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Tips to Save Money on Car Maintenance and Repairs

Common truths, which are taught back in driving school, and which are clearly stated in the operation manual of any car, are often forgotten or ignored. Neglecting these simple rules for self-monitoring the condition of a car very often leads to very offensive and expensive consequences.

Three simple rules

If we collect these simple recommendations together, at least highlight the main ones, it turns out that following them takes an insignificant amount of time, and ignoring them leads to disproportionate damage, expressed in a large sum of money.

person fixing engine

Antifreeze level control

One simple operation that is neglected by many, despite the fact that overheating of the engine due to a coolant leak is one of the most common reasons for contacting an automobile service and subsequent costly repairs, and in some cases, engine replacement. Antifreeze leakage can occur due to mechanical damage to the cooling lines, normal wear and tear, or manufacturing defects. Level control is most often carried out by simply inspecting the corresponding tank in the engine compartment. This operation is recommended to be combined with each procedure for checking the motor oil level, at least once a month.

Engine oil level control

This simple operation should be performed on a regular basis, at least 1-2 times a month. It should be remembered that a critical decrease in the level of motor oil can occur not only due to its natural consumption, the so-called waste but also due to a violation of the tightness of the motor lubrication system (mechanical damage to the crankcase, wear or defects of the main and sealing elements). The common belief that in this case, the protective electronics will work and the low oil pressure lamp will light up is not completely true. The fact is that this system works, as a rule, much later than the moment when the level has dropped to the minimum acceptable level, and often, damage to the motor at this moment is already done. The consequences of such damage can amount to tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars. Oil level control is usually carried out by measuring with a special dipstick installed on the motor in the engine compartment and takes no more than a couple of minutes. This rule also affects engine life expectancy. Here you can read about 5.7 hemi life expectancy, one of the most reliable engines. 

Listening to a running engine

person fixing engine

The sound of a running engine can tell a lot to an experienced specialist and even an experienced motorist. But even without any special experience, a caring car owner is almost always able to distinguish normal operation from a malfunctioning engine by ear. Often, the only obstacle to such a diagnosis is banal inattention and loud music. Any extraneous sounds, such as whistling, rumble, knocks and metal clanging should, at least, alert. The consequences of operating an auto such an “accompaniment” can be very deplorable, and repairs are very expensive. To prevent negative consequences, it is enough to make it a rule to leave the auto for a short while after starting the engine and listen to its work. In case of detection of extraneous noises and sounds uncharacteristic for normal operation, it is better not to take risks and not move around in a potentially faulty auto. You can also read more contents about car repair and maintenance in

A few more tips to save money on car maintenance

person fixing engine

Get a discount on spare parts online

Hundreds of accredited websites sell auto parts at discount prices. However, one should be vigilant not to fall prey to fake online platforms that sell fake parts at discounted prices. Before placing an order, it is recommended to conduct preliminary research of the site. More importantly, check if the parts are compatible with the car so you don’t regret the road.

Find a reputable repair shop

The best repair shops strive to provide their customers with only the best auto repair services at an affordable price. These workshops employ certified personnel with the skills and knowledge necessary to install, repair and maintain various vehicle parts such as brakes, suspension and steering. Consult with family, friends and colleagues to find the right store. The Internet is another reliable platform that can be used for research.

The bottom line

The result of following such a few simple recommendations will save tens, and sometimes hundreds, of thousands of dollars. Statistics are relentless and repair practice shows that most expensive repairs could be avoided if car owners followed these simple rules.

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