how to build a bobber

Easy Guide To Help You Know How To Build A Bobber

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“Four wheels move just your body. But Two wheels move the soul!”

If you want to be happy for a day, have drink. If you want to be happy for a year, get marry. BUT If you want to be happy for the lifetime, then you must ride your motorcycle!

Then you’ll come to know, every mile would be your destinations, every failure becomes your motivation, and every road is your nation. You're a rider, you live to ride, nothing comes between you and your bike .You are a rider and you'll survive.


So now work very hard and make your own cool STUFF! If you are a motorcycle enthusiast, a gear head, here we share some knowledge that helps you to customize your own bike.

A bobber motorcycle is quite fashionable at the present time. It fits very well to a person who follows the latest trends and fashions or the vintage style.

People build this bike based on older Harley, Triumph or BMW bikes...

Look At The Main Characteristics Of A Bobber Bike That Separated From Other Bikes

Vintage style
Minimal and simple look
Front wheel looks thicker.

Here you see one example:


In this article we help you to get the important key informations about building a robber. Many of bikers have their own choice, Some like sporty look, some like vintage- older type.

Which style do you like ?

Once you succeeded for building a bobber, equally you got the skill sets of a metal worker or craftsman around the world! It sounds a little interesting, doesn't it?

Here Are Few Options That You Can Choose

Bobber Bobber Rolling Chassis


If you never built the bike before, you should start with Bobber bike kit or a bobber rolling chassis. It's a rigid frame that looks similar to the traditional bobber. Do the additional modification work on it or you can approach a manufacturer who builds the Bobber based on your necessity. The bobber rolling chassis usually available in market between $900 - $3000 range and it's quite affordable for anyone. Again its depends on what you want also if your budget allows, it's easier to connect the parts piece by piece.

  • Thirty-degree rake.

  • The oil tank is custom made.

  • Springer front end.

  • Wire wheels and Avon tires.

  • The gas tank is custom made.

  • Fender (rear).

  • Ape hanger handlebars.

  • Kickstand.

Buy Frame

If you're looking an advanced way of building a bobber, then you must buy the frame and add parts to it.


See the Frame:

  • 34-degree rake.

  • The downtubes have been stretched four inches.

  • It's made from DOM tubing.

  • The tire size is for a 250-millimeter tire.

  • It comes with a rear axle kit and oil tank mounts.

Project bike

If you don't consider both ways then go for "Project bike" and alter it to a bobber and it's easier .

This is one of most popular(recommended)option that you can choose, especially it's quite toughest part, finding the source of other parts. So you can simply avoid the frustration until you get everything that perfectly fit for your dream bike.


If you decided to go for a project bike, it ensures us give the looks what we are looking in our budget.

Most project bikes are Softail.So the first thing you need to convert to it hardtail bobber.

What is Hardtail Bobber Conversion?

To to the conversion, just remove the swing arm and weld on this hardtail rig.It's easier to do than its look, but if you're completely a clueless take help from a professional. He will do it for you.

Watch the below youtube link that explain ‘How To Build A Bobber By Converting Your Softail Sportster To A Hardtail :

As we know already many have their own choice, some like an old school bobber,

A spring front end gives your bike looks old school bobber and many different types of spring fronts are available on market and also you can make the custom set of spring front.

What's Your Favorite Fuel Tanks? ‘Peanut’ or ‘Wasp’


'Peanut' or 'Wasp' because a fuel tank plays a big role in the look of your bike, still there are many types of fuel tanks available which you can customize.

Solo Seat


Solo seats play another important role and with a spring, it's truly a bobber. You can experiment with your custom design and decide the positions as you want.


Remember, If you are good at working with metal, welding then you can start from the base with the knowledge of how to do it.

If you are a beginner, learn how to build bobber with the help of a kit bike, a rolling chassis, or get a project bike and convert it.Once you assembled everything that you’ll know what to do and the job will be easier than you think before !

Thinking that you can make your own robber? Why are you waiting? Start soon!

Hope that after reading this article, you will know the easiest way to build a bobber. Let us know if you have any comment or if you want to share your experience. Feel free to share this article to anyone with the same question as you.

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