What Are the Important Steps in Dealing With a Motorcycle Accident?

Nobody ever plans on being in an accident, but they’re bound to happen eventually, whether it’s through your own fault or someone else’s. Failing to prepare for this eventuality might not just cost you a lot of money, but also your motorcycle and potentially your life.

Motorcycle accidents are extremely dangerous; There’s far less protection than a car, and motorcycles are more prone to accidents due to the level of skill required to handle one properly. If you’ve been in a motorcycle accident, it’s important to remember a few steps to address it properly.

Contact the Authorities

Most states in the U.S. require people who are involved in an accident (or have witnessed an accident) to call 911. This is especially true if the accident results in property damage, bodily injury, or even death. Failing to do this would not only hurt your chances of securing fair and full compensation, but it’s also grounds to be penalized. Contacting the authorities will make it so that you’re able to get aid, and allows for the creation of a formal accident report.

Gather Evidence

If you’ve been in an accident, it’s important to collect as much evidence as possible. This includes contact information of those involved (as well as that of witnesses), driver’s license and license plates of motorists involved, witness statements, and photographs of the accident depicting property damage and visible injuries. Better evidence translates into a better chance at securing damages.

Seek Medical Attention Immediately

Not only do you need to ensure that you don’t have any life-threatening injuries, you also need to seek medical attention in order to receive a full medical evaluation, which can also count as evidence. Even if you feel completely fine after the accident, many conditions don’t manifest until days later. Remember those motorcycle accidents are much more dangerous than typical car accidents, so be sure to get yourself checked by a medical professional.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Some companies require their policyholders to file an insurance claim soon after an accident. There are times when insurance companies enforce strict time limits on when you can file an insurance claim. Keep in mind that insurance companies are businesses at their core, and they may not always hold your best interests at heart.

Speak to a Lawyer

It’s important to consult a lawyer, preferably one that’s experienced in handling personal injury cases. Seasoned lawyers, like the ones at Tario Law, can help maximize the potential for recovering the damages you are entitled to. They have extensive knowledge of the law and they are trained to handle evidence, assess damages, and negotiate with insurance companies. You can never go wrong with hiring a good lawyer.

With these steps in mind, you should be able to handle the aftermath of a motorcycle accident. Just remember that nothing will benefit you more than preventing the accident from happening in the first place. Stay focused on the road, wear your helmet, and give way to other motorists when you can.

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