How To Drill Hardened Steel? Your Guide For Successful Drilling

There is a fact that compared with drilling wood, it would be harder to drill metal or steel. Once you have no idea whether how to drill hardened steel, you might dull the bits a lot faster. So with that, there is just a need to make sure of using a drill bit that is designed for steel like the cobalt bit. Those wood drill bits have special point that wouldn’t work with metal.

But First, What Are Drill Bits?

Well, drill bits are considered as cutting tools being used in removing materials that would create holes. They might come in varied sizes and also shapes and could create various kinds of holes in different materials. For you to create holes, these drill bits are to be attached to a drill that would power them cutting through the workpiece particularly by a rotation. And finally, the drill would grasp the upper end of the bit which is called as the shank in the chuck.


In addition, drill bits would also come in standard sizes. There are as well certain specialized drill bits which could create holes along with the non-circular cross-section. For the types of drill bits that you might want to choose one, this article could help.

So What’s The Best Kind Of Drill To Use?

In most cases, carbide tipped drills is indeed ideal for auto-mechanics, locksmiths or some other drilling to hardened steel. They could also be used in drilling out broken bolts, drill bits, taps, and studs.

They could also cut hard steel like bearing races, dies, and safes. Indeed, this one is designed in order to prevent chipping as well as dissipate heat a lot faster. And in fact, these drills are definitely designed only to be used in hardened steel and will poorly perform in those softer materials. For a great pick of a drill bit as well then this masonry drill bit set is a wise choice.

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Now, How To Drill Hardened Steel?


Though drilling hardened steel is quite hard, still being guided with the proper steps on doing so could make the task successful. For the steps, consider the following:


Use a bit of oil on the steel in order to lubricate as well as cool the bit. The heat would dull the bit a lot faster. Drilling in steel would need a slower drill speed then too fast and also more heat is being generated.


Then, place a block of wood under the steel workpiece. This would allow the drill bit to go to the wood rather than dulling the bit on the piece of concrete.


Once you have the proper sharp bit, a little oil and also a variable speed drill then you could drill through sheet metal or steel having not to damage the drill bit.


If you want to enlarge the hole, then the larger drill bit would often vibrate and would produce a chatter that would give a terrible 5 or 6 sided edge rather than a smooth accurate edge into the hole.


So, the solution to this is to use a piece of emery cloth. Just simply fold about a 1 x 2-inch piece of the emery cloth in half along with the smooth side outside in order to avoid scratching the workpiece.


Now, place it over the hole in order to be enlarged, put the drill bit on the emery cloth over the hole and starts drilling. Automatically, it would center itself. Then the emery cloth would let the drill bit through easy and smooth and would produce a beautiful smooth edge having no trace of chatter.

Being guided by these steps will help the task of drilling hardened steel a bit easier and more convenient as well.

Essential Drill Safety Tips


Once drilling hardened steel or any other drilling tasks, safety is indeed paramount. With that, consider the following safety tips:

Dress Properly

Indeed, prevention is one of the most important steps to consider. This is definitely true once working with hand tools coming from your best rolling toolbox. Avoid baggy clothing or long sleeves, pulling back of the long hair and always wear safety goggles too.

There is a need to prepare the drilling space as well. This would involve the physical space where the user will drill and the surrounding space too. Pets and children are clear of the drilling area since being distracted once operating a power tool might hurt you. Also, remove some extraneous material from the area.

Properly Charge The Drill

In terms of a cordless drill, it is important to properly prepare the drill battery prior to using. The temperature should not be too hot or too cold since this could lead to the frozen or inoperable battery. Those batteries that are too cold or too hot would malfunction if hooked into the drill.

Handle The Drill Properly

Power drills must be carried by the base and not in the tip where the bit is being inserted. It is also important that you must not carry a drill through its trigger. Those drills having removable batteries should remain separate from the battery units until before use.

Check The Drill

There is a need to make sure that drills are in working order. It is also important that you register newly purchased drill with the manufacturer and check for recalls routinely.

Secure The Piece

Secure loose items such as metal sheets or boards with a clamp or some other heavy objects. This would serve to be dual purpose once keeping the material steady in order for the hole is put into the proper place and securing the material so it doesn’t fly away and would hit someone.

Drill pilot holes or use a center punch as well. Center punch would provide a small indentation into the wood that would orient the drill and would also prevent slippage if the drilling has commenced.

Mark The Depth

This will lead to accurately drill having not to go over and ruining a project or going under and also needing to begin again. Consider the use of an electrical tape to be wrapped around the bit into the proper depth that would clearly alert the user once the depth has been reached.

You must be guided by these tips in order to be safe during the process of drilling. In connection, for ways on how to repair as well as sharpen drill bits for metal, this video could help. If you will be guided by these tips then you will not just properly do the task of drilling hardened steel but you will also be safe as well.

Indeed, once equipped with the right tools that might come from your best tool chest along with the steps, it would be a lot easier to drill hardened steel. It could only be challenging however it could also be fulfilling once you properly do it.

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