The Best 400cc Motorcycles for City & Travel

Bikes can lead you to an experience that you would never have on any other ways of transportation. They are your free pass to new opportunities, adventures, and sensations. It’s been a long since motorcycles were considered a sign of luxury or rebellion. These days, most motorcycles are a perfectly acceptable form of transportation for urban areas and the countryside. 

Depending on what you want from your bike, you can get one with either a 100cc engine or a 1000cc engine. However, as long as you know your goal for purchasing a motorbike, you should stick to the recommended models for those purposes. City and travel bikes can vary in their designs and overall technical characteristics. Yet, those motorbikes with 400cc engines can be great options for city and gravel road adventures. 

CFMoto 400 NK

Ever since this motorcycle was released in 2017, it was moving forward to top bike chats all around the globe. This Chinese bike took the world by storm, and for a good reason. It has everything you need from a good bike and even more (especially for its price). First, it never fails to deliver. The motorcycle is equipped with front and rear disc brakes, manual transmission (6 gears), and an enhanced security system represented by Anti-lock Braking System (ABS). You can even research the benefits of such a system by seeking some computer science essays writers to help you. 

It’s also an overperformer when it comes to speed. The bike can easily reach 155 km/h due to its 400cc fuel-injected engine. It also comes with a variety of color schemes. Overall, this bike is designed for a thrilling yet comfortable ride, where a driver can focus on the road while leaving all the worries behind. 

Kawasaki Z400

Those who look for a reliable but budget option should definitely consider getting a Kawasaki Z400. Currently, it is one of the most affordable bikes on the market that the world’s biggest manufacturer manufactures. It comes with a 399cc parallel-twin engine, though we’d still consider it as a 400cc motorbike. Kawasaki Z400 can be a perfect fit for both city ride and travel experiences. Although this is a relatively new bike, it’s also one of the most popular bikes in the world at the moment. 

It comes with the standard ABS system, 14L fuel tank, and an anti-theft immobilizer for double safety measures. Overall, this bike is believed to be one of the most trustworthy, affordable, and secure bikes on the market right now. It can be a great choice for long-distance travel where you won’t have to worry about your bike and simply enjoy the ride. 

Bristol BR 400i 

Bristol BR 400i perfectly represents the modern take on the motorcycling world. It is a stylish, forward lean bike powered by a 400cc single-cylinder engine. It has a 5-speed manual transmission, analog gauge, and ABS system. Its 15L fuel tank makes it a perfect travel bike for those who love going long distances on their bikes.

This particular model comes in two different designs, with Bristol BR 400i having a more contemporary, fresh look, which looks great in an urban setting. Additionally, it comes in three colors, white, chrome, and black. All in all, this bike can be great fun to ride. 

Classic 400i

A Classic 400i motorcycle is a slightly transformed version of the Bristol BR 400i. The slight changes are seen in the design, construction, and some additional features. The Classic 400i is exactly what it states in its name. It is a more traditional motorcycle when it comes to style and character. This model has a standard body design, unlike the forward lean design of the Bristol BR 400i. However, it has the same technical characteristics as the model mentioned above. Again, though, here everything’s made to complement its retro look. 

Overall, Classic 400i and Bristol BR 400i are quite similar, with the main difference being in their appearance. Even their pricing is in the same range. Hence, you can make your choice there depending on the physical appearance of the bike. The given option will definitely suit those who prefer classics over modernity and comfort over speed. It is a fairly good tribute to the old-fashion cafe-racer bike culture, and we surely can appreciate it. 

Royal Enfield Himalayan

You can’t look at the Royal Enfield Himalayan and not feel the retro vibes washing all over you. This model is definitely most popular among those who value the classical design and traditional bike appearance. However, we should say that there is nothing outdated in this bike when it comes to its technological characteristics. Overall, this bike is a people’s favorite due to its classical look, great design, affordable price, and reliability. 

You can also pick a variant of the Royal Enfield Himalayan, depending on how you are planning to use it. You can go with the city model or long-distance model designed specifically for travel. Delivering to the two most common customers’ requests (travel or city) makes this manufacture a perfect case to study when you need to order some business school essay samples. It also comes in a variety of colors to match everyone’s desires. 

The Royal Enfield Himalayan 411 touring can overcome any obstacles on its way. It is perfect for uncemented roads and high cliffs, especially since it has a soft suspension that muffles all road imperfections. It’s a perfect option for all the adventure seekers who need a bike they can count on in all situations. 


There can be no doubt in KTM’s ability to build a reliable bike. They’ve been doing it successfully for years. However, this particular model, RTM 390 Duke with a 372cc engine, is one of the world’s favorites for a reason. First of all, this bike is a perfect option for travel and sports. It is reliable. It has great responsiveness. It’s fast and safe. What more to wish for? It also has a great slim design, making it a perfect bike for city roads, especially during heavy traffic. 

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