how to remove a stripped nut

8 Easy Methods: How To Remove A Stripped Nut

Picture this, you are so excited to install something on your bike, or you are ready for a restoration project, but you need to loosen some nuts and bolts to get it done. While doing so, you realized some nuts on your precious motorcycle are stripped.

Now you’re stuck with a nut that won’t come off,and your project is on a halt. This is pretty frustrating indeed, not to mention a buzz kill.

A stripped nut on your motorcycle is a showstopper, this happens very often to older bikes like those that need restoration and repair. Frequently, when trying to fix this, you’d end up with a broken bolt or even worse, a broken section of your bike which now requires more repair – worst case scenario, a broken hand so always be cautious.

At this point, you probably are very frustrated and want to just give up on whatever you want to do with your bike. Fortunately, we here ate Motor Manner have some tips for you on how to remove a stripped nut.

Some Methods To Help You Know “How To Remove a Stripped Nut”

Method 1: Removing A Stripped Nut By Brute Force

Human as we are, we show our primitive side by resorting to this method as the first thing we usually do when we encounter tenacious bolts and nuts. We always do this out of frustration and anger so why not use it to solve something?

Step 1. Hit the head of the bolt exactly at the center with a punch or chisel. An alternative is to hit it with an impact gun
Step 2. If you can hit the bolt from the other tip (away from the head) hit it too.
Step 3. Alternate steps 1 and 2 until the bolt comes off the nut.It is important to note that this method works only on cases where the nut is paired with an independent bolt.

If your nut is stuck on a bolt which is fastened on some part of your motorcycle, try other suitable methods below.This method can also be done using an air hammer and chisel but it yields a less successful result. A video below should show you an idea on how to do this first method:

Method 2: Removing A Stripped Nut Using Heat

Apparently, heat makes metal expand, cool makes metal contract. Before trying out this method, you should do enough preparations like safety glasses and gloves for your protection.

Step 1. Heat the bolt with a blowtorch or something similar until it glows red. By doing this, the metal is now expanding
Step 2. Wait for the bolt to cool down. In this phase, the corrosion bond is currently being broken
Step 3. Try to twist the bolt and nut out until they are separated

This method requires a lot of heat and patience. Also, when doing step 3, it is imperative that you use proper handling apparatus such as pliers. This method can also be combined with the first one above.

The video below should show you an idea on how it is done. Remember this is heat you are working with so precautions and preparations are imperative:

Method 3: Removing A Stripped Nut By Cutting

In this method, you will need to cut the nut with a metal saw. This requires precision as you might end up also cutting the bolt underneath it, or worse your hands.

Step 1: Saw thru the nut like how you’d cut a ring open
Step 2: Once thru, gently pry the nut open to loosen it
Step 3: Try to twist the nut out of the bolt by using pliers

Once the stripped nut is off, it’s time to put on a fresh one. Here is a video showing the cut method:

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Method 4: Removing A Stripped Nut By Rocking The Bolt

This method uses a ratchet and socket and should be tried first before resorting to more desperate measures.

Step 1: Simply work with the nut and bolt by clocking it back and forth using the ratchet and socket
Step 2: If you successfully nudged the nut a turn or two, it will expose a thread, spray it with a penetrant
Step 3: Repeat step 1 until you can see another exposed thread

This process is a bit slow and requires a lot of time and patience, but the result is much cleaner than using force or heat. Below is an awesome video to show you an idea on how it’s done:

Method 5: Removing A Stripped Nut Using A Drill

This has the same principle as cutting open a nut combined with twists. It is worth noting that this method should be reserved for last and if all doesn’t go well.

Step 1: Setup a power drill with a small drill bit
Step 2: Use the drill like a saw and cut the nut open, you may also choose to cut the bolt instead, it depends on the situation
Step 3: Pry out the stripped nut

In case you’re not confident that the drill bit size can cut thru, you may gradually increase the size. Remember to use the drill bit for metals, the video below should be of much help:

Method 6: Removing A Stripped Nut By Welding

In case your nut is in very bad shape and the strip level is too high that it can’t even turn a single degree, then a welding machine might come in handy. There’s really not much step into this as you simply use the welding torch to take off the stripped nut.


This method requires you to be qualified to weld in the first place. In case you are not, you can ask a professional to do this. Method 7: Removing a stripped nut using a bolt extractor

Method 7: Removing A Stripped Nut Using A Bolt Extractor

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There are tons of extractors out there, some do good, while others don’t. The method simply uses hardened bits that would grab the threads of the nut or bolt to remove it.

Step 1: Drill a small hole in the bolt
Step 2: Thread in the extractor
Step 3: Begin extraction

The video below should give you an idea on how to do it. This is one of the painstaking processes so patience is also key here:

Method 8: Removing A Stripped Nut Using A Pipe Wrench

One of the simplest ways to tackle a stripped nut is by using a pipe wrench. It is one of the most convenient too as almost everyone has a pipe wrench in their garages.


In case it won’t budge, use an extender for your lever, like a metal pipe. Always be careful when doing this. It is worth noting that a pipe wrench is different from a monkey wrench.After successfully removing a stripped nut

Step 1: Position the pipe wrench properly onto the nut or bolt
Step 2: Tighten the pipe wrench on the nut or bolt
Step 3: It’s time to crank it up! As you do the cranking the pipe wrench also grabs harder


Probably one or two, or a combination of any, methods above have solved your stripped nut issue. Now it’s time to reinstall the nuts on their respective bolts and proceed with your project. Avoiding the same kind of issue is of high importance if you want to avoid the same kind of a headache all over again. By regularly greasing your nuts and bolts, this issue should be almost non-existent – corrosion is inevitable, so it’s impossible to be 100% rust-free.


Regularly checking your bike for rust also helps in preventing stuck nuts or bolts from happening as corrosion is being removed or prevented once detected. Spraying on silicon lubricant is also recommended when removing bolts from nuts or vice versa.

We hope that after reading this article, you will find out the best method on How to remove a stripped nut. Let us know what you think by a comment on the box below and feel free to share with anyone who has the same question as you.

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