The Ram 1500 Diesel – An Investment Worth Making

Excellent fuel efficiency is what concerns many new car buyers. With the cost of living constantly increasing, it is important to consider getting a car that might save you a few gallons to the mile. Diesel engines are a great start to choosing a more economical and ecofriendly alternative. When the job needs to get done, the RAM 1500 Rebel diesel truck will offer a powerful engine, while saving you money. Like the popular Ram 1500 Big Horn Quad Cab, this truck combines luxury and capability, allowing for the ultimate safety and comfortability.

RoughYet Luxurious

The RAM 1500 Rebel offers new features and amenities that greatly differ from its predecessors. The iconic front fenders are still in place. However, they are now replaced with plastic. The chrome grille is now made of plastic, along with the bumpers, logos and step bars. A lockable Ram Box storage is inserted in the bedsides and the addition of bed lights are beneficial. The new and improved tailgate can also open outwards, in a creative 60/40 split. As for the sleek, modern interior, there is a larger than life tablet-style, 12” touchscreen display, which aids the driver in making calls, controlling audio and air conditioning. The truck is also equipped with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Bluetooth as well as 4G Wi-Fi Hotspot. The front seats and the steering wheel are both heated for your comfort and at your convenience. The RAM 1500 Rebel features a large array of plush amenities and safety features such as forward collision warning, adaptive cruise control and rear cross-path detection. Wells Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram highly recommends this truck, as it is sure to take some of the stress off of driving and give you piece of mind where the family is involved. 

The Rebel’s Impressive Diesel Engine

The Rebel’s diesel engine design is what sets it apart from its competitors. It features a formidable 3.0-liter turbocharged V6 that comes with 260 horsepower and a remarkable 480 lb.-ft of torque. The powerful engine will enable the gigantic RAM 1500 to cruise calmly and smoothly along the highway or simply take a casual ride around town. The fuel economy is a huge plus for this truck, as the diesel engine promises 29 mpg on the highway, allowing for the spacious pickup truck to have the same fuel efficiency as a mid-size SUV! Air suspension integrated into the truck’s 4 corners heightens your off-road driving experience. Skid plates help protect the fuel tank, transfer case, and front suspension. The most impressive part?The hauling and payload capability. The RAM 1500 has a payload of 2,040 pounds and a towing capacity of 12,560 pounds. 

It is no surprise that customers keep choosing the RAM 1500 year after year. Thanks to its luxurious interior, enhanced safety features and reliability, The Ram Rebel 1500 is considered to be one of the best trucks in the trucking community. Overall, you’re sure to be satisfied with RAM’s newest integrations and enhancements.

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