A Detailed List of the Best Motorcycles to Buy in 2019

You know that motorcycles are cool. Of course, you do, or you wouldn't be reading this site. But do you know which motorcycles from 2019 are worth buying?

There's a fine line between a good motorcycle and a bad one. Just one little modification too far, one system too many, a slightly off-balance, and it's ruined.

Buying a motorcycle is a massive commitment. We're here to tell you which are the best motorcycles available on the market today.

Do you want to know which motorcycles are going to draw eyes to you and your ride? Which ones are going to give you the absolute best performance that money can buy?

Then you need to check out this list of our favorite motorcycles from 2019!

Ducati Scrambler

The Ducati Scrambler is available today. It looks incredible, with its gorgeous, exposed frame prominent below the seat.

The bike rides low, with its seat sitting at just 31 inches. There are a huge number of different options available on the Scrambler, with a model to scratch every itch. Our personal favorite is the Cafe Racer: its racing decals are guaranteed to take you back in time.

The bike also offers three different riding modes: Active, Journey, and City. With these different modes, you can make the bike ride exactly how you like it, no matter where you are.

Triumph Street Twin

If you like your motorbikes retro, then the Triumph Street Twin could be the perfect bike for you. Made by venerable British marque Triumph, they know how how to make top motorcycles, and they've excelled with this throwback.

This year, the Street Twin has seen its power increased, brakes sharpened, and materials improved. The bike can now produce up to 65 horsepower, which lets it fly like the wind!

The best part? It's a fairly cheap bike, costing just $9300 for the base model.

BMW G 310 GS

If you're not all about big displacement bikes, then the G 310 GS could be for you. This bike sits at a fantastic price point of just $5695 and offers a brilliantly rounded skillset. The bike's main use will be as a commuter motorbike, but it's got enough off-roading ability for light trail riding too.

The 313cc engine gives a solid amount of boost, even if it won't set any land speed records. The bike offers the same BMW build quality that you've come to expect. Don't be put off by the ByBre brakes -- they're just rebranded Brembos.

The G 310 GS is the best motorbike on the market if you're looking for low displacement with off-road capabilities. Perfect for new riders and old, its fun, economical, and well-built.

It's very easy to repair too: most maintenance can be done by hand. Check out this motorcycle repair manual site, which has all the info required to get to work.

Yamaha YZF-R3

Another superb motorcycle for those looking to ration their displacement. This time, however, it's not challenging for off-road supremacy. Instead, the YZF-R3 offers racing thrills at low prices.

Happily, it manages to achieve these aims. The bodywork looks sleek, and there's a fantastic LCD instrumentation.

The best commuter motorcycle for short journeys out there, the YZF-R3 is powered by a 321cc twin. The suspension is absolutely superb too, offering the rider a smooth ride, every time.

The bike is cheap too, costing just a buck under $5000.

Husqvarna Svartpilen 401

It may be hard to spell, but the Svartpilen is undoubtedly one of the best dirtbikes out there. If you've not heard of Husqvarna before, they've got a history dating back to 1903! Looking at its body and tires, you might think that it's only good off-road, but there's a lot more to it than that.

The bike requires a bolt upright riding position, which is great for short commutes.

It may only produce 44 horsepower, but it's great fun and costs just $6299.

Kawasaki Ninja 400

An incredible racing bike at a superb price point, the Kawasaki Ninja 400 is amazing fun. Its low-slung suspension and low seat contribute to fantastic aerodynamics, but don't let its aggressive looks fool you. This bike is easy to ride.

When you want to kick up your speed a notch, then this baby can give you all the power you want. You can hit speeds of up to 100 mph, without any issues.

If you've never ridden a sports bike before, the Ninja 400 is a superb starting point. Take this to a track and have some fun. You won't regret it.

Honda Fury

Honda motorbikes are famed for their reliability, but the Fury brings a ton of brilliant features to the party. This bike looks gorgeous, for a start, and its relaxed ride is an absolute dream. If you want a relaxed ride, then this is one of the top motorcycles around.

The only major problem with the Honda Fury is that it doesn't have a fuel meter. You'll have to manually check the fuel quite regularly, as it's not got the biggest fuel tank in the world. If you're only going to be riding it short distances, such as in a city, you really couldn't wish for a better budget bike.

Harley-Davidson Iron 1200

This Harley is one of the best motorcycles for long-distance riding around. Its clever design results in a supremely comfortable ride, and it never feels like you're lacking in room. It's fairly heavy, but its 70s stylings revel in excess, and you're bound to draw eyes to you everywhere you go.

It's not particularly powerful, but it's a fantastic bike. It will handle pretty much any journey thrown at it with aplomb, and can handle curves without any issues.

The suspension and disc brakes are both fantastic. The best part? You can have this Harley for under $10,000.

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