A Detailed Guide On How To Choose The Best Monoblock Amps

Most car owners would enjoy customizing the vehicle in order to suit their needs. There is the fact that speakers which come along with the car might not always be of high quality and so might lack sufficient support as for strong bass tones as well as frequencies. In connection to that, car speakers would need amplifiers to boost power and enhance the quality and volume of the sound. With that, choosing from the best monoblock amps should be considered.

Quick Comparison: Top 5 Best Monoblock Amps

Take a glance at this comparison table for some options in terms of mono amplifiers:

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Reviews Of The Best Monoblock Amps

Consider the reviews of each monoblock amp below:

The Best Pick For A Powerful Amp

You might be looking for a powerful monoblock amp and so this one is the best choice ever.

This unit will provide exceptional power at a cost which most of the buyers could really afford. It also features integrated protection technology that would prevent this amp from overheating and also blowing the other components in the sound system.

This is also has a minimum speaker impedance for a 2-ohm amp. This amplifier as well comes with a remote subwoofer level control.

Via Amazon

User Rating:


A very powerful amplifier at an affordable price.
Great sound and control.
Easy to install.


The remote subwoofer level control doesn’t optimally function at full range.

The Best Pick For A Budget-Friendly Amp

Once looking for an amp that is so powerful yet budget-friendly then this one from Pioneer is a great choice.

This amp will allow the user to adjust the subwoofer accordingly from as little as 40 Hz up to as much as 240 Hz. In addition, this has a wired bass control module, therefore, would allow you to turn the bass level or down having not to physically go to the amplifier itself and do it.

It also has speaker level inputs allowing you to connect the OEM head unit having not to buy add-on adapters. This amp could offer higher music volume and also less background noise as well as continuous power outputs which come in three settings.

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User Rating:


Small size but powerful amp.
Accurate power specs.
Great cost point.
Monoblock amp that runs cool.
Crisp and clear sound.

Little to no distortion.


Only suitable for running a single subwoofer.
Mounting brackets might break easily.

The Best Pick For Sound Performance

The performance of the amp in terms of producing the best sound should be considered and so this one from Kenwood will fulfill that goal for you.

This is a mono subwoofer amplifier being designed to get serious wattage. It is being rated at a maximum of 2000 watts and also a comfortable 500 watts RMS at 4 ohms and a thousand watts RMS once in 2 ohms. This would include a variable low-pass filter with different ranges per octave.

In addition, this also has a bass boost control in order to tap into the full volume and also bass level having not to use the dials on the amplifier. It also comes at a reasonable price. The features of this amp will lead to best sound performance.

And also, it has aluminum cover plates protecting the connections and controls for an elegant look.

Via Amazon

User Rating:


It doesn’t heat up too much.
It runs cool and nice.
It offers lots of power.


This might keeps blowing subs.

The Best Pick For Efficiency

If looking for an efficient amp, then this one is simply a excellent choice from Planet Audio.

This amplifier is indeed powerful and features 1500 watts of maximum power along with a MOSFET power supply to drive the tunes to its limit. You might as well customize the sound because of the Variable Low Pass Crossover and also Bass Boost.

Users are also given a chance to unleash the bass due to the featured Remote Subwoofer Control. This also allows you to customize and control the sound in order for you to live like a mobile anarchist, loud and clear.

Via Amazon

User Rating:


High-efficiency output.
More volume and power.
Balanced power and sound quality.


Hiding or running the wires and running the bass knob wires could be time-consuming.

The Best Pick For Great Bass

This one is simply the best choice once looking for an amplifier that offers great bass.

This amplifier is indeed known due to its clarity, performance, and quality. It pushes 3000 watts at 2 ohms and could offer plenty of water. The features bass boost circuit that would let you bump up the low end. The preamp line outputing for the right and left channel would make the installation so easy.

It also boasts silver-coated RCA which inputs a very high-quality connection in between the amp and also the head unit or some other audio sources.

And because of the soft turn on or off it will prevent any damage to the speakers, low pass filter, as well as power and protection, LED indicators that will let you know that the equipment is secure and safe.

Via Amazon

User Rating:


It boasts great bass.
It offers great power and awesome sound.


This one is a bit expensive.
It gets too hot and shuts down.



Pioneer GM-D8601

Kenwood KAC-9106D

Planet Audio AC1500.1M ANARCHY

Lanzar HTG157


Product Dimensions

13 x 12.6 x 3.9 inches

11 x 13 x 5 inches

15.3 x 10.2 x 4.8 inches

10 x 10 x 2.4 inches

17 x 11.8 x 5 inches

Item Weight

4.8 pounds

7 pounds

6.2 pound

6.7 pound

6.9 pounds

Maximum Watts

1100 watts

1600 watts

2000 watts

1500 watts

3000 watts













My Rating

More Details

Monoblocks Amps: What You Need To Know?

Monoblock amps are considered as the power supplies for the subwoofers. These subwoofers would require more power and will not play high frequencies. These monoblocks are not full range amps however they do offer optimum power output as well as efficiency. The car amps would have a single channel having no differentiation of left or right. They could power more than a subwoofer.

In addition, there are also different kinds of monoblock amps that are available in today’s market. Having a suitable amp which would match your needs could be a challenge. Every type will offer distinct capabilities and features. The prices would vary based on the features such as power output levels, performance, and brand.

How To Hook Up Monoblock Amp?

Hooking up the amplifiers would need proper placement in relation to the speakers as well as a preamp. Follow these steps on hooking up monoblock amp:

Place every monoblock amp on either side of the preamp almost about one or two feet away from the preamp.
Connect the RCA cables right from the preamp outputs into the RCA inputs on every monoblock. There is a need to make sure that you run the left output of the preamp into the monoblock which would power the left speaker and also the right output of the preamp into the monoblock that would power the right speaker.
Now, connect the speakers into the speaker taps on every monoblock. Check the taps output rating against the speaker into the right tap. Most monoblocks would have both the 8 and 4 ohms output taps. Once the speaker is a 4-ohm load it should be connected to the 4-ohm tap.

Monoblock Amplifier: Specifications

Once shopping for the best mono amps, there are important considerations that should be kept in mind. And three of the most important specifications are the following:

Amplifier Power

The amp power output is considered as the maximum amount of power being measured in watts which the amp could offer. The number is given every channel though some amps would list the total power. There is a need to make sure matching the amp output power into the power that is needed by the speakers since too little power would lead to weak as well as distorted sound. On the other hand, too much power could blow out or destroy the speaker. 

Amplifier Channel

Amps are being categorized by the number of channels they could power. A mono amp could power a single speaker and is used in adding a subwoofer. The two-channel amps could power two speakers, four-channel amps could power four speakers and so on. The first step in choosing a capable system having four full-range speakers as well as the subwoofer is to know the number of channels needed.

Amplifier Sound Quality

The sound quality is dependent on certain factors and also the overall quality would be determined by some other equipment such as the CD player or the speakers. A low-quality amp could act as the bottleneck that prevents other components from reaching the potential. There is a need to look for an amp that has the wide frequency response as well as low deviation. The amp should also list the THD or distortion. Choose an amp which is well-constructed.

Watch this for the car audio amp power comparison:

Things To Consider Before Buying

There are also things that should be considered before buying a mono amp including the following:

There is a need to be sure that you are getting what you are paying for. In most cases, you might find that the better quality amps would advertise a more exact rating. You should first check the fuse and do the math to ensure you are getting what you pay for.

Amplifier’s Warranty. There is a need to make sure that you are to get a warranty on the amplifier. Prior to buying an amplifier, there is a need to verify that the seller in question is authorized.

Physical Size of the Amp. You should make sure that the amp will fit. You must not buy a big amp and expect it to suit under your seat.

The wiring of the amplifier is also an important consideration. There is a need for you to buy good wiring.

Amplifier feature set should also be considered. The amp must definitely do what you need it to do.

What the amp will power is also important. The amplifier should be compatible with the ohm load which you are going to be wiring it up. The amp will die if you overload it. The amp should also have crossovers which are compatible with the needed application.

And finally, you should purchase a more powerful amplifier than what you need.


What ground wires and size power do I need for the amplifier?

How much air space do I need around my amp?

When should I use a mono amp rather than the multichannel amplifier?

Can I bridge my mono amplifier?

Pick For The Best

And for the pick for the best, the one that stands out from the given options is the BOSS AUDIO R1100M Indeed, this one sits on top because of the following reasons:

This amp is very powerful but could be available at a very affordable price as well.
This is an amp that could offer great sound and great control of the sound too.
The process of installing this amp could be very easy.

With almost thousands of amplifiers that are available in the market today, it could be confusing to choose which one is the best. So, from the options as the best monoblock amp speakers mentioned above, you will be guided on choosing the right one. For a guide on installing the monoblock amplifier, watch this.

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