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Make A Custom Motorcycle Seat In 9 Easy Steps (Even When You’re Not A Handyman)

Make a motorcycle seat from scratch, you ask? Hell yeah.


There are a number of design schemes for seat covers on the market, but sometimes you just want to take matters into your own hands, and you don’t have to be the Tom Ford of motorcycles to do it. Making a seat on your own is cheaper and easier than you think, so let’s get started.

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What You Will Need:

Socket set and Extension
Duct Tape

Follow 9 Quick Steps To Make a Motorcycle Seat Easily


Step One: Take Off The Current Seat

Okay, for this you’re going to need your socket set and an extension. It’s also good to have a periscope attachment for your neck. The fasteners that you use are going to depend upon the make and model of the bike you’re working on. You need to remove the bolts that are holding to seat to the bike, no matter how friggin’ difficult they are to get to. You will find a way. You need to begin by taking out the bolts that hold your back fender, but removal of the fender isn’t required (though, sometimes helpful).

Step Two: Take Off Side Covers

The side covers hide the two mounting bolts that are holding onto the motorcycle seat. You can either take these covers off premaritally or reattach them once the seat is remounted. Be sure to find a safe place to keep all the bolts and washers while you’re working.

Step Three: NOW, Take Off the Seat

Okay, you’re finally ready to get the seat off. You’re going to remove the two mounting bolts, then put some pressure on the lowest part of the seat, which is near the front. Now, grab the tail of the seat and pull back and up. It’s important to keep the nose of the seat pinned-down when you rotate the back. Finally, the seat will come off. I promise. And, putting the seat back on is easier than taking it off.


Step Four: Have a Motorcycle Seat

Because the stock seat that came with your bike was thicker than your new seat is going to be, you need to figure out the best place for your rear. Take a few laps on the bike and settle into various positions, finding where your body wants to naturally sit. Warning: this step may require an icepack afterwards.

Step Five: Create A Template

This is going to start with cardboard and a sharpie. Place the cardboard on the frame and carefully trace the outline of the frame onto the cardboard from underneath. You’re going to eventually use plywood for the base, but there’s no way to get a measurement using that inflexible material. Cut out the cardboard sketch so that it matches your seat, and mark the mounting holes from underneath as well. Cut out these holes.

Now, you want to think about how you’re going to mount your seat. There’s no doubt that the stock mounting points are not going to work. Since the plywood is straight and your motorcycle isn’t, you’re going to need to use the holes right up by the tank and the ones in the back next to the fender so that you have two mounting points.

Step Six: Cutting Time

You’re going to need a jigsaw and a woodcutting blade. Did I promise that you don’t have to be a handyman? I guess you need to find a handy friend. Trace your cardboard template onto the plywood and cut the outline. Wait to drill the holes later.


Step Seven: Add Your Padding

The best thing to use here is carpet padding, and you’re going to need to use about 2 whole layers. Cut the pad to fit the seat using your template, with a little overhang on the sides. Avoid sharp corners at all costs. Now, simply staple the foam to the plywood in the back. This will hold it in place, but don’t staple anywhere else. The second layer of padding is going to need to be glued to the first. Now, you need to cut two strips of pad as long as the seat to cover the edges and corners.

Step Eight: Upholstery!

Yes, this is where you can get creative. Start by using duct tape to secure the padding to your base, both lengthwise and widthwise. Cover all the padding and make sure that the tape is really taut. Now, the black tape is going to look awesome on its own, but if you want professional upholstery, you need to go to a bike shop. Sorry, but I don't trust you with a sewing machine.

Step Nine: Mount

You’re going to be using five nails as your locating pins. Put the seat in the right position on the bike, and then sit on it to make sure that it feels okay. Now, reach underneath the bike with a nail. You want to mark the locations where your pins are going to go by pressing the nail into the tape. This is going to ensure that your seat can be installed and removed easily.

Here is the video will make you clear about these steps:

Let’s Do It Now !


So, there you have it. This project is quite easy and a fun thing to do on a warm weekend. When you customize your bike you’re literally putting yourself in the driver’s seat. Thanks for reading, and ride like the wind!Hope that after reading this article, you will know the easiest way to make a motorcycle seat. Let us know if you have any comment or if you want to share your experience. Feel free to share this article to anyone with the same question as you.

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