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Rekluse Clutch Reviews: Does It Really Work?

Clutch has been, over the years, seen as one of the most complicated mechanical devices in your motorcycle. All we understand of the clutch and what it does is, if you pull the clutch in, it disconnects the engine from the drivetrain, when released; the engine and the drivetrain are hooked again.

Lots of riders took an issue with the auto clutch and some have welcomed this evolved function of the clutch. As sure any new technique of clutching is bound to have its advantages and disadvantages, this rekluse clutch reviews will give you anf overview about this product and help you decide if it was really fit with your bike.

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Easy to Install, with no need to change the basket or the pressure plate
Adjustments are easy and useful, so that each rider can attune the clutch engagement to his own liking
NO stalling, shifts on gears seamlessly and carries the power with amiable ease
Performs well on the dreaded Low rpm
Clutch Lever available for manual handling
Available for most of the popular bikes in 250cc to 450cc segment


Full throttle power shift is not as natural and sometimes even difficult
Sprocket and chain wears more with the Rekluse Clutch
Rider tends to run mostly in a higher gear since there is little risk of stalling
Not exactly inexpensive

Rekluse Clutch: What Do You Know About It?

The Rekluse clutch is an automatic clutch as against a conventional clutch or the slipper clutch. The main mechanism of the Rekluse is that a the clutch does not need to be manually pulled in, rather the clutch gets disengaged as and when the rpm falls below a certain preset level. Vice versa, as you accelerate, the Core EXP clutch gets re-engaged upon reaching the preset level of rpm.

This mechanism does not require the rider to have to handle the clutch lever every time he decelerates or accelerates. However, the Rekluse does have the option of the rider to use the clutch at the start or at any time he so prefers. Rekluse uses a centrifugal force to regulate the engagement and the disengagement of the clutch.

To know more about how does a Rekluse clutch works, watch this video.

Someone who understands how the clutch on bike works would also like to understand just how the Rekluse claims to be able to do the smooth shifting of gears without stalling. In the interest of the technical know-how, we have dissected the Rekluse clutch kit to see how and what it exactly does:

How About Dissecting The Rekluse Clutch?


The Rekluse clutch has a billet aluminum inner clutch hub, a pressure plate, an EXP assembly, drive plates, the clutch springs and the gasket. The Rekluse clutch uses OEM friction plates and the clutch basket.

How Does It Work?

The steel balls are gone from the kit and so are the groove like ramps and the pressure plates. The Rekluse has compiled all these inner functions into a concise pack termed as the “EXP assembly.” The EXP assembly is a compact clutch system which has been strategically placed between the two clutch plates.

Even though a single unit, there are sliding weights which are spun around the sandwich of plates and the clutch, which ends up expanding the EXP assembly. So, as and when the rpm rises, the weights in the clutch unit slide outward so as to spread the EXP wider which hooks up the clutch. And as the rpm drops, the weights in the clutch unit slide inwards thus disengaging the clutch.



The Rekluse can be adjusted in a few ways to modify the engagement of the clutch and the performance:

Springs – All the adjustments on the Rekluse are mostly done by changing the springs which hold the weights in their places. You would want to use a stiff spring for you to be able to feel the automatic shifting at best, while if you are into off road riding, a softer and genial spring should help you stay modulated.

Setting of the Idle Speed – The idle speed can be adjusted in tune with the EXP spring. This would help in concerting the desired balance of engagement with the RPM.

Springs for Pressure Plate – For high-horsepower engine bikes, one would find helpful the various spring options to regulate the force of the clutch clamping, raising the capacity of the torque and the consequential performance of the clutch.


The Installation of the Rekluse EXP 3.0 does not really require an overhauling. The stock clutch of your bike does not need to be taken out of the engine and neither do the OEM basket. The Rekluse Core EXP’s parts come in to replace the inner hub, pressure plate and the steel plates.

You also have the option of changing your Rekluse Core EXP automatic from having it as completely automatic to completely manual, only by installing the Rekluse’s optional Manual Pressure Plate.



The Rekluse clutch system weighs slightly more than stock clutch of your bike. This is primarily owing to the sliding weights in the EXP pack sandwich. This added weight is not necessarily a burden since the clutch spins at your bike’s 1/3rd the speed of the engine speed, the flywheel impact is quite insignificant.

For a detailed review of all the functions, read here.

Take A Look At Performance Of The Rekluse Clutch

No Stalling

Rekluse is popular for of its prominent function of “no stalling”. Stalling on an off-road motorcycle’s engine on a rocky or muddy terrain is a terrible feeling for the rider. No only does your momentum take a hit, getting going becomes tough and leads to frustration and fatigue.

Rekluse’s promise of easing your ride on the trail, indeed it performs with great flair. Riding a Husqvarna TE310 2012, on a steep trail of loose rocks and muddy climbs, you would be surprised how little effort you would have to exert to ride. You could easily ride at a higher than usual gear in a smooth seamless gear shifting.

Engagement on the Rekluse is aggressive and peppy, making the engine feel like of a higher power. Even when you need to loft the front wheel over a mass of rocks or a log, the manual clutching feels quite conventional and not edgy as is the case with certain other auto -shift clutch kits.

Low Revs

As you keep getting used to the Rekluse clutch, you will be amazed at how low an RPM your bike could reach and then pull from without a hustle. You may be afraid of the stalling, but your Rekluse will aggressively bite in and load up the motor. Shifting the gears just takes a quick roll of throttle and the bike hitches on to the next gear without the completely disengaging the clutch.



One of the most common complaints with an auto clutch system is the freewheeling. Judging by the performance of KTM 500 KTM, auto clutching on the Rekluse did not cause any significant freewheeling. Whatever little of freewheeling that may be there, you will, over time, learn that a momentary throttle of the engine shall reengage the clutch.


The Rekluse clutch renders you unable to use the motorcycle in gear, having the motor stalled as a brake, while riding downhill. The clutch can even let you ride trail deserving to be ridden on 1st gear, in 4th gear and that shall be regressive to your bike’s performance.

Is Rekluse Clutch System Worth It?

Now, let's take a look at our best pick one more time:

The Rekluse auto clutch system is not really an inexpensive choice of bolt-on accessories. The real question then is, is the benefits from the clutch system good enough to be installed and run with? We believe so, primarily because it makes riding off road and tricky trails much less of work.

The Rekluse Clutch claims a No stalling in your ride, and indeed it delivers. While there may be some factors which you may not like with these, but if you are someone who wants to get rid of stalling and the low rpm gear shifting on trails which are a challenge as it is.

I value this particular feature as it helps me ride easily and sometimes even lets me forgets which gear I am on. It is perhaps this pampering nature of Rekluse that my thumbs are up for it. I recommend it because it works for me; go for it if you think it would for you as well.

After reading this Rekluse Clutch Review, we hope that you have more knowledge about this product. Let us know how it goes in the comments section below.

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