A Quick Run Of The Best Snowmobile Goggles Reviews

Riders and skiers must depend on their gear to get through a good day while staying safe. Only the best snowmobile goggles will do when you’re riding or boarding, or you’ll run risks every time you go off in the snow.

It’s critical to shield your eyes from the sun and its harmful UV effects as well flying debris and low-hanging obstacles. While some people are fine with sunglasses, others wear goggles for the clearer vision they can offer. If you do, you should consider fit and styling as well as lens type before deciding on what to buy.

Find a set that isn’t too close fitting around the nose or eyes, causing sinus headaches from pushing against your face. Get the right size that gives you a clear view without gaps on the sides that allow in rushing air that can distract you. You should think about the types of optics, whether spherical or flat, that work best. Many popular models come in different colors and styles, so you won’t need to compromise much on your looks.

The best snowmobile goggles reviews will cover these safety and comfort features along with frame and lens construction. Reviewed here are a few good models that excel in these qualities, which I will explain in the following.

Quick Comparison: Top 3 Best Snowmobile Goggles

**Below, you'll find my more detailed reviews about the snowmobile goggles, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

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Some Information About Protective Features

Visible Light


Debris And Shrubs

Performance And Conveniences To Watch For


Spherical Lenses

Here Are The Best Snowmobile Goggles Reviews For Active Snow Sports

Here is a quick running list of three well-known models, with details about each noted to highlight their individual weaknesses and strengths.

These goggles feature great optics that are clear and sharp, with a frame that flexes and follows the curve of your face. It’s a large design with a somewhat large fit that’s good for broader faces. This model is known for its good lenses, with images that are clear and undistorted and with little glare.

The lens extends beyond the topmost part, enabling external condensation to be repelled by it. Water or snow does not readily pool around its edges, so it’s easy to wipe off any wetness off the external lens’s flat face. We did discover that air could leak in around the sides, causing eyes to dry out more frequently.

The various interior foam layers interact to prevent moisture build-up around the face and to soften the frame’s seal. A storage pouch is provided, made of material that’s good for wiping the goggles clear of clouding and muck. There was leeway for adjusting straps to fit most helmet sizes, and you can buy straps to match colors with the helmet.

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This model is quite popular at the kind of winter events that attract backcountry riders. It would be equally useful for skiing and snowboarding, as the optical quality is so good at providing sharp vision for safer control. Although the lens can acquire scratches, this model is still a reasonable choice for careful users.

In short, the POC Lobes with its good construction and features is our top pick for snowmobile goggles featuring the sharpest lens.


Wider field of vision
Frameless construction
Interchangeable lens


Lenses scratch readily

One way to get a good pair of goggles on the cheap is to find one included with a snocross helmet, like those from Typhoon. With its good blend of features and quality, this particular model can be a great budget alternative when it comes to such inexpensive DOT-rated helmets.

These packages have all you need in protective headgear, as they include both the helmet and a matching anti-fog goggle. Casual riders who don’t want to spend time matching goggles with helmets and making sure they will work together may find this a convenient solution. Space is slightly tighter inside than with other models though, so these may not be for you if you’ll be wearing prescription eyeglasses.

The goggles’ spherical lenses feature dual-pane construction that assists in lessening the amount of fogging that occurs when temperatures fall. Their spherical lenses provide a sharper, more glare-free view than with flat-lens goggles or visors.


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Inside the package is a spare clear lens, which can be useful for those days when you find yourself out late in the afternoon. The clear view would be good for the coming dusk or when dark skies rule. The included case is used to store the spare lens and goggles when they’re not being used.

Overall, Typhoon’s snocross package can be a reasonable all-in-one solution since the headgear are all designed to operate together. This is also a good budgeting strategy, as you can save funds that can be put towards other equipment.


Extra clear lens
Protective case
Inexpensive when packaged with Snocross helmets


Eyeglasses don’t go well with goggle usage

This model has great optics and protection and is comfortable to wear, with a modern design that fits most head sizes. What makes this a great choice is the combination of the convenient interchangeable lenses and the integrated protective features of the frame.

The frame itself flexes slightly in order to fasten better onto the curve of your face. There were no noticeable gaps along the frame’s edges, which means that you can sledge at high speed while it stops distracting wind from pushing in through the sides. Triple foam layers provide for a comfortable and cozy fit, and the exposed layer wicked away most facial sweat.

These are expensive goggles but they do come standard with dual lenses, saving you from having to carry an extra pair for darker conditions. This model is ideal for both low-light and bright conditions, as there is little distortion or glare with either lens. Interchanging the lenses is done by pulling on a lever to release the lens, which is easy to do even with gloves on.

The anti-fog coatings work great and any moisture that formed inside vented out readily. Since the lens seals flush with the frame’s edges, external condensation runs off its face without gathering at each corner. The anti-scratch coatings also worked well, and you can purchase new lenses to replace broken ones, to save on the cost of buying a new set.

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The streamlined look comes in many styling and color options, and many signature styles of skiing and snowboarding pros are available. Tests with popular helmets showed that there was enough leeway in the strap’s length to adjust for most sizes. The provided storage pouch features an interior sleeve where you store the extra lens.

This model is appropriate for all kinds of sports but especially for backcountry stuff, where sharp vision is necessary and available light can change rapidly. The Airbrake with its great features, styling, and build quality is our choice for the best overall snowmobile goggle with excellent optical quality.


Sturdy interchangeable lenses
Dual low-light/bright lenses



My Quick Choice For The Best Pair

Whether you are sledging around the house or plowing through uneven ground in the backcountry, you’ll need the best snowmobile goggles that provide clear and unobstructed vision in every situation you might encounter. A quick run through these best snowmobile goggles reviews should have given you an idea of what to look for in a good pair.

My top choice overall is the Oakley Airbrake. Its adaptable and robust design will be great for those with daylong habits on the move. It also offers top-class protection against the coldest elements. Those who are apt to be out all the time will also like how they can swap lenses to adapt to changing conditions.

Still, not all of us are hardcore jumpers who can spend entire seasons slamming the backcountry and want only the best, priciest gear. Figure out your riding needs first, and then pick a pair within your budget that fits well and lets you ride out confidently.

If you have any comment to add, please leave it after this section. Feel free to share this review with anyone you know who might be considering a new pair of snowmobile goggles!

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