The Kenda K270 Dual Sport Tire – To Buy or Not To Buy

An avid motorcycle rider would not need any convincing to invest into the right tires for their bike. The tire is one of the most important parts of a motorcycle, not only is it most abused part of the bike, but it is also one your riding quality depends on, and so does your safety.

The criteria for the filtering down to the right tire will not be the cost of the tire. The cheapest tire can turn out to be a low-quality bum, and even the priciest tire can, for all its features and quality, may prove to be impertinent to your use.

Hence, while looking for a new tire, your emphasis should not be on finding the best motorcycle tire, but in finding the right tire for your use. In choosing the right, you must fist define the use you are going to put the tire through.

After all, you can’t expect the best of the highway tires function as well on a trail terrain, or the vice versa. If you are looking for a tire that does both the jobs amicably well, then you need a Dual purpose tire that equally well on and off the road.

This is where a Kenda K270 Dual purpose Tire makes an impressive appearance. Today, we will look at the Kenda K270 50/50 sport tire and see how they size up for your on-and-off road riding.

Take A Look On The Kenda K270

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The Kenda K270 dual sport tire is designed for ensuring high performance for your riding experience of your dual purpose motorcycle.

Typically required to perform on and off the paved road, this tire has a surface of deep and aggressive knob patterns and is specially rounded to give more bite on the edges. Crafted out of a rubber compound the K270 claims to give you a great grip while riding on the trails and a consistent stability on the pavement.

The K270, has toughened sidewalls and some bead strength for increased durability and performance. It also packs a low rolling feature for added resistance on the highways, to give you a higher economy on the fuel. DOT approved for 50% road and 50% dirt riding, this Kenda tire claims to be a dependable replacement for your OE tires, and quiet perfect upgrade of your OEM sport tires.

Here Are Some Features Of Kenda K270


Pay Attention To Performance Riding

On The Paved Road

On The Trail

Remark Pros & Cons Of The K270


Deep Knobs and great traction – The K270 are fine dirt tires and pull through the abuse amicably and without much stress. The deep six rows of knobs lend great traction on the loamy surface and handle well enough.
Not just a 50/50- this can be a 100% off road – For a 50/50 tire, the K270 feels largely at home on the trail and seems to love the soil.
Not Loud – A lot of tires make a lot of noise while ploughing their way along the trail, not the K270s, they hold well and do it with dignity and not making a lot of fuss.
Unbeatable price for performance – The price of the K270 will get you excited for a bike that bears well on a dual sport bike. Despite all its qualities, the K270 is not at all pricey.
Good on pavement – The performance of the K270 is good on the road- though not great. It handles well and gets the job done before you head for the trail where the tire really belongs.
Durable – The pros like their stuff to not only be great at the job but also wear with value. The K270 is a tire that wears well over thousands of miles, and is especially durable for its price tag.


Hard to put on – The K270 is a little tight and a little difficult to put on the bike. You need to be careful and get professional help, if possible so as not to uninteniaonally warp the tire while putting it on.
Not as tough as an ideal trail tire - The K270 is after all a 50/50 tire and do not stand much ground in comparison with the heavyweights of dirt riding tires. It gets the job done well enough, but is not really for the hardcore dirt rider.
Narrow in size – For a 4.10 tire, it may settle well on an 18 inch wheel but appears narrow to the onlooker. Narrow bike tires do not that good in looking or in inspiring confidence.

Reviews Of Customers For Kenda K270s

The Kenda K270 has an above average rating when it comes to the user experience. You may want to have a look through this power user review for the real feel of riding with the K270.

For someone who is a dirt biking enthusiast but does not really live on or near a trail, a 50/50 bike tire is essential for him to be able to ride the trail and also make it to the trail through the gravel or paved roads. The K270 has been chosen by the users largely for this property and most have been satisfied with the bargain:

I've run these on my old 500 and now a 250. I've always been happy with them.I ride a mixture of bad dirt roads and paved roads that are almost as bad. Mounting the tire was no party but I got it on with 2 tire irons. I suspect I'll be buying more of them in the future.


I use the rear K270 on my primary street use 2006 KLR650 and have been quite happy with its wear and performance. I’ve got roughly 2000mi on my rear at the moment and it looks like I’ll be good for another 1k. The key to performance is proper tire inflation, harder for the street, lower for dirt, I’ve done long road rides then turned of the road and onto soft sandy/hard pack roads in Anza Borrego area and they performed as well as I could have hoped. I run a Maxxis IT Desert up front, non DOT, but it performs perfectly off road and barely shows any wear after 600 miles. I’m happy with the K270 myself.


Besides, it also have some negative comments such as:

Unfortunately not good for street or dirt. My xr650r spit the center knobs off at less than 500 miles in which 95% was Moab hard pack and sand.


For an added perspective, check out this video:

The Verdict

The Kenda K270 may not be the ideal Bike tires for Dirt racer and may have some technical issues which does not let it scale absolute greatness. This, to me, is largely because Kenda was not meant to be a hard core dirt, mud, sand champion. Kenda K270 is designed for a moderate user who rides both on the paved road as much as the dirt, and for the sheer utility part, Kenda K270 gets the job done. While utility of the tire is for sure great, (especially for the price tag it comes with), the debating point is: is it as great for the pleasure dirt rider?

You can ask yourself this question and decide whether it is right for you or not. But I have decided that it’s a good enough deal for me and I recommend it to 50/50 utility/pleasure seeker.


Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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