How to Upgrade Your Car Stereo

We all agree that music makes everything better, whether it is doing homework, chores, or studying. It is bound to make the most mundane of tasks appear more appealing simply because we have something more pleasant playing in the background.

Now if we combine music with something fun, then that takes it over the top, saying driving. Nothing beats the feeling of cruising down a highway with your friends and family and some good music to set the mood.

While the newer car models these days do come with the latest built-in stereo systems, not everyone has access to these. We have put together a list of ways in which you can amp up your old stereo and give it a new sound in some easy and affordable steps!

1. Invest in New Speakers

New speakers should be a priority when it comes to upgrading your stereo. Some old cars have pretty ‘fragile’ speakers to put it lightly, but it is best to replace with some sturdier ones.You can find budget car speaker on site CarCareTotal that can be fitted in your car with a very little charge.

Just with this one change, you are already on the right track. There are other adjustments that you can make that are as follows.

2. Do Away with the Old Radio System

If your car is particularly old, then the chances are that you have been dealt with a jacked-up radio system.

In order to upgrade your stereo system, you will definitely have to get rid of this to make room for your new speakers or CD/USB ports where you can plug in your devices to access your own music via Bluetooth or using an aux cord.

3. Get Technical with It

Bass is truly the heart of all hip-hop and new-age music genres, and car audio really isn’t the same without it. However, turning the bass up and down is a bit more complicated than it seems.

Don’t be afraid to get into the technical details with this one, ask a professional, and make the right adjustments to get the desired amount of bass for your stereo.

4. Invest in an Amplifier

While you are driving there is enough drag from the wind as it is and you definitely don’t need anything else messing with your audio.

Therefore, a good car mono amplifier is important in order to get a cleaner and crisp audio quality from your stereo regardless of the noise outside or how fast you are driving.

It will allow you to enjoy all the different tones and understated vocals in the music as well.

5. Go with Bluetooth

Another easy upgrade is turning your stereo system into a Bluetooth compatible audio device. This has many different advantages because it doubles as a music player as well as a speaker.

This way you can receive calls hands-free and more importantly, you can go wireless and stream music from any phone or device in your car.

6. Use Good Quality Music Files

For car stereos, it is best that you invest in some good quality records and music.

Although there are several compressed music files available out there on the internet, the smaller sized files also mean that the quality of the sound has been compromised to some extent and that can be quite a downer.

Good audio will allow you to experience your music and all the nuances to the fullest without any interruptions.

7. Make It Compatible with Your Phone

As aforementioned, using Bluetooth computability makes it much easier to stream music from your phone directly to your stereo.

A crucial thing to remember is that if you are going to be playing music through your phone, it is best that you adjust the settings on your phone such that they mesh well with the stereo system.

8. Invest in Some Sound Proofing

Given the amount of wind and air drag that is acting on your car while you are on the road, there is bound to be a fair amount of noise you have to deal with.

Therefore, invest in some soundproofing from the inside in order to buffer that sound out and get the best possible audio from your stereo.

9. Use a Subwoofer

A powered subwoofer typically comes with a built-in speaker and doubles as several other components of a stereo.

It is a good piece of work to have around if you don’t want to buy a whole bunch of different stereo related equipment.


Now you know that you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars in order to amp up (excuse the pun) your car stereo for the ultimate audio experience, as you cruise through with your favorite music backing you up.

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