Traveling with my dog ​​on the road

Do you always wonder if your dog will travel as long as you do? Do you want to make that time much more pleasant and comfortable? Pay attention to the following tips, they will be very useful for future car trips.

Do not feed your dog at least in the two hours before traveling, nor while you are in the car, this will reduce the possibility that it will vomit during the trip due to nerves or dizziness. In the case of very long trips, you can give small amounts from time to time.

Take advantage of the stops to give him something to eat, always in moderate quantities, to drink something, very important especially if it is hot. Play with him during that break and give him the freedom to run around for a while, free himself and relieve himself.

Travel in the morning, the first hours of the day are the best time, especially if your dog is not used to traveling. In this case, it is best if you are fasting.

Hydrate it frequently, keep enough water in your car to administer it throughout the trip.

In your luggage you cannot miss your food, water and medicines you need, as well as a toy that you like and are familiar with, it will help you to be calm during the journey.

Never leave your dog locked in the car in hot weather, under any circumstances, with the windows closed or slightly open. Record this on fire: there is a serious threat of heatstroke, only 20 minutes can be deadly.

Follow the safety recommendations for traveling with dogs, later you can take a look at some of the main recommendations that Traffic recommends in this regard.

In any case, remember that it is always recommended that you consult your vet before traveling with your dog by car. It will advise you better than anyone on the precautions you should take, and will give you more useful advice on the optimal conditions to do so.

How to travel with my dog ​​by car?

Holidays are here and you don’t want to leave your pet alone at home, but how do I take it in the car? Is it safe? What does Traffic say about this topic?

When you travel with your dog in the car, you cannot ignore the traffic regulations that concern this topic. The General Traffic Regulation specifies that the driver “is obliged to maintain his own freedom of movement, the necessary field of vision and permanent attention to driving.” In addition, the driver must pay attention to properly place pets in the car. That is, do not let your dog loose when you travel by car, for your safety and yours. Use a restraint system to hold your dog and that does not pose any danger inside the vehicle.

Clamping systems


This system is very safe; it allows you to take your pet in the car with complete peace of mind. If you are going to buy a dog safety harness, remember that it has a short attachment system so that your dog does not hit the seats.


grille in order to be able to place a separating grille or barrier for the car, it is necessary to have a tailgate on the vehicle, and it must also be a family-size vehicle. They separate the cabin from the trunk and provide freedom of movement for the pet. It is recommended for large dogs, although keep in mind that in the event of an accident the animal can suffer major damage, as it is not held in the boot.


It is a safe method, but it is also necessary to take into account a number of considerations when deciding on a carrier for dogs. The first, that if it is large, the ideal is to place it in the trunk transversely with respect to the direction of travel. If it’s a small carrier, you can put it on the ground behind the front seats. In any case, do not place it on the seats, and never fasten it with a seat belt! since in the event of a collision the animal could be thrown. If you’re traveling on a motorcycle, then you can try motorcycle dog carrier. These ones are the best solution to carry your pet with you in the long travel.

Do not travel with your dog without any restraint system, the distraction that can be a driver is very dangerous, as well as for other road passengers. Surely on some occasion, you have seen the head of a dog poke from inside a car, and this situation has caused you laughter and sympathy, but the truth is that the reality is much cruder: taking your pet lose in the car increases considerably the accident risks, as well as the damages that may be suffered.

Another important consideration is that when choosing a secure fastening system, you make sure that it is approved by European standards.

So as much as you want to take your dog with you when you travel by car, do not avoid the problems and dangers that this can pose. Do not skimp on security so that you can both enjoy the trip to the fullest.

Carry their stuff: 

If the ride is long, stop once in a while and let him drink water and get some exercise. And if you make a shortstop, to eat or to go to the bathroom, never leave him long in the car without ventilation. It is better to leave it in the shade with the window slightly down. And never forget to carry their playing stuff with you. If you’re going on a long journey on your car or motorcycle carrying their food, playing toys and is also that much essential. They can enjoy with them whenever you stop for taking rest, your dog will not miss their home and enjoy fullest with you.

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