from Turtle Wax will provide you the rubbing compound that would make your car shine at its best among the rest.

Another best rubbing compound is the one from Turtle Wax as this has the ability to help in eliminating all the scratches on the car. It also has this ability to remove the scratches on the car and almost all kinds of heavy blemishes on the car.

It features silicone ingredient that is responsible when it comes to making the car a lot shinier. In fact, this compound could be applied easily either by hand or through using a rotary polisher. The polishing could also be done by yourself allowing the car to have a glossy finish look.

In addition to that, this rubbing compound also has this ability to restore the wax in order for the surface of the car would be prepared for the waxing stage.

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User Rating:

This one is best used once the polisher you would use is a microfiber or cotton material foam making it deeply penetrate on the car, therefore, it will absorb the chemical fully leading to a glossy look of the car. Indeed, this one could maintain both the appearance and the engine of the car.


It could be easily applied and used.
Great option for removing scratches and paint scraps.


The bottle design is not great.

The Best Pick For Effortless Application

If you are tired of consuming too much of your time and effort in your garage as you clean the car and protect its paint, this one is the best option to cut down the cleaning time.

This one has cutting edge abrasive particles that would help in getting rid of the blemishes in the paint of the car. This rubbing compound would bring out the beauty of the car’s paint as well as would leave a great finish indeed ready for waxing.

And in addition, this option is as well easy to buff off unlike with the old paste which might take a lot of elbow grease just to rub and shine.

Via Amazon

User Rating:


This one is definitely safe for almost all automotive finishes such as shimmer points and clear coats.
It is definitely easy to use.


It could only handle minor scratches or couldn’t handle those deep scratches which have been scratched down to the metal under the paint of the car.

The Best For A Clean Headlight

Rubbing compound is also used in order to have a clean headlight leading to numbers of benefits and so considering what 3M could offer should not be ignored.

This rubbing compound could remove all kinds of blemishes that cars might have. Along with that, it has the ability to clean the headlights once they are already cloudy and old. There will be an assurance of having a clearer lighting on the car making you see the road clearly especially at night.

It might as well remove all the random paint scratches which the car has in order for it to have a glossy and clear look after using it during the first application.

Via Amazon

User Rating:


It leaves a fine finish.
It could be applied by machine or hand.
It is great for hand compounding applications.


Not advised for deep scratches.
Too small container.

The Psychology Of Rubbing Compounds: Why Use Them?

The reason why humans would enjoy the shine of the new car like a pair of high heels for most women would need a little research simply because it is simply been accepted as a fact. But there could be numbers of other reasons as to why humans are into using rubbing compound.

Based on researchers, humans have this systematic bias when it comes to glossy materials. And also the researchers have then eliminated this possibility that humans were simply attracted to glossy things because they are pretty.

The glossiness that any object could provide would be related to its functionality. Indeed, a car that is waxed and glossy could resist the elements and more. The preferences and the appeal would lie in the mind of the people looking into a certain item.

There are also cases wherein the preference in terms of glossy objects wouldn’t be applied and could be attributed to socialization.

The Aanatomy Of Scratches And Coat Of Cars

The exterior of the car has four different levels wherein scratches could happen. And these are the following:

Level 1 – Metal Or Body Panel

This is considered as the base level of the exterior or the actual metal body of the car. Once there is a scratch which goes down into this level then you are in a serious matter. In fact, no scratch remover or rubbing compound could ever fix this one. There is a need to take the car to the body shop and let it be stripped down to the metal and be completely repainted.

Level 2 – Primer

This one could be the same with the one you use once painting the walls inside the house. This is considered as the preparatory coating which would make the paint stick a lot better into the metal body and will also increase the strength if the paint once already applied. And also, this would add an extra layer of protection into the surface underneath. Indeed, the metal body would be protected in order to avoid rust damage.

Level 3 – Basecoat

This one is true paint which is being applied to the car. This is where the color as well as the other coloring effects that you see on the outside of the car. This serves in making the car look nice and to add a definitive layer of protection from the negative weather elements as well as day-to-day activities which could damage the exterior of the car.

Level 4 – Clearcoat

This is also a resin-based paint which is being applied to the outside of the car. This one is a colorless resin which adds an extra layer of protection, luster and shine to the exterior of the car. It also offers protection from ultraviolet light that might damage the basecoat. Most of the scuffs and scratches would damage first this level.

Ways To Determine The Problem

You are still lucky if the scratch on the car appears in white. In this case, the scratch only affects the car’s clear coat and so a scratch remover could be used. A normal scratch remover might not work if the scratch is in the same color as the base coat. There would be a need of a more intense kit as well as paint having the same color with the base coat.

Once the scratch is down to the metal, there is already a need of professional assistance from the body shop in order to sand down completely and also replace the paint on the said section or it might be the entire car ensuring the paint to correctly match.

But whatever the problem is, there is a need to make sure that you are also cleaning the area wherein the scratch happened prior to assessing the problem and particularly prior to attempting to apply a rubbing compound or scratch remover.

Rubbing Compound And Its Benefits

Rubbing compound indeed has numerous of benefits to offer. Some of these are the following:

It has the ability to save money since you could do it by yourself without having to spend too much of your money in the body shop.
It will also maintain the paint of the vehicle through decreasing or eliminating the development of rust as well as providing wear for the paint of the car.
And this compound could also retain the market value of the car.

How To Use Rubbing Compound?

The rubbing compound would work by smoothing the surface of the paint and also removing the dead and oxidized paint through physically removing the top layer. There are some other consumers that would use this compound in repairing heavy scratches, spotting, sandpaper marks and surface contaminants. For ways on how to use rubbing compound, consider the following:

Prior to compounding, there is a need to make sure that the car is completely dry and clean.
Inspect the paintwork determining the condition and decide the steps to consider.
Never work on direct sunlight rather work in a garage or shop or in a shady area.
Work only on one body panel at a time ensuring that the product doesn’t sit on the paint for a longer period of time.
You might consider a use of orbital polisher or simply your hand to apply rubbing compound. The use of some other products like this one should also be considered.

Viking 862400 Blue Microfiber Wax Applicator - Via Amazon

You might also want to read more about painting the engine so with that click here.

Rubbing Compound Buying Tips

There are numbers of things that should be kept in mind once into buying a rubbing compound. Consider some of the following tips:

The use of buffer must be considered along with the rubbing compound.
Choose whether you need medium fine type or ultra fine type of rubbing compound.
Newer cars should use glaze in rotation with polishing since you could wear off the paint eventually.
Bear in mind as well that there are polishes for certain car’s colors.
Once using a rubbing compound, it would be great to only do a small section at a time.
The product that you should consider must not just match the quality you are looking for but should also match to your budget.
And it is very important that as you use this compound you have to protect the work by immediately waxing.

Be guided by these tips, both for buying and using rubbing compound. Watch this to learn how to make the car a lot shinier with the use of rubbing compound.


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When can a rubbing compound be used?

Why shouldn’t a compound be allowed to dry on a paint finish?

Pick For The Best

From the options whether which one is the best, there is definitely one that stands out from the rest. And this is the Mothers 07240 California Gold Clay Bar System. I have to say that this is the best one because:

It has the best quality as a rubbing compound.
It could last for a longer period of time.
It matches the needs of many.
It is definitely reasonable in terms of its price.

Indeed, once caring for the car, there are many things that should be considered right from its engine, the wheels and the interior and exterior parts of it. As for maintaining all of these, there is a need to keep the car well-maintained allowing the car to perfectly run and leading to more enjoyable joyrides. And so, choosing the best rubbing compound in keeping the appearance of the car always new should never be ignored.

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