The Top Causes of Car Accidents in 2020

We’ve all experienced shock and curiosity when we see wreckage at the side of the road. Your thoughts immediately wander to the victims and if anyone was hurt or even killed. Many of us also wonder how it could have happened and what could have caused such a terrible road accident.

Crashes are usually caused by human error or by dangerous and reckless drivers, and the frightening truth is that every year, there are millions of car accidents on our roads. With such frightening statistics, it’s easy to feel anxious about getting behind the wheel. However, educating yourself on the main causes of road accidents is a positive step towards avoiding one. If you know the warning signs of a crash, or if you’re aware that certain behaviours increase your likelihood of getting caught up in an accident, you’ll feel much safer. 

Here we’ll examine the top causes of car accidents in 2020.

Driving under the influence

It’s difficult to believe that in 2020 people are still getting behind the wheel, drunk. Your coordination is non-existent, you can’t make decisions fast or safely enough and you’re more likely to fall asleep at the wheel. A DUI can ruin your life in more ways than one – click here for more information on Texas penal code 49.04 – so, be smart and don’t drink and drive! 


Are you always in a rush? Most of us are late for work and the school run a few times a week but being late shouldn’t mean putting lives in danger. When people are speeding, they have less time to react to sudden changes on the road. They’re driving erratically and their stopping distance increases dramatically. Whether you’re late for work or you’re just frustrated by the slow-moving traffic around you, sticking to the speed limit is always recommended and required by law!

Distracted driving

It’s a fast way to add points to your license and to get a hefty fine. However, distracted driving could also mean creating a crash, killing others, and injuring yourself. Distracted driving means taking your eyes off the road and failing to concentrate on driving. So, using your smartphone behind the wheel, changing the radio station, eating your lunch, applying makeup, or even your passengers distracting you could be enough to cause a catastrophic crash. 

Bad weather

Of course, we can’t control the weather, but we can change our driving behaviours to keep ourselves and other motorists safe. Heavy rain can make roads incredibly slippery, which means losing control is likely. If the visibility is dramatically reduced, then you won’t be able to see hazards until it’s too late. Slowing down, or not driving at all in adverse weather conditions is always the best option. 

And finally, driving at night

Driving at night sometimes just can’t be avoided. Driving in the dark means that your visibility is dramatically reduced. You may have headlamps and streetlights to guide you, but hazards such as pedestrians, dog walkers, cyclists and motorcyclists aren’t easy to spot until it’s too late. 

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