how to get water out of gas tank

How Do You Get Water Out Of The Gas Tank?

Yes, you’ve read that correctly, there are cases when water gets in motorcycle gas tank. Either by shameful deed that you did it yourself by accident or water just naturally got in the gas tank.

Motorcycles are indeed fascinating modern horses. These powerful engines that make contact on the ground via two wheels (some three or four) never cease to leave motorcycle fanatics in awe.

Giving the rider freedom while cruising on the beautiful sunset lit road is simply priceless, and the feeling of going to places where cars can’t is an advantage. Both professionals and hobbyists aim to keep their bikes in great shape, and this article aims to help with that.

Water might be harmless, but it is not a good idea to have them in your gas tanks. If you happen to have water in your motorcycle gas tank, it is recommended that you stop operating the engine until you are confident that all the water is out, ignoring the symptoms can be quite costly.

And if you are some curious motorcycle enthusiast who has not experienced to answer the question “How to get water out of the gas tank” , then I’m sure this article will be good for you. It doesn’t hurt to read ahead and know what to do in case water is found in your motorcycle gas tank, congratulations for being a good researcher by the way.

So, How To Get Water Out Of Gas Tank?

Removing water out of a motorcycle gas tank requires you to determine first how much water is inside in the first place. Here we will showw you 3 easy ways to get water out of gas tank.

Method I - Additives

In most cases, especially when water in your motorcycle gas tank is in low amounts, you can just add fuel additives like the ISO HEET 2802. This is more than an antifreeze solution, it absorbs 5 times more water than ordinary gas dryers.

Step 1: Simply add the antifreeze solution into your gas tank and hope the water is gone the next day or so
Step 2: Observe your bike’s acceleration if it has seized to hesitate in accelerating

Part of its features is that it removes water from your gas tank and fuel systems. On top of that, it prevents corrosion and rust.

It is important to note that the above solution ONLY works when the water infiltrating your gas tank is manageable by fuel dryers. In case there is just too much water in your motorcycle gas tank then the steps below can help.

Method II - Using Siphon

The second way in removing water from your motorcycle gas tank is a process known as immediate displacement. This method is done by siphoning out the old gas while immediately putting in high octane gas in the tank as quickly as you can.

Step 1: Open your gas tank
Step 2: Install the siphon; you can do a manual siphon (video below) with your mouth, or you can choose the more convenient one with a pump
Step 3: Drain the gas tank
Step 4: Make sure the gas tank is completely dry
Step 5: Fill up with high octane fuel

It is also worth noting that if you feel that there is too much water in the gas tank; leave it for a few minutes before putting in fuel. This way, the gas tank will have a chance to dry the water out.

One gadget you can keep handy in your motorcycle garage or your gear bag is Zone Tech 3-in-1 Hand Siphon Pump. The product is very convenient to use and is of great help during emergencies so even if you’re fellow biker is in trouble you can lend a hand. Not to mention it won’t mess up your face and shirt with a lot of gas.

Method II - Calling A Professional

The third option would be to seek professional help. If you feel that you cannot perform the above procedures, help should be a phone call away.

It had better be effective and confident enough to carry out the procedures. Else, calling for professional help would be best for you.

It would be more shameful if you tried out the steps and done more damage. Water in your motorcycle gas tank can set you back thousands of dollars if you wish to ignore the issue.

The soonest you do something about the signs of water in your gas tank, the better it is for your beloved motorcycle and at the same time your pocket.

How Does Water Get Into A Gas Tank In The First Place? And Some Tips To Avoid Them.

For starters, some people just put water in the gas tank. Obvious reasons are that they’re beginners that accidentally put water in the motorcycle gas tank (yes, it’s unforgiveable but stuff like this happen a lot), or untimately don’t know what a gas tank is.

Kids can also fiddle with your bike too, so it is best to seal your motorcycle garage when you’re away. This is also a safety precaution as there are cases where kids get knocked over by motorcycles while playing around them.

Condensation also plays a role in putting water inside a motorcycle gas tank. If the volume of air inside the gas tank dominates the volume of gas, it will have a high probability of condensing into water droplets. With that said having your gas to a minimum half full is best.


“How to get water out of gas tanks” is also a common issue for dirt bike and ATV riders. Given their names, courses sometimes require the riders to submerge their machines in water for brief times which invites water into the motorcycle and its fuel systems, so preparation is key here.

Water obstacles are fun, but it can also invite water not just inside the rider’s underpants but also into gas tanks and other components. It is best to check the gas tank and engine after ‘swimming’ across waters on tracks.

Talking about water obstacles, floods can also (obviously) cause water to get into water tanks. In some desperate cases, bikers might want to pass through some flood to get to the other side, this is to be avoided unless there is no other way and the need to cross the flood is very important that you consider sacrificing the motorcycle.

Another way of getting water inside the motorcycle engine is via the wrong installation of hoses. Vent hoses, if plugged can carry water all the way to the gas tank.

Here is a demonstration with an actual bike on YouTube by Dartman101. The case is that some water made it to his motorcycle gas tank and his ride was not good, not to mention he will have potential engine problems:

How To Detect If There Is Water In Your Motorcycle Gas Tank?

Much like the video from above, one of the symptoms that can be immediately experienced if there is water in your motorcycle gas tank is that there is hesitation on acceleration. If you feel that your bike does not properly accelerate compared to its usual tip-top condition performance, water in the gas tank would be one of the suspects.


Also, if you are cruising at speed and then you suddenly feel some abrupt deceleration and acceleration and your gas reading is still decent, it’s probably due to water in your gas tank. This means that at some point water was pumped instead of gas and vice-versa ergo the sudden changes in acceleration and deceleration.

In summary, if your bike hesitates to accelerate and you are sure your gas is full, then take into consideration that there might be water in your gas tank.

Let us know what you think in the comments below. Feel free to share this article to anyone who has the same question as you.

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