How To Prevent The Most Deadly Car Accidents

Perhaps we can all agree that none of us would ever look forward to being in a fatal car accident. Aside from the devastating incident, there are also legal matters that our surviving family members or we have to attend to. Fortunately, you can hire a wrongful death lawyer to help you with the legal affairs. 

There are approximately six million car accidents in the U.S. every year, which translates to around 90 deaths in a day. The devastating figures tell us that we really have to be extra careful when it comes to road safety. Apart from the emotional and psychological trauma, there are also collateral damages that need to be settled.

Luckily, there are a lot of ways for us to stay safe while enjoying the convenience of traveling in our personal vehicles. We don’t have to fret or become anxious when it comes to experiencing road accidents if we know the correct safety protocols. Here are some ways that will help us avoid getting into deadly car accidents.

Be Attentive

It is important to note that you aren’t the only vehicle on the road. So the most general truth that you have to accept is that it won’t matter too much whose fault it is going to be. Both parties will receive imminent damage, and one may experience more fatal casualties than the other.

While it is true that discussing the liabilities and holding the responsible party accountable for their misconduct, you would already have to deal with the physical damage and possible loss. So technically, by becoming more attentive, you can avoid getting into complicated and lengthy court hearings. 

Make sure that you pay attention to your surroundings. Other vehicles, kids, adults, animals, even everyday items like balls can quickly get in your way without any type of warning. Be aware of particular areas such as traffic lights, pedestrians, school crossings, intersections, right-hand turns, and other similar places. 

Avoid making sharp turns or sudden gestures while driving so that you don’t accidentally swerve into another car, tree, or electrical post. Make sure that you are extra attentive while driving at night. Be aware of your surroundings at all times. Know the blind spots, and don’t forget to check those side and rear view mirrors.

Engine Maintenance

Many accidents can be due to sudden engine failures during the middle of a car ride. Some are caused by faulty brakes, lights, and other issues. Make sure that you perform a regular check on your vehicle to ensure that it does not act up all of a sudden during a ride. Keep your tires properly inflated and well-kept. 

You may also want to keep your windows and mirrors clean. These parts are essential as they let you see your car from another angle. It can help you see other vehicles that may be driving a bit too close. Clean your vehicles from time to time and make sure that you have a regular oil change scheduled. 

Watch the Lights

When it comes to driving past a traffic light, the rules are pretty simple. Red means stop, and green means go. Unfortunately, some people are inconsiderate enough to run past a red light. Although it is currently illegal to do so, there are still reported accidents caused by red-light runners. These happen when someone tries to speed through a yellow light. 

When driving through an intersection, make sure to check both left and right sides to ensure that there are no passing vehicles. Be especially careful when driving during late hours of the night. In case of fatal accidents, a wrongful death lawyer in Greenville, SC, can help you hold irresponsible drivers liable for their actions. Always watch the traffic lights and follow the rules.


Watching movies with cars racing through the streets makes it seem like an exhilarating experience. Unfortunately, you should not apply everything you see in the film in real life. For instance, you can’t precisely speed through public streets or highways without getting chased by a police officer.

Speed limits may vary depending on the environment of the place. The interstate speed limit in South Carolina runs at 70 miles per hour. However, other roads enforce a strict 55 miles per hour. Some streets are close to playgrounds and schools, which means that they may have a lower speed limit to prevent accidents. 

Always observe the proper speed limit when traveling in different areas. You can typically see them on road signs whenever you enter the state. However, if you fail to see a speed limit sign, you can always look it up on the web. Knowing how fast or slow you should be going can help you avoid wrongful liabilities when it comes to accidents.

What to do after an accident?

With over six million accidents that happen every year, we should become more aware of the proper actions to take when we encounter an accident. Whether as a bystander or as directly involved, you should know the appropriate response to take to help yourself or those concerned.

First, you should stop and protect the scene. Avoid creating additional casualties by setting up flares or leaving your flashers on. Immediately inform the authorities of your precise location and time of the accident. If it is a collision accident, take pictures of the damaged vehicles, including the plate numbers. 

If you are directly involved in a collision accident, it is important to know your rights. Knowing the road rules and regulations will help you hold the irresponsible driver liable for the damage. Together with your attorney, you can recover enough money to pay for the damages caused. 

In case of injuries or wrongful deaths, you can also get your medical expenses reimbursed or receive financial benefits based on your claim. Just be sure to collect all the necessary documents and evidence to support your case. Make sure that you present strong evidence that is not destroyed. 

In summary, avoid fatal car accidents by being attentive and well-aware of your surroundings. Observe the proper speed limit, and make sure to follow the road guidelines in the state. In case of an accident, know your rights and liabilities in order to avoid wrong accusations. 

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