Most Useful Car Accessories for City Dwellers

Modern cars come with all kinds of great features now, like driver-assistance systems, extra safety gear, beautiful touchscreen displays, digital instrument clusters, wireless charging pads and more. It’s a tech-head’s dream! Does that mean, however, that the age of useful car accessories is over? Absolutely not. Rent Ferrari in Dubai and you’ll soon see there’s still plenty of room to accessorize.

Car accessories are of a higher quality than ever before, and can still enhance your driving experience. This is especially true for those who are driving in the city, where it’s easy to get lost, get stuck in traffic, or experience the extremes of slow and fast driving in one place. Below are some of our top recommendations for must-have accessories for city drivers.

1. HUDWAY Glass Heads-Up Display

You’ve never seen a car gadget like this, we’re sure of it. Driving in the city means often driving in clos quarters with other people. This in turn means it’s essential you keep your eyes on the road at all times. If you own a high-spec car, you may have a built-in Heads-Up Display (HUD) as part of your tech package. Most cars, however, still do not. The HUDWAY device turns your iOS or Android smartphone into a HUD, projecting GPS and other information your need right in front of you so you needn’t look away from the road.

2. Handpresso Auto Espresso Machine

When your morning routine is so tightly scheduled that you don’t even leave yourself time for a quick coffee, this device will solve that for you. When you’re stuck in traffic and every minute of the commute counts, there’s no time to park up and get coffee somewhere. This machine uses both pods and ground coffee to create perfect espresso in quick time --- two minutes to be precise. Better yet, it fits right into a standard cup holder and can run from your car’s power supply. It’s just what you need to give you that kick in an efficient city-like fashion.

3. BACtrack S80 Pro Portable Breathalyzer

Dubai has a zero-tolerance approach to drink driving, as do many cities around the world. Not even a little alcohol is permitted to be in your blood if you’re driving. This breathalyzer might just help you be sure you’re safe to drive, especially the morning after a work party or other special occasion where you may have had a few drinks with friends. Alcohol can linger many hours after you’ve finished your last drink, and so being sure that you’re at zero is a very useful thing indeed before you set off on your next road journey.

4. Scosche USB Charger

There is always some new gadget emerging. Our lives have become increasingly dominated by devices that enhance our quality of life but also need our constant help recharging. Many use USB technology to provide a simple plug-and-play connection to your car. Automakers are responding to demand by adding additional USB ports in the front and read of a car. If you’re in an older car, or for some reason your car is limited to 1-2 ports, then you may face difficult choices between your gadgets.

The Scosche USB charger plugs into your car’s power socket, splitting the connection into two USB ports, allowing you double the connection points. Very handy, very simple and very affordable. Rent Ferrari in Dubai and see if you have enough USB points – this device makes life much easier.

5. Garmin Dash Cam 56

Whether you buy this dash cam or a different model, we strongly recommend dash cams for city drivers. The Garmin model is affordable while still offering great picture quality, as well as recording your GPS location to show when and where any mishap might have occurred. You’ll find this information valuable if you get into a difficult spot with someone looking to cheat you out of money via an insurance scam. Footage from the camera helps to resolve such disputes quickly and without any improper judgement.

6. Vanmass Wireless Car Charger

As we mentioned in the introduction, wireless charging pads are becoming a common feature in high-specification cars. For those with cars of a lower trim, or just of an older model year, it is still something you’ll have to put in yourself with the help of aftermarket accessories. We chose the Vanmass charger as a good example, but like the dash cams there are many others you might choose from if you want to shop around. The Vanmass charger takes phones up to 6.5 inches, making it useful for just about every smartphone out there right now. Mount it on a vent, the dash or windshield – it’s adaptable to your particular car.

7. Dyson V7 Handheld Vacuum

It’s never a bad thing to keep a quality vacuum in the car. It makes a useful accessory, but this Dyson one particular looks the part, too. In the city where there’s a lot of construction going on, or here in Dubai where there are also sand storms, dust becomes your car’s top enemy. The V7 vacuum is small but powerful, and will make short work of any dust or dirt that finds its way into the car. The wireless operation battery lasts for about 30 minutes; ample time to clean up and put it back on to charge. When you rent Ferrari in Dubai, it’s essential you keep that bad boy clean!

8. Cooluli Cooler & Warmer

When you and your passengers are stuck in traffic and need a cool, refreshing beverage, this device will provide it. If you’re in a cooler clime and would like something warmer, then you can change it to heating mode in the flick of a switch. The machine can hold up to six 330ml cans, and can perch nicely on your car’s rear armrest, or any other space you’d care to put it. Plug it in via a cigarette lighter --- it’s a far better use for that port, anyway!

9. Car Swivel Tray

This is a very handy and simple device for busy city professionals. Picture the scene: you’re out in the car and have been for most of the day, navigating your way through the busy streets visiting clients, suppliers and others as part of a packed schedule. Today, you barely have time for lunch; certainly not enough time for a sit-down lunch in a restaurant, you’ll have to get something to have in the car. It’s not an ideal situation, but one many of us recognize. This simply swivel tray sits in one of your cup holders and can act as a clean, easy-to-reach tray for your food so you don’t have to rest it on the leather or seat upholstery and worry about it getting stained.

10. PALMOO Car Back Seat Organizer

This is one for the passengers in your car. If you’re driving with kids in the back, then keeping them entertained while you navigate the streets to your destination is crucial. It’s easy to just give them an iPad or smartphone to play with, but staring down at the screen can make them feel nauseous, and there’s always the danger they’ll spill something on there. This organizer keeps all your devices neatly stored behind the driver or passenger seat. Tablets can be placed facing out so the kids can watch their show hands-free. There are even pockets for water bottles and snacks.

When in Doubt: Accessorize!

City driving can be hectic and stressful. Whether you’re living your regular life or just a jet setter here to rent a Ferrari in Dubai and live it up, accessories make your driving life better.

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