A Comprehensive Guide To Choosing The Best Clear Coat For Cars

Once talking about the car paint, you may have also heard the term clear coat. But you might not be sure whether what it is and why there is a need to consider it. However, there is also fact that most people have the basic idea of it only that because of the product labeling, it could be confusing to choose the right one as the best clear coat for cars.

Product Comparison Table

For a quick glance of the best options when it comes to best clear coat for cars, here is a product comparison table:

Reviews Of The Best Clear Coat For Cars

Through the best automotive clear coat reviews, you will be equipped with the right information on how you are to choose the right clear coat. Let us take the options one by one.

The Best Clear Coat In Complete Set

For a complete set of clear coat for your car, this one is the best option you can have in the market today.

This one is particularly formulated to be economical in the mobile repair industry. It is made to increase the profit without having to sacrifice the quality. This clear coat is referred as a 2K acrylic urethane clear along with chemical and UV resistance.

In addition, this product also features medium dry and cure, high gloss and DOI, universal durable clear, easy buffing, and UV resistant for excellent weathering.

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User Rating:


It definitely offers durable results.
It is UV resistant and could offer high gloss finish.
Easy application and easy buffing.
It offers great protection for the car.
A complete set of clear coat.


This one is extremely flammable.

The Best Pick For A Low Price But Quality-Assured Clear Coat

If looking for a quality clear coat that is offered at its lowest price then this one from US Chemical and Plastics is simply the right option.

This is a two-component aerosol clear coat which is so easy to apply, smoothly flows and also dries into a long lasting high gloss finish. This will not require any mixing at all. It features innovative nozzle and also a valve technology being combined with the two internal chambers that would ensure that perfect ratio is mixed at all times.

You could spray this product like a gun and it offers broader spray pattern compared with the conventional aerosols that could offer great mess. Indeed, a professional result will be provided by this product. This offers higher yield as well as faster spray time.

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User Rating:


It boasts the greatest abrasion as well as great resistance.
It offers permanent high gloss and smooth flowing.
It renders great buffing ability.
There will be no color tone deviation.
This is also perfect once at higher ambient temperatures.


The instructions are only available in the Spanish language.
It might not harden easily.

The Best High-Performance Clear Coat

Indeed, it is great to have a clear coat that renders high performance matching your needs. With that, this product is what you are looking for.

Another great clear coat that could answer your needs is this water-based two-component epoxy which offers a coating twice stronger compared to concrete intended for the toughest floor in a coat. This one is being fortified along with the advanced bonding technology providing superior adhesion as well as durability.

This product also has the ability to beautify and also protect together with its durable glossy finish which protects your car from damage against hot tires, oil, wear and tear and gasoline.

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User Rating:


This clear coat offers high gloss and high performance finish.
It boasts two times stronger than other products.
It also offers anti-peel and long lasting protection.
It is the best-in-class blush resistance.


Can only be used for lining the inside of the fuel tanks that contain diesel or gasoline fuel
Cannot be used with biodiesel fuel
Cannot be used with water or water-based substances notably potable water
This product couldn’t be sprayed even right after thinning
Cannot be used on any plastic or fiberglass

The Best Pick For Protection

For those that are looking for a clear coat that offers great protection, this one is a wise option to consider.

This one is a high quality product that is ready to spray topcoat being designed in order to protect and seal surfaces of the car after painting with the auto body paint.

It features easy application along with quick drying time and also the ability to buff into a brilliant finish. And also, additional coats could be applied anytime because of the no-recoat limitations.

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User Rating:


This can be used to any vehicle in order to achieve a professional and durable finish.
This product could also stop rust acrylic lacquer formulation that offers great protection.
It could dry just within 30 minutes.
It offers long lasting and durable rich gloss sheen.


This product is quite expensive.

The Best Pick For Car’s Longevity

For a clear coat that offers long lasting life for your car, this special nano coating is definitely the perfect choice to ever consider.

This one is considered to be an ultimate paint protection system against all those negative environmental effects. It features a unique technology that would help in achieving a thick coating that protects the car from acid rains, bird droppings, UV lights and more.

Aside from that, this product will also inherit the highly hydrophobic surface properties that would enable you to clean the car a lot easier and with only less energy and time exerted. The car will definitely stay shinier and cleaner once coated with this product.

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User Rating:


It offers car’s longevity.
The car would remain clean for a longer period of time.
It offers great scratch-resistance.
It renders healthy and deep gloss lacquer.


It will leave a highlighted line.
It will leave a mark that should be buffed off with a buffer.


Clear Coat 2K Acrylic Urethane

USC Spray Max 2k High Gloss Clearcoat Aerosol

Valspar (81052) Premium Clear Epoxy Kit

Rust-Oleum 262178 Gloss Clear Automotive Auto Body Clear Coat

Car Body Protection CERAMIC ARMOR COAT


Item Weight/Size

4 in 1 Kit(1 gallon, 3 32 oz)

1 lb./1 pack

10.7 lbs/1 gallon

2.3 pounds/32 oz.

1.4 lbs

Special Feature

High Performance Acrylic Urethane Clearcoat

Glamour High Gloss Clearcoat

Extreme Epoxy Formula

Acrylic Clearcoat Formulation

Ceramic Armor Coat













My Rating

More Details

New Clear Coat: What Are The Benefits?

Clear coat car paint would refer to paint or a resin having no pigments and will not impart color to the car. It is simply considered as a layer of clear resin which is being applied over the colored one. There is a fact that most cars these days would have a clear coat finish. In order to maintain the pristine condition of the car, waxing is needed periodically though the car has been painted with a clear coat. It would be easy to determine the difference in between a car that is regularly detailed and one which isn’t though both have their clear coat finish.

And having a new clear coat for your car will lead to numerous benefits such as the following:

It will not just make the car looks shiny as well as more glamorous but it could also make the car paint a lot deeper and wetter.
This clear coat will also offer protection against the sun as well as ultraviolet rays which cause the car paint to fade.
The car paint will also appear to be new for longer time duration.
Those shallow surface defects, as well as spotting being caused by acid rain, could be buffed out having not to damage the paint.
The use of solvents which are considered to be pollutants by nature could be avoided as well.

So having a new clear coat could indeed lead you to experience numbers of great benefits such as the ones mentioned above. In addition, click here to be guided on how to paint an engine.

Nano Coats: Perks And Downsides

So what is nano coating or nano clear coat? Well, it is simply the protection you are to apply after polishing the car. Rather than waxing or sealing the paint, you will coat it instead. Nano coating is referred as the result of application wherein nanostructures build a consistent network of molecules on the surface.

In connection to that, there are also numbers of perks and downsides in terms of nano-coating. And these are the following:


Coatings would need to be authorized the dealer to apply them for you ensuring that they have experience when it comes to prepping the paint for application.

Durability is indeed impressive. They could last for a long period of time and could protect the paint from the naturally acidic contaminants and UV damage and also could add a bit of cushion room with regards to light scratches.


There is a need for a multi-stage paint correction involving washing the car, buffing, claying and keeping it pristine at the same time applying the coating which could be so hard to those that aren’t working in a clean indoor facility.

These coatings are into using extremely harsh chemicals wherein when you open the bottle they smell like a nice sampling of the jet fuel. There is a need for frequent breaks to avoid from going light-headed. And these harsh chemicals do have a high level of VOCs too.

Nano coating could be a bit expensive.

How To Spray Clear Paint Over Base?

Clear coat painting or spraying clear paint over the base is a lot harder compared with the acrylic enamel since the paint definitely has this tendency to run. But with some patience as well as right tools, you might get the best glossy finish. For ways on how to do so, here are the steps to follow:

Tape off or remove any windows or non-painted trimming on the car.
Strip off its old paint in the places which need it.
Spray only to those places which you fixed along with the primer.
Wipe down the entire surface.
Wet-sand the base coat up until you reaches a very smooth finish.
Spray the entire surface with the clear coat paint.
Use a buffer as well as buffing compound.

And for additional information about ways on how to spray clear paint over the base, watch this.

Tips To Consider

For tips in connection with clear coating of cars, consider the following:

Every car would have a clear coat and it might be hard to find one that doesn’t have a clear coat.
Clear coat would have the same basic needs of traditional car paint like washing, occasionally polishing, waxing, using clay bar or detailing clay.
You must not hang up on discussions about hard or soft car clear coats as this wouldn’t matter to almost 98% of you that looks to perform basic car paint need.
The clay bar is considered to safe for clear coats.
You should also not hang up on those people that would tell you that clay bar could be used a lot more often and would damage the clear coat as this is definitely not true.
After claying, there is a need to remember choosing a quality car sealant or wax in order to create a protective layer and also for visual enhancement of the car clear coat.


What is auto clear coat?

What does clear coat do?

Once in doubt, will there be a sure-fire way to identify if the car has a clear coat?

Does car clear coat needs special care?

Pick For The Best

So for me, the best clear coat for cars is the Clear Coat 2K Acrylic Urethane. Why? Well, the reasons are as follows:

In an average price, you will already have a complete kit to clear coat your car with an assurance of its great feature which is a high performance acrylic urethane clear coat.
The advantages that this product could provide are indeed superb.
And it has the highest satisfaction rating from those who have already experienced the quality of this product.

With the options provided and with the automotive clear coat reviews, there is no doubt that you will be guided on how to choose the right one for your car.

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