Top Options To Choose From For The Best Foam Cannon

Cleaning the car could be done in numbers of ways. And one of these ways would be through the use of the foam cannon along with a pressure washer. Many would find it a bit challenging to look for the best foam cannon however once guided with the right information, the process of shopping for this one is made easier and faster. So, with that, being equipped first information about the product will help.

Quick Comparison: Top 4 Best Foam Cannon

For a quick glance of those best options that you might choose from, consider this table:

**Below, you'll find my more detailed reviews about the foam cannons, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Review Of The Best Foam Cannon

And now, let us review these options provided one by one to help us choose which one is the best to purchase.

Best Pick For A Sparkling Look

If you want your car to look clean and to have a sparkling look of its surface then no doubt that this one is the best choice.

This one is indeed ready for those enthusiast users and also those professionals alike. It has an adapter and also a connection tube from among the other quality fittings which would deliver great durability for daily use.

Its maximum pressure is 160 Bar, and also the maximum operating temperature is 60 degrees variable along with adjustable spray nozzles enough for a through pressure clean up at the same time would facilitate precise mixing as well as foam generation.

It has the white plastic bottle that is translucent wherein you could see colors inside it but not completely and also it feels sturdy such as a laundry detergent bottle.

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User Rating:

It has a black nozzle on end wherein the soap or the water would exit, and this one is a sturdy plastic that rotates giving you great control over the shape of its spray. And definitely, it has a nice opaque plastic bottom along with a high-quality plastic or metal top.


Amazing foam application offering a thick coating of foam.
Quickly and powerfully doing a great job.
The nozzle will easily adjust from a wide fan to a narrow stream.
Big enough bottle covering the entire big car without having to stop then refill.


Screws are not tightened sometimes making the top adjustment knob to come off.
White bottle that is not transparent or translucent making it a bit hard to see how much solution is left more once using with a light-colored soap.

Best Pick For Denser Foam

If looking for a cannon that would provide denser foam perfect for washing your car then this one should never be ignored.

Another great option as foam cannon will be from MTM Hydro. This one offers adjustable fan blades since it will throw thick foam into the vehicle or some other washable items.

It also has chemical injection knob on top allowing for a more or less chemical that will be drawn through the internal chamber therefore decreasing or increasing the foam output. With this, it would allow the internal agitator regarding creating dense foam. The quality of this option is excellent. It also boasts its ergonomic bottle having textured grip.

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It offers adjustable fan blades.
It could spray up to almost 20 feet.
Foam cannon in high quality.


There could be a leakage.
This one is not quite fit power washing fitting.

Best Pick For Surface Cleanser

Indeed, this one from Chemical Guys is a great choice once aiming for a superb surface cleanser along with its advanced technology being offered.

Another great choice will allow you to receive a gallon of honeydew snow foam cleanser being offered by Chemical Guys. This one could make a good wash that is so easy to achieve.

It is also a hi-tech nozzle which combines the air and the soap together as for providing thick foam which can get into almost all the crevices, cracks and also those hard to reach spots on the car. This one is great enough which you might be able to wash the car having not to touch the rag.

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It is a superior surface cleanser.
It boasts its advanced foaming technology.
This one is great for weekly maintenance.
It is also safe for sealant and wax.
There will be no residue left.
This one is great for heavy duty use with any pressure washer.


This one could be very expensive.

Best Pick For The Price

You might be looking for a cannon that is very affordable yet of great quality still so this one should be considered.

This one has the ability to shoot and also apply high-pressure foam that reaches up to almost 30ft. away. It would allow you to adjust the spray pattern from a long range into a fan spray and also control how much foam is to be applied.

You are also provided with the chance to rinse off the foam a lot easier, and there is actually no need to change the nozzle prior to rinsing. It would connect to any of the ¼ inches quick connect spray wand and its lightweight making you not feel weighed down.

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It could apply foam at a high pressure almost up to 30 feet.
It features adjustable pattern from the fan to the long range spray.
It could also regulate whether how much foam is to be applied.
Easy rinsing.


This uses too much soap quickly.



MTM Hydro Original Professional

Chemical Guys EQP_312 TORQ

Green Earth Technologies 5171


Product Dimensions

9.6 x 4.5 x 4.3 inches

1 x 7 x 12 inches

13.9 x 8.9 x 8.2 inches

6.4 x 5 x 8.1 inches

Item Weight/Size

1.2 pounds

1.3 pounds

10.6 pounds

1.1 pounds











My Rating

More Details

The Difference Between Foam Cannon And Foam Gun

They might sound the same with one another however they are indeed very different, though their job is considered to be the same. And one of the main differences would be the way you would use them. So a foam gun is made to be used with a regular garden hose.

On the other hand, foam cannons are used along with a pressure washer. Once you have a pressure washer and you buy a foam gun you will definitely be disappointed. It wouldn’t work the way it must be once attached to the pressure washer. And also, the same with those that are not having a pressure washer, however, trying to use foam cannon. Watch this for more information.

Why We Should Choose Foam Cannon?

In most cases, people would use foam cannons in order to wash the vehicle with the pressure washer since a pressurized washer could knock off the dirt rather than use a standard garden hose. If you like a car that is cleaner than what a pressure washer could do, then have these foam cannon could be considered.

The task of a gun or foam is to apply the foam prior to washing the car. The foam would be thick, and once you apply it from the top of the car and down as well there will be a lot of dirt which is on the car will roll away with it. And once you actually wash the car, you are not to use a sponge in dragging dirt around the circles. You would also end up having fewer streaks and would lessen the possibility of scratches which might come along with the dragging dirt around in the washrag or sponge.

Along with a pressure washer, there will be an assurance of eliminating most of the dirt, however, removing most also doesn’t mean that you would remove as much dirt as you can. Once foam cannons are used properly as pre-soak, they could eliminate more dirt. It would remove even the stiff which you couldn’t see and once you also buy the right detergent, it might as well protect the paint once it is soaking. There is a need for you to discover the right pressure washer foam cannon perfect for the machine.

Things To Consider Before Choosing Foam Cannon

Foam cannons will indeed come in wide options however the build is a bit the same for almost all makes. There is a need for you to consider choosing a suitable fitting that will match the pressure washer to the foam cannon. In order to find the best one, first, check some of the local car parts shops, mass merchants, and tool shops or consider an online search from extensive options of vendors out there. You have to consider the quality, functionality and the price as well once shopping for the right foam cannon that will answer your needs.

How To Use Foam Cannon In The Right Way

In applying with the use of foam cannon, there is a need to add about an ounce of soap to the container and fill it with water. Now, hold the pressure washer wand for about three to four feet from the surface and then activate the foam. This might be very beneficial into the non-horizontal parts of the car like the fender wells, undercarriage or even on doors. If the wait is over, simply remove the soap container then wipe off the surfaces or simply rinse off the soap.

Some Useful Tips For You

Foam cannons are used in cleaning cars a lot easier and faster. Some of the tips that will help you in using foam cannon properly are the following:

Choose The Right Foam Cannon For Discount Car Detailing

Almost all models are made to work on all car models too. There is a need to make sure that you pick the right pressure setting to produce the right amount of foam.

Use Foam Cannon In The Right Way

Indeed, foam cannons are to be used along with certain compressors which would direct the blast of the soap into the car surface. You must not rub the foam made on the car’s paint. There is a need to choose the right angle tips of the head ensuring that the foam is correctly directed on the car. Now, hold the angled tip for two or three feet away from your car making sure that the paint isn’t damaged.

Pick The Right Soap Formulations

There is a need to inquire from the manufacturer about particuclar brand soap. Strong soap could eat the paint job and might lead to numbers of scratches on the car’s surface. But the right soap could protect the paint job and to those delicate rubber seals around the doors and windows too.

Wash Method

There is a need to consider the particular way of cleaning the car. Start from the top then to the bottom and never work the other way around.

Operational Specifics For A Great Paint Job

Every spray cannon which you use would have 40 to 90 PSI pressure and it would also create about 1-1/2 gallons of the pressure every minute. You might get the fan spray attachments which would create the best coverage. There is a need for the foam gun to have an anti-siphon which would protect the water supply from being pulled back to the cleaning water. There is also need to adjust the water pressure of the cannon based on your personal adjustments.

You could also watch this to help you more about washing a car with a foam Cannon.


Can the fitting be removed from foam cannon?

Can foam cannon be used to apply thick foam for hand washing?

Can foam gun be used with pressure water?

Can regular detergent be used?

Pick For The Best Foam Cannon

And from these options, the best one that stands out from the rest would be the DUSICHIN SFL-001 Why? Well, the reasons are as follow:

It has great features that could capably deal with your needs in terms of cleaning the car with the use of foam cannon and a pressure washer.
The quality is great along with great design and look.
Aside from how great the quality is, this one is also considered to be very affordable perfect to suit the budget of many customers.

Indeed, choosing the best foam cannon could be a bit challenging task as there are certain factors that should be considered, however, once guided by these reviews and buying guide, there will be an assurance of purchasing the right one. So, be equipped with this information first before shopping for foam cannon.

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