Reasons to Wear Motorcycle Gear

Top 5 Reasons to Wear Motorcycle Gear

Being a motor enthusiast does not stop with focusing solely on your motorcycle; it may be just for fun or something you need to do, but riding a motorcycle entails thinking about safety.

But don’t worry! Being safe does not mean you must let go of the style and comfort when riding, nor does it mean spending much just to wear the best gear. You can choose from a lot of affordable equipment – from motorcycle armor and gloves to motorcycle jeans.

Here are five reasons you should consider to help you understand why it is necessary to wear the right motorcycle gear. 

Keeps you safe from crash

Reasons to Wear Motorcycle Gear

The best reason why you have to wear gear is for crash protection. The danger is always involved in motorcycling; With several accidents reported on motorcycle riders, it is better safe to have proper safety gear that can cushion your fall when you get into a crash. You can also find motor riding fun when you know you are wearing the right equipment. 

If you don’t want to end up on a hospital bed, you must wear a helmet and motorcycle armor for shock absorption, including those you can wear on your shoulder, hip, elbow, knee, and back. 

Styles you up

Gearing up for a ride also means styling yourself up. Aside from the fun, there’s no doubt that one of the appeals of motorcycle riding is to make you look cool and what better way to make you even cooler than to wear great motorcycle gear? Wearing motorcycle armor and jeans can finish up your look, but aside from the cool aura it gives, it also provides comfort as you ride on the asphalt road. 

Be proud of your gear! Choose the ones that give you the best comfort but fit your style. 

Protects you from the heat of the sun

Who would want to ride under the sun wearing short sleeves? I believe no one would like to get off their motorcycle with a sunburn, right? Aside from covering up your body, some gear has features that provide maximum cooling, which controls the airflow over the body. There are also jackets made from mesh and with vents that are good for warm weather. 

Keeps you warm in the cold and safe from the rain

Reasons to Wear Motorcycle Gear

No one would want to ride all soaked up, so it is better to wear waterproof gear to keep you dry. However, proper rain gear does not stop with only a jacket or helmet you must also cover both hands and feet and consider how best you can see under the rain. Aside from keeping you dry, it keeps you warm to prevent hypothermia. Invest in textile suits and insulated gloves, especially if you ride in cold weather regularly.

Better equips you

Having proper gear also helps you have a better ride. Wearing gloves can also give you a better grip to have more control over the levers despite the cold or sweaty palms. You should also consider choosing the right sneakers with grippy soles when riding to provide better support.

With how loud the engine is or how hard the wind slaps your face during highway speed rides, it is still better to wear ear plugs despite wearing a full-face helmet to protect your hearing.

Riding a motorcycle is no fun if you don’t equip yourself with proper gear. It is up to you to factor in the cost and availability of the suit and equipment. Nonetheless, motorcycle gear is a necessity throughout may it be for style, comfort, reduced fatigue, or protection from a crash.

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