Your Ultimate Box Truck Buying Guide

Did you realize there are over 15 million trucks on the roadways of America? These trucks come in all shapes and sizes. For most delivery businesses, investing in a box truck is something they view as a necessity.

With the right box truck, a business owner will be able to haul and deliver items with ease. These trucks can also be used as mobile workstations for field workers. With all the box truck options on the market, you will have to do your homework before making a decision.

Rushing through the decision regarding the box truck you want to purchase can lead to mistakes being made. Read below for more advice on how to find the right box truck to purchase.

Consider What Will Be Hauled in the Box Truck

Before heading out to look at the box trucks for sale in your area, take some time to make a list of your needs. One of the first things you should consider when trying to figure out what type of box truck is needed is what you will be hauling.

A business owner who will be hauling large pieces of furniture will need a larger truck than a business that needs a mobile workstation for their employees. Ignoring the need for this important information before going out to look for a box truck can lead to problems.

The more a business owner knows about their box truck needs, the easier it will be for them to narrow down the vast selection of options. Consulting with an experienced box truck salesman is a great way to get some guidance regarding the right size vehicle for your needs.

Make Sure the Box Truck Has the Right Features

Will your new box truck be used for dock loading and unloading? Many businesses specialize in the delivering and hauling of various items. If your trucks will be spending a lot of time at the loading dock, you need to make sure your new box truck has the right features to make this easier for the driver.

The main thing you need to look at when inspecting a box truck is what type of doors it has. If you will be using this vehicle on the loading dock regularly, choosing a model with a roll-up backdoor is crucial. You also need to take a measuring tape to see how much clearance the box truck has.

If the box truck sits too low, it can make using it on the loading dock nearly impossible. You also need to choose a box truck that is equipped with a forklift package. Box trucks with this package generally have larger tires and a larger chassis to handle the additional weight of the forklift.

Work on Matching the Box Truck to The Driver

As you start to make your list of things you need in a new box truck, don’t forget to consider who will be driving this vehicle. Most business owners fail to realize that any box truck over 26,000 lbs. requires a driver to have a CDL license.

If your driver does not have this license, you either need to pay for them to get one or get a smaller truck. Heavier trucks also come with more DOT restrictions as well. For instance, a heavier box truck will require routine DOT inspections and a wrecker log will have to be kept by the driver.

While most business owners have the attitude that bigger is better. In reality, getting a box truck that is bigger than what you need is a bad move. This is why you need to spend time figuring out how big the truck needs to be to ensure the right purchase is made.

Consider the Available Workspace a Box Truck Offers

Providing field workers with the tools they need can increase productivity and profitability. If you are purchasing a box truck and turning it into a mobile workstation, you need to ensure there is plenty of space. Trying to put your workers in a cramped box truck can cause problems.

If at all possible, you need to think about taking the person who will be driving the new box truck with you during the purchasing process. By doing this, you can get a firsthand look at how well the employee fits in the back of the truck.

Before going to look at the box trucks, you also need to figure out what type of worktables and tools will be put in the back. Taking a few measurements of the box trucks in question can help you figure out whether or not they are the right fit. While finding the right box truck is time-consuming, it is well worth the effort invested.

Getting a Good Deal Takes Work

Staying on budget is something most business owners are passionate about. Setting a budget for the purchase of a box truck is vital. When creating this budget, be sure to factor in things like fuel cost and the cost of insurance for box trucks.

With this information, you can start the process of narrowing down the box truck options at your disposal. Settling for the first deal you come across may lead to you spending too much on a box truck. This is why taking the time to research all the box trucks for sale in your area is crucial.

A Quality Box Truck is Worth the Money

With the power of a box truck, a business owner can increase efficiency and productivity levels. Taking the time to do your homework is the only way to ensure the right box truck is purchased.

Are you looking for more information about buying and maintaining box trucks? If so, be sure to check out the rest of the blogs on our website.

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