Myths about Boat Covers

Boats are subjected to dry and wet cycles and other environmental factors, such as salt air, freezing temperatures in the winter, and humid and hot days in the summer. There are so many different boat covers to choose from and finding the right cover is important to protect your investment. There are some misconceptions about boat covers that you should be aware of before buying one. 

Myths about Boat Covers

Any Cover Works for the Boat

In order to properly protect your boat, you need to make sure that you find the right cover. Buying a cheaper cover or a universal one can seem like a fine idea but it will cost you. It doesn’t make sense to save on a cover that is going to protect your multiple-thousand-dollar investment. If the cover doesn’t fit right then debris and water will get in the boat and potentially ruin it. A cover made from high-quality fabric and one that is UV resistant and waterproof can go a long way toward protecting your boat. 

Tighter Boat Covers Are Better

Boat covers should be tight to keep out water but still loose enough in order to let air circulate. A too-tight cover can allow for mold to grow. Keeping snow, ice, and water out is important but so is letting it breathe to prevent actually locking in the moisture. 

You Can Wait to Buy a Cover

It’s best to buy a cover as soon as possible in order to protect your boat. The longer you wait, the greater chance there is that your boat will be damaged and you will have to pay for repair costs. You shouldn’t go more than a week without a cover and mold and mildew can grow surprisingly fast. Boat covers do more than just keep out dust and leaves. Damage from animals, such as rats chewing through the seats and cables, can damage your boat and leave it unusable. If you aren’t sure what cover to get, consult the manufacturer. 

Myths about Boat Covers

Boats Don’t Need a Cover When in Storage

Whenever your boat is not being used, you should have it covered. Whether it’s a new boat that is still in storage or it’s being stored once the summer season is over, just because it is in storage doesn’t mean that it is safe. If your boat is stored inside then a cover is going to protect it from rodents and dust. If it is stored outside then a cover is going to protect it from inclement weather. 

Boat Covers Create Condensation

Boat covers don’t actually create condensation and only trap the surrounding environment. Condensation can be a hazard to your boat and covers are created to protect your boat and not create any condensation. If you put away your boat dry then it’s going to stay dry, unless the surrounding environment changes or it gets disturbed. If you put away your boat while it’s still wet then it’s still going to be damp when you uncover it, which means it’s important to properly store your boat.

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