The Importance of Keeping Your Car Clean

Between driving to and from work each and every day, to running errands, and heading out to visit friends or different places most people spend quite a bit of time in their vehicles. Owning a vehicle is also a pretty lofty purchase which means you should want to keep your vehicle in the best condition possible. This helps you retain the value of your car which comes in handy if you were to sell your vehicle on your own or if you were to bring it into a dealership to have it traded in for another vehicle. Beyond helping to retain the value of your car keeping your car clean also prevents damage like rust from occurring.

Thoroughly washing the exterior of your vehicle every couple of months and keeping the interior of your vehicle clean are easy ways of keeping your vehicle in the best possible situation. Washing your car regularly gets rid of all of the dirt, grime, and mud your vehicle picks up on its daily drive.

If you live in an area that experiences brutal winters with lots of snow and ice you can expect to find salt on the roads throughout the winter. While the salt helps break down the snow and ice on the road so it is safer and easier to drive on, the salt can be hazardous to your vehicle. As you drive on these salt-covered roads your vehicle kicks up the salt which inturn will stick to the underside of your vehicle. If left to its own devices the salt will then start to break down the protective layer on your vehicle and will eventually cause rust.

The staff at Mike Riehl Jeep, Roseville, MI recommend avoiding this you’re going to want to run your vehicle through a car wash every week or so, depending on how intense the winter is. When you head to the car wash make sure you choose the way that includes an undercarriage cleaning. This cleaning will remove all the salt and any other grime underneath your vehicle.

Salt is not the only corrosive element your vehicle will come across either. Whether you drive on the highway a lot or simply down backroads you’re sure to pick up a bunch of dead bugs. While the front end of a car covered in dead bugs not only looks unappealing it is also damaging to your paint job. Just like salt, dead bugs can break down the protective film on your vehicle over time and can lead to discoloration in your paint. It’s a good idea to run your car through the car wash once or twice a month to get rid of these dead buggies.

Now we’ve all been there, either we walk out to our car to find it or we were simply driving along down the road when a bird decided to poop on your vehicle. Besides the fact that is wildly unappealing, bird poop can also cause damage to your paint if it is left there. That is why it is a good idea to either run your vehicle through a car wash or wash it yourself soon after this happens.

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