Most Unique Cars in Formula One’s History

Most Unique Cars in Formula One’s History

Formula One has always been an interesting sport, but it is only growing in popularity. More people are getting attracted to watching the sport that sees companies invest a lot of money. 

Since most of the cars are owned by some of the richest brands in the world, the budget may not be felt. 

Some teams invest over 400 million dollars into cars per season, which is a crazy figure. The money is not being wasted because those cars need a lot of attention to detail. 

Driving such cars at the speed the drivers do requires a top-notch car in top condition. While it may not be obvious which car is the best in Formula 1 history, some must be mentioned.

The circuit, which stretches around the globe, features some of the world’s fastest cars. For many individuals, it is also gradually becoming a betting sport. You can now find everything you need for betting on most sportsbooks, from race day betting recommendations to the latest Formula 1 news and statistics.  

Here are some of the most unique cars in Formula 1 history.

Brabham BT46

Most Unique Cars in Formula One’s History

Some vehicles that participated in championships always saw their time cut short, maybe unfairly. One of them was this car, which at the time was a fan car. It was truly unique with some of its features. 

The most standout of the features was a literal turbine mounted to the car. It was used to provide the car with extra downforce. Given that the others didn’t have a real turbine, this gave the car a total advantage.

The car had a really short track life. The FIA outlawed the idea of a fan car, which was the whole reason the Braham BT46 existed. It was however very successful in its short time in the Swiss track where it competed. 

It outraced all cars, including some that were driven by now formula 1 legends. The specific driver being talked about is Niki Lauda.

Ferrari 500

You cannot talk of unique cars in the history of Formula 1 without talking about the Ferrari 500. The car was unique in many different ways. First was the era in which it existed, the 1950s. Back then, things were different, even in the F1. 

Rules were maybe not that strict or this car was just too big a force to reckon with. Even the shape of the car was unique, unlike the shape we are used to nowadays.

The most unique thing, however, was how or where the car competed. The Ferrari 500 wasn’t originally an F1 car. It was designed for and competed in the F2, which is a lower league. The power of the car however saw it compete in both the F2 and F1. 

This is a unique occurrence that we wouldn’t see in the modern day. Given the quality of the driver that raced in it and the quality of the car, it was just unique. Ascari was the driver at the time.

Brawn BGP 001

Most of the cars in this list either have a special feature or a special driver that makes them unique. In this case, it is a combination of both, and probably more. 

In 2009, Ross Brawn stopped competing using established teams in the F1. He resorted to creating his team and named it Brawn GP. This in itself is unique enough to get the car that he used to the list. That wasn’t all though. 

Through a little bit of engineering genius and rule-bending, they made an advantaged car. His team, which many people thought would prosper, came across a potential aerodynamics modification. It was known as the double diffuser, which significantly improved the downforce of the car. It elevated the car and helped Jenson Button secure a championship for the team. 

McLaren MP4/6

When making changes at the end of a season or just before a new one, the engine is the first check. An engine is considered the heart of a car, and the more powerful the better. This was exactly the case in 1991 with the McLaren MP4/6. 

The car had a very powerful Honda engine that was probably the best on any track it took on. The sheer beauty of the car could also make it unique on its own.

In addition to great looks and a powerful engine, the team had a fantastic squad of drivers. Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost were a team but would often find themselves in competition with each other. The team that season won not just many races, but the hearts of many fans as well.

Mercedes AMG F1 W10 Hybrid

Most Unique Cars in Formula One’s History

This list would not be complete without including a Mercedes car. The fact that it is a German machine is enough to make it unique. However, this particular model that was a hybrid was special. 

Whether it was the engines that were that good or the wheels, credit to whoever designed it. The car was something else around corners. It excelled in tracks with many turns but struggled a bit in straight ones.

The car was so good it won the first eight races of the 2019 season. It is obvious the drivers in the team were as good as the car and were part of the success. With Lewis Hamilton leading the team, they won a majority of the races and clinched the title. They only struggled on hot and straight tracks.

Scuderia Ferrari F2002

I think anyone would have guessed the top car on this list. Whether it is because of the legendary name of the person who drove it or the features of the car. At the time, the car was the first in the Ferrari camp that went through significant technological changes. In the previous seasons, the changes were minor as they were already winning. 

Strength was probably the car’s unique feature. It went on to win 15 out of 17 races in the 2002 season. Other than the car’s unique ability, there was another major reason for the dominance. The driver, legendary Michael Schumacher, and the F2002 were a match made in the garage.


The list of the most unique and greatest cars is endless. In terms of impact and eras, those are some of the unique cars any Formula 1 track has seen.

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