Your Guide On How To Paint Motorcycle Rims

Are you planning to paint your motorcycle rims? But apparently, you have no idea on how to do so. What are you going to do now? Well, if in doubt whether how to paint motorcycle rims, being guided with the right tools needed and steps to follow should be considered.

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What Are The Things Needed?

In painting the motorcycle rims, there are numbers of things that should first be considered. These would include the following:

Paint tape
Tools to remove the rim
Wheel and rim clearcoat paint having easy spray head
Wheel and rim paint in the chosen color also with easy spray head
An area wherein you are to paint and would allow the rim to dry unbothered
Mineral spirits
Paint brush
String to hang the rim
Nail polish remover in order to assist when it comes to removing stickers

There is a need to make sure that these things are ready prior to beginning with painting the motorcycle rims. You might not want the process to be ruined just because there is something that goes missing, right?

What Are The Steps To Follow?


There is a need to follow certain steps in order to be guided through the process of painting the rims. But as for pre-step, you must purchase first a matt paint since it would stick better compared with bright paint. Once you want a glossy final result then make sure to buy a gloss clear coat.

For the step-by-step instruction, consider the following:

Step 1

Take any stickers off the rim allowing only to have the basic rim. In taking off the stickers, you might use a nail polish remover. Just simply pour some on the cloth and then wipe it on and around the sticky crap which is left from the sticker. After that, push it into the big gooey pile and pull off. This should come off in a clump.

Step 2

Tape off all spokes with the use of a masking tape. You must not tape the entire spoke only from the nipple up to around the middle or on the ¾ of the spoke. And do a final wipe of the rim using a damp cloth to take off anything which might be left on the rim.

Step 3

You need to find a well-ventilated area wherein you could hang a piece of string then stick it through the valve hole in the rim and simply tied it up. There is a need to make sure that the rim be centered on the middle chest in order to shoulder the height for maximum spraying.

Also, ensure that you have a tarp or even an old blanket around the spraying direction since paint tiny particles would cover the direction that you are spraying as all the paint wouldn’t directly hit only the rim.

Step 4

You now have to start spraying. Ensure that you do light coats. Bear in mind that the smaller coats the better the rim would turn out. Many are into making this mistake and so would cover the entire rim in the paint on the first coat. The rim shouldn’t be covered completely in new color within the first four to five coats.

There could be numbers of advantages once lightly spraying beside heavy coats. First, light coats would dry a lot faster and so you could do a coat every fifteen to thirty minutes. Indeed, light coats would allow the paint to stick a lot better so allowing a long lasting job.

Step 5

Clear coat! You have your choice whether you want a matt or gloss. This is an major step as it would harden the paint and would make it last a lot longer. You should wait at least two days prior to clear coating the final product since the paint should fully be cured first before the Clearcoat to successfully work. Once you don’t then the paint would wrinkle and would easily chip off.

Step 6

Once the rims are already dry, you have to remove the painter's tape and also use the cloth as well as the scratch removal wax to make the rim more protected and a lot shiner. Replace the rim to the motorcycle and also enjoy once people stare as you ride by along with your shiny rims.

Follow these steps and you will definitely be capable of coming up with a shiny rim. Again, just spray carefully and light even coats. These steps will serve as of great guide for those that are in doubt whether how to paint motorcycle rims. For another guide in step-by-step procedures about painting motorcycle wheels, watch this.

Essential Tips To Consider

There are also some important tips that you should consider as you paint your motorcycle rims. These tips include the following:

You might consider getting an automotive paint for the spray gun, or you could also use paint from a spray can.

You must not expect the color which you want to see after the first coat. The full coverage will not be seen up until the last layer.

You could this over the course of several days once you desire to, but it would be a good idea to do all the painting right on the same day.

The conditions of doing it on two different days would make the paint look a bit different though you use the same paint.

These tips will also help you once you are painting the rim of your motorcycle. You could also watch this video if you want to be guided more in terms of painting motorcycle wheels and polishing rims.


Some of the most frequently asked questions are as follow:

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Painting rim of your motorcycle is not that hard at all. There is just a need to consider being prepared particularly those things that are needed. Along with being prepared in terms of tools and supplies, being guided by the given steps above could also be of great help in painting the motorcycle rims efficiently and accurately. You also have some of the best tips that will guide you throughout the process. Watch this to learn more about painting motorcycle wheels.

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