Motorcycles And Their Various Sizes! Which Size Of Motorcycle Do I Need?

Motorcycles And Their Varying Sizes! Which One Should You Buy?

Size matters and that is a determinant in almost everything we do today, even when it comes to motorcycles. The motorcycle market has so many options today in terms of size and purpose that it may end up confusing you.

When I went out to by my first motorcycle, I got so confused that I wanted to buy two motorcycles at once. I now realize that it actually isn't that difficult if you consider the points below which put things in a simple perspective and could help you decide on the size of motorcycle you want to buy.

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Motorcycles are purpose specific machines, that's one reason why each type of motorcycle is designed and produced so differently, be it a dirt bike for those dirt trails, a super bike built for the race tracks or cruisers for those never ending black tops. The way their engines are tuned, their suspension setup, wheelbase and chassis design are all in alignment with the specific purpose they're built for.

It is important that you first zero in on the type of riding you intend to do. There's no point in buying a heavy Harley Davidson Fatboy for the race track or in buying a Motocross motorcycle for doing three digit speeds on the highway. I'd suggest first zero in on the kind of riding you intend to do and then look at the rest of the options.



Are you going to commute on your motorcycle? Will you be using it for touring across the world? These are questions that help in getting clarity. If you're buying a motorcycle for commuting, its good to consider light, narrow, practical and fuel efficient motorcycle, something like the Honda CB500X which is pretty easy to maneuver in traffic but on the other hand if you're touring long distances, you need a motorcycle with a larger fuel tank capacity, a sturdier chassis, bigger engine and one that provides a lot more comfort, something like the Triumph Tiger or BMW GS1200.

The Size Of Your Engine


Bigger engines on motorcycles that are usually above 600cc are heavier and more powerful compared to the engines below 600cc. So, it is important to keep in mind the amount of power you need for kind of riding you intend to do.

In addition, this factor is also in direct relation with your level of expertise that i've mentioned in the next point because with great power, comes great responsibility. With a bigger engine, you get more power and weight but have to sacrifice practicality. It is the other way around on a smaller engine.

Level Of Expertise


Since engine size is directly proportional its power output, it is extremely important that you consider the level of experience and knowledge you hold before buying a motorcycle. So if I was a beginner, then I wouldn't consider buying a 1000cc super bike because there's too much power to handle and they weigh close to 200 kilograms. The front wheel on those fast bikes comes up in no time after you've cracked open the throttle.

So if you are a beginner looking for the right size motorcycle, I'd suggest you have a look at different motorcycles that belong to the 250cc to 500cc category as they are practical, beginner friendly as they mostly have the power band kick in after 5000 rpm.



Most motorcycles are built in a way that they can be ridden by a short or tall person. Many motorcycles come with adjustable suspension too so the ride height can be altered. Despite that flexibility, there are motorcycles out there that are not ride-able if you're height is less than 5 feet 2 inches. My girlfriend found it difficult to ride a KTM 250 EXE dirt bike because it was too tall a motorcycle. 

On the other hand though, there are motorcycles tall people aren't comfortable on, especially when the rider experiences a lot of pressure due to head winds. It's always good to take a few test rides before coming to a conclusion about ride height.

Body Weight And Fitness

Your weight counts by a large margin. I've seen riders struggling when maneuvering their motorcycles because their body weight was not supporting them to do so. Fitness and strength play a huge role, especially when you're handling a big and heavy motorcycle. Same rule applies when you're on a smaller motorcycle which would only struggle with a heavy person to go fast if you're pushing it to the limit.

It is also important to note that you don't have back problems or injuries that prevent you from riding certain motorcycles. I had a friend who bought a dirt bike but was unable to ride off road because he had suffered a tail bone injury ten years ago! The poor guy had to stick to four lane highways on a Harley Davidson Street 750.


Once you've considered the above points, you'll find it easier to zero in on a motorcycle that fits you best. Do make sure to take a few test runs under different conditions before you actually buy one.

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