How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Motorcycle?

How much does it cost to paint a motorcycle? This question is common and usually perplexes many bike owners. After all, painting a bike is necessary for different reasons.

First, you need to paint your motorcycle as a form of refurbishment. If the overall structure of the vehicle looks old already, then taking it on a paint job is an ideal thing to do. Second, a paint job can remove damages in your motorcycles, such as dings and dents. As you repair it correctly, a paint job can cover any dings entirely.

Most all, a paint job is a requirement for those who loves to customize their motorcycles. If you are planning to color your vehicle with custom paints and design, just prepare your pocket.

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Custom Motorcycle Paint Job


Professional colors withcustom touches

Specifically, the prices range from $900 to $2200 for this type of motorcycle paint job. If you are looking for this kind of customization to your bike, then you should at least have the amount that we have mentioned. Also, prepare additional bucks because painting the side covers, oil tanks, and saddle bags is not on the actual cost.

Obviously, a factory paint job is a lot cheaper than custom jobs. However, if you require a restoration finish to your motorcycle, that would cost you more.

Regular Paint Job

A regular motorcycle paint job is around $300 to $1500. The price is dependent on the volume of work that will be done before the actual painting to happen. You have to put in your mind that painting the parts of your motorcycle is just a parcel of the entire process. The biggest work here is sanding off of the old paint of your bike.

Sanding the paint of motorcycle requires manual work, hence takes more time. Moreover, the cost will also increase if there are a lot of prep tasks to be done. Those little parts are hard to paint and prove to be the most expensive pieces of a bike. We advise you that you should learn how to do a prep work for your motorcycle before by yourself. By doing this, you can save a lot of time and money too!


Also, you can save a paint job by taking off the fairings and tank of the motorcycle. Take these parts alone to the paint shop. These parts are your top priority when it comes to a paint job. But it is important that you know how to detach and attach these parts. That is the reason why we told you that you should learn to do all preparation works.

Specifically, the parts that you should need to paint are tanks, rear and front fender, and the side panels. You can haggle down the price is you bring these four parts separately.

Painting On Your Own

If you are not picky, a regular paint job can cost as low as $100. This amount depends if the painter is someone you know. Also, you have to do the dirty works.

If you are tight on budget, you should just learn how to paint a motorcycle. Painting a bike is doable, even if you are just an amateur. With the right tools and knowledge, you can have a paint job whose quality is the same as those in the factory shops.


All you have to spend is the paint and the tools that you need. And the best part of this is that you can do it anytime and to any motorcycle you want. As long as you have a constant practice, you can perfect any motorcycle paint jobs with ease. Who knows? You might get a living out of it!

Also, one factor that you should consider in the pricing is the color and design that you prefer. If you are looking for decals, then that's another story, and that would cost you more.

The brand of the paint and the motorcycle that you want to get painted are two factors you should take note of a paint job. For example, paints for Suzuki motors are quite expensive. If you have Harley bike, then expect that the prices of its paint are sky-high.

Check out this video tutorial on how to do a motorcycle paint job!


How much does it cost to paint a motorcycle? This question has no definite answer since a paint job has several factors to take in before the actual price comes. If the paint job is for refurbishment purposes only, expect that the price is around $300 to $1500. If you only take the tank, the fender, and panels, slashing the price is possible.

On the other hand, if the purpose of the paint job is for repair, then negotiating with the price is a hard thing to do.

Of course, do not expect that you can haggle the cost when it comes to custom paints and design touches. If you want to bring style to your bike, then at least prepare at least a thousand bucks. Moreover, you should only entrust any custom paint jobs to professional factory shops for guaranteed quality.

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