Students’ Extreme Leisure-Time Activities: Pros and Cons

Extreme activities are one of the most controversial ways to spend free time. Some people adore passing their time by climbing on a cliff or rushing on a bike. Others always avoid any action sports that can lead to serious injuries. The first type of people are always engaged and cannot wait for a new trip. However, the others condemn them and will never try this type of leisure-time activity. Let’s try to find out who is right by reviewing the pros and cons of this type of sport for students.

Pros of Extreme Activities

Indeed, those who adore extreme sports are always active and are in a good mood. They have well-developed bodies and great stamina. Also, they travel a lot and make a lot of stunning snaps from their trips. Action activities are a very interesting way to spend time that helps get rid of burdening thoughts and refresh the mind. Let’s take a dive and learn more about the benefits of spending time surfing, snowboarding, or even jumping with a parachute for undergraduates. 

Adrenaline Rush

Students have to push themselves to limits both physically and emotionally. Risky situations drive the body to release adrenaline. It’s a hormone that helps humans to survive by boosting all processes in the organism. It increases the heart rate, bloodstream and even brings extra strengths and stamina. Getting a large dose of adrenaline released, they get more excited. 

By putting themselves in extreme situations, people think about nothing but surviving. When they live the moment, undergraduates don’t think about exams, bad marks, or a large number of assignments that they need to complete in a short time. It helps them get the real rest of the daily routine. Also, they feel more confident in their strength after getting new achievements or avoiding a dangerous moment.

Physical Development

Almost all extreme activities need learners to be in good condition. They need to have a lot of strengths to withstand the power of nature and carry their equipment. These kinds of sports promote the physical development of learners, which is vital for adolescents. Applying a lot of power for a long time burns calories, helping eliminate excessive weight. Also, it forces muscle development that leads to increased strength.

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New Connections

Action activity lovers always have communities that gather like-minded people. Common interests help expand networks and make a lot of new connections. By spending time together, having extreme leisure-time activities, the bonds with your new friends increase significantly. Being a fan of a particular sport, you can join different public groups and plan new events with like-minded people. They will be glad to hear or read the stories of your best action activities, new spots discovered, and emotions that you experienced. 

Cons of Extreme Leisure

Extreme sports have a lot of disadvantages. Since students push their lives to limits, they get a high risk of being injured. They apply heavy loads on their health and spend their spare time training, which can negatively affect their academic achievements. Consequently, they ask their friends, “Do you know who can do my assignment fast and cheap?” to maintain a high college score. Also, they spend a lot of money on expensive equipment, which reduces their budgets.

High Risk of Getting Injured

The high risk of getting injured is the primary drawback of extreme leisure-time activities. Most students who are not afraid to put their lives at risk have some scars. Surfers, divers, hang gliders, and motocross drivers always get serious damage. In some cases, they need urgent surgery. Since most spots for action sports are located in remote areas that can hardly be reached by car, many athletes die without urgent help. For instance, rock climbing takes the lives of nearly 30 people every year. 

Cost of Equipment

Since these types of activities are very dangerous, athletes strive to minimize risks by using special equipment. Most of them wear helmets, spine protective gear, etc. Other extreme sports may also need additional equipment. For instance, climbers need to invest money into ropes, harnesses, belay devices, carabiners, and crash mats. The gear for action sports can have very high price tags. Since life and safety depend on the equipment, students tend to spend all their savings on the best gear made of the top materials. Having a lack of budget, they are usually forced to work part-time, compromising on studying. 

It’s Addictive

Extreme sports are very addictive. That’s why students never miss a chance to spend their time doing some dangerous sports. Reaching new peaks, adolescents get excited by new achievements. It drives them to get to new limits constantly. When learners experience risky situations, their bodies release adrenaline. However, when the danger is passed, their bodies start releasing dopamine and endorphins. These chemicals aim to calm down the heart rate. In addition, they bring the feeling of euphoria that makes people addicted to the adrenaline rush.

Concluding Words

Indeed, extreme sports are very dangerous. This type of leisure-time activity can lead to serious injuries and even fatal consequences. Therefore, all undergraduates have to avoid risky situations. Moreover, people who adore action sports get addicted to the adrenaline rush and the following dopamine release. Unfortunately, they won’t be satisfied with a particular dose of this chemical and will always put themselves in more dangerous situations, forcing the body to release more adrenaline. Therefore, if you like extreme sports, you have to set red flags to keep yourself safe from risky situations. Also, you have to invest a lot of money into the best equipment that will keep you safe.

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