Mercedes Benz Apps: Why You Should Get Them

Mercedes drivers will already be familiar with the fantastic technology which the brand includes in all of its new cars, but now the company has come up with some fantastic apps to support the driving experience – an essential addition for any Mercedes driver.

These are not just run of the mill navigation apps but dedicated interactive apps which have been specifically designed with Mercedes drivers in mind, to help improve the whole ownership experience.

Whether you own a Mercedes and want to improve your knowledge of the car, or you are looking for information and advice to help you make the decision to buy a new Mercedes model, all of these apps provide incredibly valuable content. In addition, a shop managment system might be necessary to view everything happening inside your garage from anywhere.

We connected with Emily at Big Motoring World who gave us her 6 top apps for a Mercedes. If you’re looking for a used Mercedes then check out They have around 300 to choose from.

Here are some of her best Mercedes apps and why you should get them:

Mercedes Guides App

The Mercedes Guides App gives users access to all of the owner’s manuals for every Mercedes model, both on a smartphone or on a tablet. The app also includes videos and animation about models to help owners answer questions.

The app includes a facility to search using keywords to search for quick answers to everyday questions about particular models. It’s easy to set up bookmarks to make favourite content easily accessible and all content in the app can be downloaded and used offline as well.

There is the opportunity to explore useful tips and tricks and look up highlights for your particular vehicle.

The Charge & Pay App

This App is perfect for all drivers of hybrid and electric Mercedes models as it enables the user to find free charging points. It displays a map of the nearest charging stations which are free and also enables online payments to be made.

The app makes recording charging easy with start and stop times recorded in a logbook for the owner, making it much simpler and easier for electric and hybrid car drivers to travel, without worrying about where the next charge station will be.

The Mercedes catalogues App

As you might expect, this app provides an online catalogue for all Mercedes cars, showing different features, colours, interiors and everything available, through interactive multimedia brochures. This app makes browsing all of the options available, really simple and clear, whether you are looking to personalise your current car, or buy a new one.

The Mercedes Magazine App

The magazine is published every quarter and the app gives users access to all of the up-to-date news, features and information from the brand including new models, travel and lifestyle information.

The online magazine includes amazing images, videos and interactive features as well as all of the news from the world of Mercedes-Benz. This app is a must-have for all Mercedes fans.

The Mercedes me App

This app is a must-have for any Mercedes driver, giving you immediate access to your vehicle at all times. It allows drivers to check vehicle status including tyre pressure and fuel levels before setting off on a journey. 

The app also provides safe and reliable navigation with trip planning services, directly transmitting the destination to the car itself.

The service also provides updated news information and other services from Mercedes as well as a really useful feature allowing you to remotely lock or unlock the car and turn the ventilation on or off using your phone.

The Mercedes me Adapter App

This app allows users to upgrade their Mercedes and experience an amazing connection with their car. The app offers automatic recording of routes and makes it easy to track your car when it is parked. It also provides access to direct customer support when required if the car were to breakdown.

There is also a very clever feature enabling the app to inform you of any maintenance work required on the car, as well as giving you live data about your car including coolant levels and oil temperature while you are driving.

These applications aim to improve the experience of driving a Mercedes for every driver, by providing a unique insight into each vehicle. These apps literally allow you to virtually check under the bonnet and look at the car’s status before heading out on any kind of journey.

Motoring apps have moved on a long way from simply helping you to navigate the streets. These exclusive apps from Mercedes enable drivers to check their car before travelling, improving driver safety immeasurably.

For fans of the brand, access to the magazine app provides an amazing opportunity to keep up-to-date with news and information regarding new vehicles, technology and all things Mercedes-Benz.

While the Mercedes catalogue app is perfect for anyone thinking about buying and personalising a new car, or customising a current one. With access to all the brochures and outstanding interactive options, this app makes trawling all of the options a real pleasure.

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