Best Door Speakers: Choose The Right One For You

Door speakers are the ones you will need if you want to have something great in terms of sound during a ride. The sound from these speakers would be the first to reach your ears. However, choosing the best door speakers might also be confusing. There could be numbers of brands and also prices to consider. With that, this buying guide and also these reviews will indeed help you a lot.

Quick Comparison: Top 5 Best Door Speakers

Here’s a quick glance of some of the best options when it comes to door speakers:

**Below, you'll find my more detailed reviews about the door speakers, but you can also click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

This speaker is considered as the ideal choice once it is your first time to install door speakers or you are replacing the old ones. This can definitely give you a powerful and clear audio output.

It has a sturdy polypropylene woofer cone allowing the product to give off deep drums as well as bass sounds. Clean midrange frequencies are also guaranteed.

There is an assurance of highly audible sound. It could also operate having not to consume too much power. Along with that, it has integrated concealed crossover technology leading to a clean and stylish look.

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User Rating:


It has a stylish yet simple appearance.
It has decent high and medium frequencies.
It offers powerful bass as well as drum sounds.
The overall audio quality is superb.


The power handling rating is not as good as others.

The Best For Great Power Handling

If higher power handling is what you are looking for then this one from Pioneer is the best option.

These speakers are considered to be an excellent as well as affordable choice that will replace your factory speakers.

They feature a two-way design that could handle 180 watts in maximum power or 30 watts in nominal and they as well feature extremely strong and lightweight IMPP composite cone woofer of Pioneer intended for improved sensitivity as well as reduced distortion.

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User Rating:


It offers great strength as well as rigidity.
It delivers higher power handling as well as deeper bass.
Highs are of great performance and musicality.
Easy to install.


Doesn’t produce great bass.
No adapters included.

The Best Pick For Powerful Performance

You might want a speaker that offers powerful performance and with that, this one is a wise choice.

These speakers are indeed available in varied sizes, designs and also configuration options that include component versions that give the chance to choose which might meet your needs and suits the vehicle too. They also feature adjustable tweeter that allows great efficiency as well as extended high frequencies.

Besides, there is an assurance of increased power handling and limitation of distortion because of the large voice coil. They are also made of high-quality materials and also most advanced manufacturing technologies.

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User Rating:


Great bass.
Powerful performance.
Easy to install.
A very clear sound on low volume.


Might not sound great in loud volume.
Too short mounting screws.

The Best Pick For Tough Speaker

For those that are looking for speakers that could stand the test of time under any conditions then this one from Polk Audio is the right choice.

With these speakers, there will be an assurance of stepping up in terms of audio performance. They feature cutting-edge technology leading to an efficient speaker having the ability to accurately reproduce superb music.

These also feature a precise balance of materials enabling smooth roll-off and also quick response within any volume.

It also has a rubber surround that would add to bass response and will increase the lifetime of these speakers under any conditions. And these speakers will also offer great versatility as well as ability to be used in numbers of applications.

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User Rating:


Pure and distortion-free sound.
Stiff yet lightweight.
Capable of withstanding harsh environments.
Reliable and high power handling.


Distortion at higher volumes.

The Best Pick For Great Bass

Having great bass is among the considerations of many in terms of speakers so this one is the perfect option.

This one is an excellent pair of speakers that are of great and high quality. These speakers are not that cheap and not too much expensive as well. They are built in order to handle a great amount of power on a continuous basis. Along with that, they are also very sensitive.

In addition, they are also high-fidelity speakers that are definitely an ideal upgrade for audio or auto enthusiasts that are looking for a great transformation in terms of driving experience. These speakers are also easy to install and could also last for a long period of time.

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User Rating:


Make more bass.
An adapter is included.
Easy to install.


A bit weak in terms of the lows.


Rockford Fosgate R165X3

Pioneer TS-G1643R


Polk Audio DB651




8.3 x 16 x 4 inches

5.19 x 7.2 x 4.41 inches

10 x 9 x 8 inches

8 x 14.5 x 4.8 inches

8.6 x 4.3 x 16.4 inches


4.6 lbs.

0.75 lbs.

5 lbs.

5 lbs.

5.8 lbs


45 watts

180 watts

180 watts

60 watts

180 watts













My Rating

More Details

Overview Of Car Door Speaker

Indeed, car door speakers are considered to be an important part of the car stereo sound. In fact, they are the very first things that you might consider once you plan to upgrade prior to anything else. They could be considered as huge difference-makers given their location as well. And in addition, replacing the speakers is the single most cost-effective way in order to achieve better listening experience.

On the other hand, there is also a downside in terms of upgrading the car door speakers is that the big money sinks which goes in the speakers and once you really want a great set then there is a need to shell out some serious cash.

You will indeed save a lot of money in the shorter period of time with cheap speakers these days but high-end models could be a great option instead.

How Does It Work?

The brain of the car audio system is the stereo receiver. This is considered as the brick-sized box in the dash in between the passenger and the driver. It will be the one to receive the audio signal then would process it and will amplify it to the speakers. This audio signal could come from any sources. Then, the stereo amplifies the audio signal by the channels therefore equally dividing the power in every channel.

With that, you would need to consider the rated power and also divide it through the numbers of channels which the receiver has. And this would give you the starting point once looking at the speakers since it would be critical if you make sure the speakers would receive proper power amount.

In most cases, car stereos would have four channels however you could have more or less based on the stereo. Simply wire the car speakers to every channel. For those advanced car audio enthusiasts, you could send some or if not all of the channels into an external amplifier.

You should do this once the internal amplifier of the car stereo was not that powerful for the speakers or once you add a subwoofer that needs too much power for most car stereos to drive.

Once the audio signal already reached the car speaker, the tweeter, and the woofer would vibrate. The woofer will now create the midrange and low frequencies at the same time the tweeter would produce the high mid as well as the treble frequencies.

The vibration would now ripple the surrounding air in order to create sound waves in different frequencies of the audio signal. You will definitely have a stereo image of the music if the speakers are installed on the right and left side. But not all car speakers have this ability to reproduce the audio signal the same as accurate as others.

Things To Consider Before Buying Door Speaker

Once shopping for the door speakers, there are numbers of things that should be considered. These things include the following:


Sensitivity rating will not tell you whether how good the speaker will sound. It will just simply measure how well these speakers would use power. Once you have a high-powered stereo system, consider low sensitivity speakers. Indeed, those properly powered speakers would provide highs and mids that your music misses.

Speaker Size

There are wide options when it comes to speaker sizes but 6.5 and 6.9 speakers are considered as the most common. Still, there is a need to consider the fact that every car is definitely different. It is always important that you check the size of the car speaker prior purchasing one.

Build Quality

Indeed, low-quality materials are subject for flat boring sound which strains ears. So, aftermarket speakers would provide the best bang for the buck. Some of the materials to consider are rubber surrounds for longer lasting life and better sound quality, foam and textile surround, rigid and lightweight woofer materials.

Power Handling

It is a general rule that speakers should handle the power of the receiver or amplifier. If you have a powerful amplifier, power handling must be close to the output of the amp. There could be two major key specifications you would need to consider and these are the Peak and RMS.


This is considered as the measurement of the electrical resistance with the speaker. It will not affect the audio quality or the performance. Lower impedance would lead to more power from the amp of the stereo and vice versa.

There is a need to bear in mind these things once buying for door speakers.

How Do We Test?

Indeed, the most important thing to consider in terms of a speaker is its performance. In order to evaluate and test every performance of the speaker, the audio quality, and the power handling should be examined. There is a need for the speaker to produce music the same as the artist intended. It must also accurately perform at any volume. And so to make sure that you will get optimal audio, there is a need to make sure that the speaker is not overpowered or underpowered.

Sound Quality

This one is definitely subjective and also unique to every individual since the audio experience is biological. You will definitely hear what you hear since the ears capture the vibrations of the audio frequencies which surround you and translate the frequencies to an electrical pulse on its auditory nerve leading to the brain. So the audio frequencies your ears pick as well as process are indeed different from the person seating on the passenger’s seat.

In order to account this inherent subjectivity, there are multiple tests and evaluations as for finding the best overall audio quality. There could also be frequency accuracy tests in order to determine whether how well the speakers would produce audio signals at different frequency ranges of a human being. Three factors will serve a great role in determining the overall audio quality and they are the blind-ear tests, overall frequency accuracy tests, and user reviews.

Speaker Sensitivity And Comparative Loudness

The power handling specs of a speaker are indeed important considerations since these specs would tell you how well the speaker would handle power as well as how much power will the speaker needs in order to perform adequately. So there is a need to closely evaluate the sensitivity, peak power handling, and continuous power handling. But, there is also a need to significantly place more weight on the high sensitivity rating over the high continuous power handling since the sensitivity would indicate the efficiency of the speaker in terms of handling the power being provided by the stereo of the car.


What does a 2-way car speaker mean?

Can aftermarket speakers produce better sound compared to factory speakers?

Can I install my new speakers myself?

What is the importance of cone materials in car speakers?

Is it possible to install extra car speakers even without having to replace the factory speakers?

Pick For The Best

And for the best pick from among the given options, Rockford Fosgate R165X3 sits on top. And the reasons why are the following:

It has great features that will match everyone’s needs in terms of car speakers.
The overall audio sound quality of these speakers is indeed superb.
Aside from those reasons, this product is indeed very affordable and it hits the highest rating from among the customers.

If you are among those that are shopping for the best door speakers then being guided by essential information and reviews will be a great help. If at first, choosing the right one is a challenging task, once you are equipped with this guide then the process will definitely be easier.

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