Do You Know How Much Does It Cost To Powdercoat Rims?

Among all the parts as well as accessories on the exterior of the vehicle, none would take more of the abuse than the wheels. Motorcycles, cars, off-road vehicles and camping trailers are indeed subject to thousands of outside forces every time you are to hit the road.

Brake dust, road tar, newly painted highway lines and stone chips could all be found on the wheels within a certain time or another. Once not caught in time, the residues could lead to staining as well as marring one of the most eye-catching features of the vehicle. Though there are retail cleaning as well as touch up products is indeed available even if they are to represent more of the temporary fix instead of a permanent one.

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How much does it cost to powder coat rims may be a difficult question for some people. Powder coating of rims could cost a fraction rather than buy new wheels and also it could offer the appearance as a brand new set of rims. The process would be done through spraying electrically charged powder coating materials into the grounded part. This powder would adhere to the wheel through the electrostatic attraction and would be exposed to heat, therefore, would enable the powder to flow and to cure eventually.

It is indeed important that most people with vehicles should consider powder coating of rims as for different purposes. Though many would say that powder coating of rims is considered to be expensive still choosing to review the process would be worth it. Watch this to know more about powder coating of wheels.

So, How Much Does It Cost To Powder Coat Rims?

So in general, powder coating of rims could have different price ranges based on the one providing the product and service. For those with a tight budget, consider powder coated rims for $50 each rim. But as an average cost, most providers would offer it for $60-$75 per rim. You could already be satisfied by the outcome of this cost. However, you might as well choose almost $100 to $125 per rim if you have more than enough money to spend for powder coating rims with the higher quality and attractive appearance.

5 Reasons Why Powder Coating Of Rims Is Expensive

There are numbers of people who would consider powder coating of rims to be expensive. Most of them would want to get the wheels coated since they would want them to look a lot better or would just need a new look. But the process and especially the cost could not be as easy like simply painting. With that, prior to deciding whether you are to powder coat the wheels, there is a need to know some of the reasons as to why it is considered to be expensive.

They Are Not That Easy To Handle

The wheels that most vehicles have today might be bulky and big and couldn’t be easily moved around. Along with that would be the expense of some rims and special care needs that should be taken once coating wheels.


Bigger rims might be 18 to 20 inches or larger. There is a need for these to be hung into special hooks on big racks and be handled one at a time. So, it is indeed not easy to move the wheels around though someone would be doing the work.

Preparation Is Considered As The Key

It doesn’t mean that if somebody promises that they could powder coat the wheels they could actually do the job. There is a need for a great preparation once you are to a good powder coating or some other coating jobs.

First, there is a need for the metal to be determined since aluminum and steel wheels could react differently to the preparation and might determine how great the coating service would handle the rims.


There is a need to remove all the non-metal parts. Then there is a need to burn out of the wheels must be done as for removing almost all the oils and some other residues. Once you are not going to do this you might get a pitting once residues cause outgassing as well as could put the coating.

And the second one is to sandblast the rims in ensuring that the coating would properly adhere. Then based on the metal, these wheels should be heated in the oven at the right temperature.

The Trick Is Considered As A Good Primer


Indeed, a good primer is definitely a must on any wheel set which is being powder coated. Once the shell of the powder coating is being compromised you could corrode the metal underneath it. This primer would protect the steel rims once the integrity of the outer coating is being compromised. There is a need to put a primer on every wheel that is coated as for extra protective coating making it a lot more expensive.

Not All Powder Coating Could Be The Same

Most of the people would get black powder coated on the rims and there are numbers of companies would bring the wheels in and would quickly etch them and powder coat them and charge only a small amount. But the money could be wasted if there could be something that might happen within few days due to the quality of powder coat.


That’s why there is a need to pay a little more but for a quality powder coating job and they would last for a longer period of time. Indeed, a high quality powder coating would cost more, but you are to get multiple coats, special textures, and top protective coats. You must not settle for a cheap black but rather upgrade to better value in terms of powder coating materials.

Maintenance Is Indeed A Great Preventative Measure

If you get the wheels being coated there is a need to make sure that you are to take care of them. There is a need to keep them clean. Once you get a serious scratch, dent or chip there is a need to make sure that you haven’t bared metal showing. Indeed, a little care, as well as maintenance, would go a long way in making the job coating last.


If you are planning to get you rims powder coated then there is a need to choose a coating that would last and the wheels to last too. You might pay less up front and more in the long run or you might pay for a quality job up front and to get a coating which would last.



Indeed, the cost that you might spend out of powder coating rims could depend on your choice of the coating, the process or the service. You have the choice whether you would choose the cheap ones or the expensive ones. But the most important thing to consider must not be the cost or the price instead of the quality of the coating and its ability to last a lot longer as it will worth all the money spent.

Hope that after reading this article, you’ve known exactly how much does it cost to powder coat rims and have your own decision before choosing it. Feel free to share our article for the ones who have the same question as you!

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