Is It Possible to Drive Without a Catalyst: Experts Answer

The use and usefulness of catalytic converters have still been the subject to dispute. From the technical point of view, a vehicle can be operated both with or without this device. Many car owners find a cat to be a useless part of the system and decide to remove it. If you are considering such an opportunity, refer to the environmental laws of your country, since driving a vehicle without a catalyst is illegal in European countries and the USA. In some states, fines for the absence of a catalyst reach $10,000.

But it is important to take into account, that a penalty provided for removing a catalyst. If you drive an old car or a vehicle in which configuration does not include a catalyst, you don't have to worry. Only two factors matter: where (in what country or state) your car is registered and whether the car configuration implies the use of a catalytic converter.

If the device is clogged or has any malfunction, it is necessary to clean or replace it with another one depending on the situation. We suggest you visit a popular online catalyst market with the biggest production base. Here you can find the best cat from a wide range of more than 24,000 items with the delivery to any country indicated on the website.

Once again, if you have any vehicle except a race car you don't need to remove a catalyst. First, it is illegal. Second, the boost of your engine will be not considered. Thus, you just need to keep your catalyst in good operating condition by using fuel of not a controversial quality causing unburned clots in shallow holes of the honeycomb structure and have it regularly maintained.

What Happens when Catalyst is Removed

Using a car without a catalytic converter has a number of disadvantages:

  • The Check Engine light is always on. This means if you have real engine malfunctions potentially causing a road accident you won't be informed in proper time.

  • Toxic exhaust gases are emitted right into the atmosphere affecting current environmental problems.

  • Your car works much louder. A catalyst is used not only to purify fumes but also to make exhaust much quieter. This is a very useful option which is indispensable in long rides.

  • Remember, that in case of removing the catalyst you potentially can be fined for the absence of the device.

It is up to you whether to remove or leave the catalyst. But in any case, weigh all the pros and cons before making a final decision.

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