Finding The Best 6.5 Car Speakers: How To Pick The Right One From These Options

There are numbers of options when it comes to choosing the best speakers for your car, especially if you opt to choose those best 6.5 car speakers. But whatever option you would consider, it is very important that these speakers should correctly installed with quality connectors.

Knowing the fact that 6.5 speakers are among the most common speakers for the car, finding the right one could be a daunting task. But being guided with the right information and with the top options in the market today, the process of shopping for the right one could be a lot easier.

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Product Comparison Table

Here are some of the best options when it comes to 6.5 speakers perfect for your cars. Take a look at this table of comparison.

**Below, you'll find my more detailed reviews about the 6.5 speakers, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Reviews Of The Best 6.5 Car Speakers

From among the car speakers measuring 6.5 inches, there are numbers of them that stand out from the crowd and perfect to be used in your cars. And these reviews will help you choose from the best options.

The Best Quality Of Sound

In terms of quality sound, clear and crisp one, then this one from Rockford is definitely a excellent choice.

This one is designed along with a vacuum polypropylene cone in order to boost the production of the sound and ensuring that durability will not be compromised. It is also designed along with a rubber surrounding.

This unit would also have an integrated tweeter crossover system intended for frequency production. This will make sure that you are to keep enjoying music once you are in the car.

In fact, you might want your car to be your home. No one will definitely be tired so long as the music is playing with such soothing and sweet music from the speaker system.

Via Amazon

User Rating:


This one is so easy to install.
It features fewer watts but it is louder.
It is a good quality product with clear sound as well as crisp.
It offers great treble and clarity on vocals.
It has a good build with quality materials.
It offers crystal clear mid and high and amp lows.
It has an attractive design of trim and speakers.


There is a need to drill four holes to install.
It has not enough bass from the speakers.
It screws way too long.
It has no mid to low range.

The Best Speaker For Its Value

If you are looking for an average price of speaker that matches your preference then this one is indeed the right choice to choose.

These speakers could help you get a lot better sound and also converse cash. These are affordably-priced speakers that could replace your own worn-out factory speakers and could reproduce the music a lot clearer into higher power levels.

It also features IMPP or Injection Molded Polypropylene composite woofer cone along with treated cloth surround. It offers a year of warranty and a 60-day of money-back guarantee.

Via Amazon

User Rating:


It offers a good and strong quality of sound.
It offers great bass quality as well.
It is very flexible.


It might sound a little squeaky.
It might not be as loud as other speakers.

The High-End Option

For a high-end kind of speaker, JBL has something to offer for you. This one is in its high price but has the best features as well perfect for those with more than the amount of budget.

This speaker is a three-way type of car speaker which has been designed along with patented Plus-One woofer as for the balancing of the low frequencies being produced by the music systems.

There is a fact that a good music system should always have all frequencies being balanced. This is considered as the main reason why there is a need not to stop at the point of the woofers. Those home theatre quality tweeters are important in making sure that the high frequencies are well-taken care of.

And also, the crossover network that is built on is important in the production of a genuine sound.

Via Amazon

User Rating:


It is a long lasting speaker.
It features crossover networks.
It offers great performance.
This speaker is so easy to install.
It is also cost-effective.


It offers shallow depth.
The wiring should be trimmed down.

The Best Speaker In Terms Of Performance

When looking for a speaker that is right on the budget but could be superb regarding performance then this one from Pyle is the right choice.

These speakers are made to provide only the best quality sound for those budget-minded enthusiasts. It has 300 watts of pure power supported by an inch high-temperature voice coil in order to boost the low end. With its 30 oz. magnet structure, you could hear the rumbling lows of the favorite music.

It also features non-fatiguing butyl rubber surround as well as the yellow-color poly-injected cone that will offer a sturdy foundation at the same time keeping the sound crystal clear and free from distortion.

In order to boost performance, these speakers are also equipped with strong capacitor wherein speakers will not struggle for power. These also look cool because of the yellow coated steel basket.

Via Amazon

User Rating:


The speaker is of great quality.
The price is affordable enough.
It renders great performance in producing great sound.


Wide speaker base.
It offers slight vibration.

The Best Pick for a Cheap Price

Once on a tight budget, or you don’t want to splurge on those expensive ones, then this cheap speaker is a great choice.

These speakers are indeed of great value for the price. It is considered as a full range 6.5-inch 3-way speaker pair that has 300 watts maximum and 150 watts RMS power handling per pair. It also features poly injection woofer cone and a rubber surround.

Along with that are a tweeter and an inch of polyimide dome midrange every speaker. This one is a flexible, resilient and durable speaker as well. It allows maximum flexibility which produces great sounding speakers that could last a long time.

Via Amazon

User Rating:


It has great bass, treble, and great value.
It is in its good build quality.
It offers plenty of power-handling.


It lacks mid.


Rockford Fosgate R165X3 Prime

Pioneer TS-F1634R


Pyle PLG64

BOSS AUDIO CH6530 Chaos Exxtreme



8.3 x 16 x 4 inches

4.9 x 6.2 x 5.6 inches

10 x 9 x 8 inches

14.37 x 8.07 x 14.37 inches

7 x 2.5 x 7 inches


3.5 lbs.

2.2 lbs.

5 lbs.

3 lbs.

1.2 lbs.


45 watts

200 watts

180 watts

300 watts

300 watts













My Rating

More Details

What Are 6.5 Inch Speakers Used For?


If you are among those that are having compact vehicles that are looking for a crisp and quality sound then a 6.5-inch speaker is definitely a popular as well as reasonable choice to make. These speakers are not solely designed for the high or low range they are indeed capable of competing with many speakers because of the wide mid-range.

Many people would think that in order to come up with a decent sound system, it would need large speakers. However, this theory is definitely incorrect and those enthusiasts could create a nice sound through the use of different speakers at the same time average person would be content with the use of medium-sized and mid-range speaker.

Upgrade Car Speakers: Here's The Reasons Why

Aside from improving the listening effect of the speakers is just one of the reasons why many would upgrade car speakers. Others people who got wider areas of interests and might want the speakers that would produce a wide range of sound effects. For other reasons as to why you should upgrade your car speakers, consider the following:

Competition is a reason why many would upgrade the speakers of their cars. There will be competition whether which car is producing the best sound effect and with good price along with having good bass and best sound quality.

Luxury could be another reason why many would want to upgrade their car’s speakers. Many would want to be in a luxurious musical environment so buying a new car speaker is always an option.


Benefits Of Having 6.5-Inch Car Speakers

Though there could already be built-in speakers on your cars, still many would opt to buy new one like a 6.5-inch speaker due to numerous benefits. These benefits would include the following:

Better Designs

Sound clarity is rest assured as well. These speakers are built with high-quality materials as well as they feature sophisticated designs. And this will definitely lead to a lot better sound.

Better Materials

Once built with better materials, there will be an assurance of long life and improved performance as well. These speakers will not fall under excessive use, moisture, temperature, and stress. They are a lot durable as well.

Brand-name Speakers

These speakers will definitely be the most affordable option ever leading to overall sound quality.

If you want to experience these benefits, then choosing the right 6.5-inch car speakers should be considered.

Which One Fits Your Car?


There could also be two types of car speaker systems wherein you could choose from. These are the full range or coaxial speakers and the component speakers. Those drivers that would transform the electrical frequencies to sound will determine the key differences between these two types.

Component speakers are usually referred as a pair of tweeters and also the mid-bass drivers which are matched along with a crossover that would limit the frequency range every speaker would reproduce.

You could also tell if the car has components once you have more than a single speaker for every channel or once the tweeter is separate from the mid-based speaker. In most cases, component sets are in front of the car.

On the other hand, coaxial or full range speakers would have mid-bass driver, tweeter and the crossover being mounted together in a space-saving speaker. They are indeed very popular since they are a lot easier to install and will not take up much space. These speakers are found in the rear of the car most of the time.

What To Look For In Buying 6.5-Inch Car Speakers?

Some of the most important points that should be considered before buying car speakers are the following:

Power Handling

Power handling would let you know the power measured in watts that a speaker could handle. If you have a high-powered system, the speakers should have the ability to handle lots of power. And bear in mind as well to pay attention to the maximum RMS power of the speakers that you are about to buy rather than of the peak power.


Sensitivity rating will tell how effectively the speaker would convert the power being applied to it into the volume. And it means that the higher the rating, the louder the speaker would also play.

Build Quality

Stock speakers upgrade will definitely offer high-quality sound though everything else that is related to the sound system is kept untouched. The speakers would also last a lot longer once you choose for those speakers which are made with the high-quality materials.

Speaker Sizes

There are five sizes of speakers which are used in cars. Simply uproot the current speakers you have in your car and take measurements.

6.5-Inch Car Speakers: Important Buying Tips

There are also numbers of important tips that should be considered before heading out to buy 6.5 inches speakers for your car. Some of these tips are the following:

Design Material

A high-grade material would always be effective in order to produce crisp sound waves, therefore, leads to overall quality sound.

Cost Factor

The cost of a certain speaker would reflect the material being used in the design. But, you could also find a decent set that will not require you a lot of money.


Can I install my new car speakers myself?

Do speakers with higher sensitivity rating sound better?

Can I use my factory grilles instead of the new ones?

Can I keep my factory speaker’s wires?

Pick For The Best

Above them all, Rockford Fosgate R165X3 sits on top. This one is indeed a great choice if you are looking for the best 6.5-inch car speaker. There is no doubt about this option because of the following reasons:

It has the quality of a 6.5-inch car speaker that matches the needs and preferences of every customer.
The speaker offers high quality features only at an affordable price.
And this speaker also has the highest rating in terms of customers’ satisfaction.

It could be hard to choose which one is the best from among the 6.5-inch car speakers out in the market today that’s why breaking down the options into five could help you a lot better. Be guided by these reviews and essential information in order to purchase the best speaker of this size in your car.

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