Is It Worth Changing a Car for a Motorcycle: All the Pros and Cons

If you’re wondering if you can ditch your car for a motorbike, you should analyze all possible pros and cons. Also, ask yourself why you want a bike? Do you desire to purchase it as a primary vehicle or just to enjoy racings with your buddies? 

Have you asked yourself? Okay, let’s read about the pros and cons of switching from a car to a motorcycle. After learning them, you will be able to decide whether you should buy a cycle or stay as a car driver.

Changing a Car for a Motorcycle


There are four pros of purchasing a cycle. 

You are a Part of the Tight-Knit Community

The motorcyclist community is very tight-knit. It can also be called brotherhood. Most cities have motorcycle communities; therefore, you can make lifetime friends and even meet influential people who may help you with climbing up the career ladder. Also, you can make motorcycling your new hobby and may often race with your friends in the city or out of it. 

By the way, if you’re a student and have no time to enjoy riding a bike with your buddies due to a lot of homework, you can delegate assignments. For example, if you can’t write essays well and think, “Where can I pay someone to do my homework?“, you can place essays order and get your paper done with no efforts.

You Improve Your Health While Biking

First, you improve your physical health. Due to forcing balancing, you engage all muscles of your body. Therefore, while riding, you burn much more calories than driving a car. If you’re going to race a motorcycle multiple hours a day, you can be sure that you’ll do a full-body workout. As a result:

  • knees and thighs become stronger;
  • the core is strength;
  • the neck doesn’t hurt so much.

Secondly, your mental health is also improving. This is because, while screwing around a bike hard, your body starts to produce endorphins and adrenaline. Their effect is amplified with your being outdoors. Therefore, by riding a bike, you can be sure that you are healed physically and mentally. 

It’s Cheaper to Buy and Maintain

If cost is a concern of yours, you should choose a motorcycle. If a car costs $12 000 dollars and up, you will spend just a few thousand dollars for a bike. 

You will spend on motorcycle maintenance only several hundred dollars a year. It’s less than taking a car service.

Bikes Impact Environment Lower

Just as importantly, how we impact the world around us. Many people do their best to save our environment and protect the global ecological disaster. The good news is that you can join environmental stewards and less pollute the air, too.


Now you learn about the four cons of buying a motorbike. Reading them up, you’ll understand why it’s better to choose a car in some cases. 

Changing a Car for a Motorcycle

It’s More Difficult to Ride a Bike

Driving a car, you’re seriously worried about steering, braking, and acceleration. But having a motorbike, you have to be concerned about all these things and, additionally, about changing gears and balancing. All your body is engaged in having control. And while riding a car, your task is to engage only your hands to steer and your one foot to gas and braking. 

You Have to Buy Gear

Purchasing a bike, you should think about gear. You need to have:

  • leather clothing, including a jacket;
  • boots;
  • gloves;
  • helmet. 

These items provide safety to you during the process of driving. Leather is a windproof material that protects you against blowing. Boots protect against cuts, bumps, and friction during the ride. Gloves, in turn, protect your hands from cold, dust, and small stones. Also, stings can’t pester you because a wasp isn’t able to pierce a leather glove with its sting, for example. A helmet protects your head from cold and your eyes from dust, sand, and small stones. 

Besides, this gear is necessary when you’re falling. The absence of this equipment will turn you into mincemeat right on the road. 

Therefore, be ready to spend at least a thousand dollars on gear. Helmets alone cost hundreds of dollars. If you have a passenger, you should double your expenses because a passenger also has to wear all these things. 

But people do without it. Sometimes all they wear is a helmet. You can also refuse from buying motorcycle equipment, but keep in mind that when falling, you’ll get more injuries. Also, without leather clothing, you can get cold due to the wind. Your gear protects you from these situations. 

You Can Fall Because of the Wind

There are some cases when you should be inside a car. Wind and rain are the motorcyclists’ worst enemies.  

You should think about cases when you can’t drive a bike and are forced to take a cab or choose another way to get to the right place. For example, if it’s raining cats and dogs, and you should take to work a backpack with books, you’re guessing that they will get wet through. In this case, you have to get to work in another way. Are you ready to make unplanned expenses if needed? 

Your Family Can’t Join

Bikes have only one rider and one passenger. Therefore, if you have an extended family, it can’t join you when you want to go somewhere together. As a result, you need to take a cab or choose another way to get to the place you want. But what if you have baggage with yourselves? It makes the task more difficult.

Purchasing a cycle, you should understand that it’s the only one-person entertainment. Okay, two-person. If you want to go to the countryside with your family and take lots of items, it’s better to drive a car. But can you contain both a motorcycle and a car? 


You should decide for yourself whether it makes sense to ditch your car for a motorbike. It depends on different factors such as your goals, having an extended family, your ability to buy motorcycle equipment, the list goes on. In any case, you get a good experience riding a bike. 

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