6 Ways to Protect the Exterior of Your Car

A car is a big investment, and it’s only natural that you’ll want it to serve you for a longer period of time. While cars are built to last, you still need to go the extra mile to protect their exterior and improve their lifespan. You need to protect the paint and preserve its resale value. How your car looks is one of the factors people consider when buying a used car. There are many ways to preserve the exterior of your car, as outlined in this article.

1. Consider using carbon fiber wraps

Carbon fiber wrap is a modern way to improve the appearance of your car and protect its exterior. It provides a solid coating that protects the car’s original paint from scrapes, nicks, and chips. Check out Monaco Motorsports for the best carbon fiber parts and accessories. 

2. Clean your car regularly

You need to clean your car regularly to protect the paint. There are many external substances such as dirt, ice, and grime that stick to your car’s surface, and they are a great danger to the exterior of your car. Regular cleaning is your best option here. Instead of regular visits to the car wash, you can get yourself some dishwashing detergent and a bucket of water and clean it yourself.

3. Consider ceramic coating

A ceramic coating is one of the best exterior coatings that can give your car perfect protection and a stunning look. The ceramic coating works the same way as wax application, only it’s a longer-lasting solution. The coating bonds to the paint to keep away dirt, moisture, and all kinds of scratches. Ceramic coating makes your car resistant to extreme temperature changes and is resistant to scratch. You can also consider using the best clear coat for your car to keep it looking stunning. 

4. Wax the car

Pressure washing your car isn’t enough to protect the paint. Waxing is another excellent way to protect the car and preserve its beauty. Varying weather elements can dampen your car’s paint, and waxing is the only way to preserve the paint and keep it looking beautiful. 

5. Keep your car covered

Cover your car to keep it protected from harsh weather. Start by investing in a covered parking area. Park your car away from trees to avoid debris and moisture. Park in a shaded area so your car doesn’t discolor from sun exposure. Apart from a covered garage, you can buy a car cover. There are many portable and inexpensive covers that will protect your vehicle from ice, discoloration, and scratches.

6. Install a paint protection film

A paint protection film, also known as a clear bra, is an effective way to protect the exterior of your car. This film is amazingly tough and acts as an invisible shield on your car, protecting the paint from debris, chips and scratches. 


These are just a few ways to protect your car and enhance its value. Make sure your car gets all the love and care it deserves, so it serves you for a longer period of time.

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