gps tracker for car

Top 10 Best GPS Tracker for Car Reviews in 2023

My husband wanted to get GPS device for when our elder son and daughter starts to drive. They are teenagers that keeps us in worry all the time of where they are going and whom they are meeting. It’s like a nightmare for us when my son came last time next morning. He stayed at his friend home because it was raining hardly and his mobile cell was turned off due to low battery. I and my husband didn’t slept that night. We got worried too much so that at very next morning my husband decided to purchase some quality product that can relieve us and keeps us up-to-date. Thus after long and keen observation we found 10 best products in the market. He made list of it and purchased one for my car and two for my children vehicle.

First I tracked in my own car, for testing and I have to say it’s the best product that I have ever seen. It’s exactly according to the requirement I wanted. Its small pocket-friendly device that placed easily in my car its waterproof therefore it’s reliable to place even when it rains. We are glade to purchase which do not contain contract, activation and cancellation fees. Its sturdy device that shows its durability and long-lasting life due to its long life battery. Therefore, I and my wife are quiet happy with best GPS tracker for car that reliefs us when our children goes outside on their car it keeps updated us all the time. Thus it’s easy to track them on computer technology anywhere anytime. I highly recommend to use it as it may proves fruitful for you

gps tracker for car

Top 10 Best GPS Tracker for Car Reviews

Spy Tec STI_GL300 Mini

Spytec GPS GL300 GPS Tracker for Vehicles, Cars, Trucks, Equipment and Asset Tracker for Loved Ones, Businesses and Fleets | Unlimited Real-Time Tracking with App - Powered by Hapn
  • Easiest & Fastest GPS Tracking: Spytec GPS offers the fastest GPS tracking for vehicles, valuables, and equipment using 4G satellite technology. Receive location alerts from the GPS tracker powered by the Hapn iOS/Android app.
  • Reporting Modes: This feature allows you to customize the update frequency of your trackers, giving you greater control over the battery life and the speed of updates. In an emergency, such as a stolen vehicle, a fast update frequency is needed. When you cannot charge a tracker once a week, you need to maximize the battery life. Reporting modes let you do whichever you want.
  • Go Back in Time - Time Machine is our feature that allows you to visualize the history of any tracked asset. Follow along and see all the trips, stops and alerts that happened along the way.
  • You Control the Battery Life: Tracker update speed can be customized on the fly to update as often as every 5-seconds for immediate visibility, or as infrequently as once a day to maximize battery life and last up to 14 days. Use your device how you need to use it.
  • Lifetime Warranty & Affordable Subscription: This device requires a subscription to our easy-to-use mobile and desktop apps. Activate the device, choose your plan, and start tracking. Subscriptions start at $25/month(USD) annually or $30/month(USD), month-to-month. Get free 24/7 support and a lifetime warranty on GPS trackers with an active annual subscription. International coverage available - additional configuration required, contact customer service.

Spy Tec STI_GL300 Mini Portable Real Time GPS Tracker is efficient and sturdy device that tracks location accurately of the vehicle. Its excellent features are as follows:

Reliable unit to purchase: The Spy Tec is amazing device to purchase as it’s the Real-Time GPS Tracking with 100% Accuracy that comes to your door with no contracts, no cancellation fees and no activation fees

Customize information: The geo fence technology keep updated you by sending information by email or via text message alerts, it tells how much you battery life is remaining

Long-life device: The durable and sturdy device contain long life durable battery that can survive up to 2 weeks. And for unsuppressed accuracy the GPS satellite technology ensures a tight fix on the tracker’s location


  • Perfectly discreet.
  • Waterproof magnetic case
  • Compact and discreet size


  • Expensive cost product

MasTrack OBD Live GPS Vehicle

MasTrack- GPS Tracker W/No Contract | Track On Computer Smartphone | Fleet Monitoring Tracking Employees, Teens, Spouse| Plug Into OBD Port Instant Alerts & Engine Diagnostics
  • GLOBAL COVERAGE | Real-time GPS updates up to every 1 minute - Global coverage - Required monthly subscription as low as $10.99
  • PLUG-IN AND GO | After plugging in your MT-OBD unit your installation is complete - Your device will automatically start reporting every time the vehicle is switched on and will continue reporting based on your service plan
  • PRODUCT FEATURES | Your OBD GPS Tracker is capable of: Speed Alert, Speed Threshold, Harsh Braking, Rapid Acceleration, Geofence, Maintenance Alerts, Alert when being towed and sitting Idle, Check Engine, Ignition Events, Tampering, and Battery Backup
  • SMART & EASY TRACKING | Simply log into the web portal and view live or historical tracking at any time. Access tracking from Computers, Smartphones, Tablets, or other web enabled devices - There is no limit on how often you can view your trips
  • OUR GUARANTEE | 30 Day, no questions asked. 1 Year Warranty - There are no long-term contracts, you can cancel at any time, and you'll always have the best customer service at your availability

‘MasTrack OBD Live GPS Vehicle Tracker with Engine Diagnostics + 1 Free Month of Service’. The pocket friendly device which is larger than a matchbox and can be discreetly placed nearly anywhere. Its spectacular features are as follows:

Constant updating: Up to every 1 minute the GPS real-time updates and covers USA Nationwide coverage that continues worked for you with as low as $10.99 subscription monthly

Innovative: No software required, its reliable device that can provide its service by(iPhone/iPad/Android/Blackberry) by using any internet enabled technology

Customer-friendly service: For speed, tempering, and geophone etc. it provide you unlimited text messages and email service


  • No installation.
  • 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • 1 Free Month of Tracking Available


  • Cannot installed permanently

Gpsnvision – Portable Real time GPS Tracker for Vehicles

Gpsnvision - Portable Real time GPS Tracker for Vehicles, Ready to use Hidden car Tracker with 3 Months Battery Life, 4G Waterproof Magnetic GPS Tracker for Asset Tracking - Secret Tracker.
  • POWERFUL LOCATION TRACKER WITHOUT HASSLE – No contracts and activation/cancellation fees! With gpsnvision, you get a low subscription cost and robust car tracker with long battery life - without the cumbersome process that other Gps tracker providers require!
  • QUICK INSTALLATION – Set up this Gps tracking device in seconds! Our vehicle tracker doesn’t require any wiring. Thanks to its powerful built-in magnets, you can easily attach it to any flat metal surface of a car.
  • REAL-TIME UPDATES AND AUTOMATED NOTIFICATIONS – Stay updated via important email and text message alerts for movement, speed, low battery warning, device disconnection notice, and more. This tracker for cars runs on the 4G AT&T Network.
  • LONG-LASTING 20,000 mAh BATTERY – Unlike other tracking devices, our Gps for vehicles is equipped with a high-powered lithium-ion battery that lasts 2 months with average daily driving. Because of the battery’s longevity, you can look forward to continuously keeping track of anything on the road.
  • EASY-TO-ACCESS LOCATION TRACKER FOR CAR – Inteltrack, our Gps device app, can be conveniently accessed on your smartphone. Customize the alerts you receive and view full driving history details including location, time, and duration of stops over the past 400 days.

‘Gpsnvision – Portable Real time GPS Tracker for Vehicles’ is designed to give you safe ride with all the time tracking small pocket-friendly device that can be placed anywhere easily. Its advanced features are as follows:

Main functionality: The versatile device contain the key features like(Real-time tracking, powerful built-in magnets, real-time updates, automated notifications, long-lasting 20,000 mAh battery,…)

Versatile safeguard: The versatile device may use to protect for multiple elements it can protect (child, the old, the disabled or pet etc. . .)

Tracks secretly: It’s the most efficient device that is helpful to track criminals secretly, so that you can manage Manage personnel so that the SOS button informed you the exact location area for the rapid rescue or action


  • Easy to install with powerful built-in magnets and no wiring required
  • Low subscription cost
  • Realtime updates and automated notifications via email and text message alerts
  • Long lasting 20,000 mAh battery provides two months of average daily driving
  • Inteltrack app is easy to use and provides full history details of up to 400 days.


  • Limited range (works on the 4G AT&T Network)

Sourcingbay® Tracking Drive Vehicle

GPS Tracker for Vehicles,Sourcingbay Tk103a GPS GSM/GPRS Car Alarm Anti-Theft Realtime Work with Google Map Tracking Device
  • Global positioning
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Vehicle locating
  • Cutting off power and oli by remote control
  • Vehicle rental / Fleet management etc

‘Sourcingbay® Tracking Drive Vehicle Car Tracker Gps/gsm/gprs System Real-time Google Map Tracking’ is an incredible product with brilliant features, the High-tech tracking at your fingertips makes easy to access your vehicle with advanced computer technology. Its traits are as follows:

Constant monitoring: The reliable secured device contain lattes features like it can monitor in Real-time, monitors Global positioning, and Vehicle locating

Cutting edge technology: It’s the cutting edge technology that is oli by remote control and cutting off power. It can be used for multiple reasons like file management and vehicle rental etc.

Specifications: The device contain versatile feature of CPU: MTK 3351, High Sensitive GPS Receiver of GPS high module, Memory Size (128Mbytes) and 1500mAh Built -in Battery


  • Disperse excess heat for superior comfort
  • Attractive black color
  • Perfect weapon for an all-mountain attack


  • GPS tracker only can be used at outdoor with satellite signal

Lowest monthly fee

TrackmateGPS Dash T11 4G/LTE Tracker for Vehicles. Real Time, Hard Wired. Wiring for Kill Switch, Door Lock/Unlock Included. No Contract. US Customer Support Ideal for Rental Fleets
  • THEFT PREVENTION AND RECOVERY: remotely activate: kill switch, door lock/unlock, alarm, horn. Geofences and Security fences trigger alerts when entering/leaving. Send your renters a temporary link to locate and unlock vehicle. TouroGo simulator.
  • IDEAL FOR RENTAL FLEETS: with included CAN wiring, system displays mileage odometer reading and fuel gauge status.
  • NO CONTRACT, NO COMMITMENT: Don’t get tied down with long-term contracts! Choose from 5 affordable plans with no activation or cancellation fees. Our monthly plans start as low as $9.99. Our PLATINUM plan updates as fast as every 5 seconds.
  • NATIONWIDE COMPATIBILITY: Our customized SIM card operates on AT&T and T-Mobile networks simultaneously, with option to provision SIM card for world-wide service. Monitor your vehicle on your computer, or on mobile via iOS or Android compatible app.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: With our “no questions asked” refund policy you can feel confident with your purchase from. Customer support is ready to assist you with any issues. We guarantee you will get the tracking tool for your vehicle!

‘Lowest monthly fee, real time, hard-wired, vehicle/equipment, DASH model GPS tracker with user friendly features’ is designed to give you ease and security for the vehicle that can be tracked easy by the small advanced technology device. Its features are as follows:

Specification: When properly installed it’s virtually tamper proof, hard wired, aluminum construction of durable extrude, real time vehicle tracer

Life time warranty: The sturdy device comes with lifetime warranty and thousands of satisfied customer worldwide.

Most reliable product: The device comes with no cancelation fees, no hidden fees, and no contract, that includes all required accessories and no extra needed


  • Quality is excellent
  • Eye appealing and user friendly
  • Seamless, automated activation


  • Expensive product.

Linxup LPVAS1 OBD Real-Time

Linxup Fleet GPS Tracker & Monitoring System: Real-Time Location Company Vehicle Tracking, Monitoring, and Alerts for Professional Vehicles, Local and Over The Road Fleets
  • The Linxup GPS Fleet Tracker & Monitoring Solution is a real-time location fleet vehicle tracking device that allows for easy monitoring of company vehicles, fleets and semi trucks.
  • Schedulers and fleet managers can view location and performance metrics from anywhere in the world and receive updates in real-time through their phone, tablet or computer.
  • The Linxup fleet location tracker for vehicles utilizes leading GPS technology, which provides long battery life and optimal accuracy with reporting options to monitor vehicles day or night.
  • Linxup’s software monitors and displays location, speed, tampering, which help optimize routes to make vehicle and fleet management cost-efficient and goods transportation safer.
  • Company truck tracker system allows users to easily manage vehicles and fleets for $25 a month per device without contracts; Limited lifetime warranty on GPS tracking device.

‘Linxup LPVAS1 OBD Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracking System Device’ is the well-made high quality tracking device which makes easy to track on any device from the computers to tablet or mobile phones via the Spy Tec GPS platform. Its features are as follows:

Easy to track: With tracker of GPS it track in seconds so that under the dash it plugged conveniently into the OBD port of trucks and vehicle and it’s manufactured since 1996

Keep updated every time: With broad coverage in all 50 states it get tracking of GPS updates every minute Track a single vehicle or a fleet

Deliver bets service: Along with Geo fences it keeps Track using Google maps and can provide you service by unlimited email alerts and text messages


  • Advance the technology
  • Limited lifetime device warranty
  • Super Easy to Use


  • Monthly airtime subscription required to operate system Premium

Low-cost Real Time Online

Sobrilli Charger X Adapter AUX Audio Jack Charge Adapter l+Volume Control Dual Earphone Cable Converter Compatible /8/8P Support All iOS
  • Pay as you go. No contract. No activation fees. No cancellation fees. No hidden fees.
  • Real time online 24x7 GPS tracking. Vehicle diagnostic data included. 30 days history available. Geofence, speed, ignition/ACC, unplug, SOS/panic, check engine light ON alert (with DTC code) via text/email. Detailed tracking reports (stops, geofence, speeding, inactivity, fence duration, state mileage IFTA)
  • Easy to install: plug into the vehicle OBD-II port and go! No wiring needed. Lightweight (only 2.1oz).
  • Excellent reception with built-in GSM and GPS antenna. No hassle of running extended antennae! Built-in microphone for remote voice surveillance.
  • Pay-as-you-go SIM card included.

‘Low-cost Real Time Online GPS OBD II Vehicle Tracker Car Doctor (Accutracking Starter Kit)’ is the best product with exponentially safe and exponentially comfortable product to provide safe ride by delivering customizable reports. Its features are as follows:

Most reliable product: The device comes with no cancelation fees, no hidden fees, and no contract, that includes all required accessories and no extra needed

Easy installation: Now it’s easy to install a small device with extra-large features that easily plug into the vehicle OBD-II and port and go that does not require wiring

Excellent reception: With built-in GSM and GPS antenna it possible by built-in GSM and GPS antenna, therefore no mess of running extended antennae


  • Real time online 24×7 GPS tracking.
  • 30 days history available
  • Download data in CSV/KML format


  • Your area must have T-Mobile coverage

Discover It GPS Tracker for Vehicle

GPS Tracker for Vehicle - Discover It - 5G Real Time GPS Tracking Device Monitoring System with GEO Fence for Kids, Cars, Vehicle, Seniors - Up to 256 Day Battery Life (Monthly Plan)
  • "THE DISCOVER IT - GPS903-4G GPS TRACKER HAS GIVEN ME PEACE OF MIND!" - Know where your most precious assets are: children, teen drivers, multiple vehicles and important cargo! Keep them safe and accounted for with the Discover It GPS Tracker. The Discovery GPS Tracker is a battery-powered GPS tracking device with up to 256 days of battery life. This is easily portable so you can move it for multiple uses. Get ready for unparalleled TRACKING accuracy!
  • HAVE AMAZING 5 STAR RESULTS WITHOUT ALL THE SETUP COMPLICATION OR ERRORS! - You will easily be able to see where your kids are at on the "iTrail" app available on both Google and Apple app store. Using the Discover It iTrail tracking software receive text message alerts whenever they arrive and leave any of the unlimited number of custom geo-fence zones you create. Simply set up your Discover It GPS Tracker and you will immediately see tracking results!
  • EXPERIENCE THE BENEFITS OF SUPERIOR DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION - If you are looking for a 5G (where available)Real Time GPS Tracker that comes with a waterproof, crushproof, dustproof ABS plastic case with dual magnets that have an 80lb direct pull force rating which means you can attach the case to any magnetic surface and never worry about it falling off, then you are ready for the DISCOVER IT 4G Real Time GPS Tracker!
  • 5G TRACKER THAT WORKS IN U.S., CANADA & MEXICO - The Discover It GPS903-4G GPS Tracker is ideal for: Families with elementary school age children who may not be under constant supervision during the day. Parents with teen drivers who need the assurance that the new driver is accounted for. Minors who need additional behavior monitoring! Owners of 2 or more vehicles. Individuals or corporations who are in need of peace of mind. Perfect for Fleet and Employee Tracking.
  • EXPERIENCE YOUR MAXIMUM TRACKING RESULTS GUARANTEED - Did you know tracking your valuables has never been easier than with the Discover It GPS903-4G GPS Tracker? Simply setup your tracker with a choice of plans with easy renew options starting at $12.99 per month and enjoy your instant peace of mind! You can click the yellow "Add to Cart" button today with total confidence in your superior ability to track what matters!

‘Discover It GPS Tracker for Vehicle’ is the finest product available because of the quality it offers and it’s secure to use, its durable quality makes it a very convenient product to purchase. Its features are as follows:

Specification: you can see the real-time location of your loved ones on the “iTrail” app available on both Google and Apple app store, 5G (where available) Real-Time GPS Tracker works in many countries

Correct direction: With the correction insert the multi-carrier sim card of buy one. GPS tracking service the sim card gets enough money


  • Reliable and easy to use tracking device
  • Superior design and construction for reliable tracking accuracy
  • Waterproof, dustproof, and crushproof ABS plastic case with dual magnets (80lb direct pull force rating)


  • Premium cost product

Real Time Live Mini Micro

SpySpot Tracking Kit - 4G Mini Real Time GPS Tracker GL 300MG with Solar Powered Magnetic Waterproof Case, Battery and USB Adapter - Hidden Locator Device for Vehicles - Subscription Required
  • The GL 300MG Solar Powered GPS Tracker is a brand new redesigned model which is far improved over any other GL300MG available on the market. Our redesigned GL300MG provides a constant charge using sunlight which is a significant advancement. The motion interval updates can be configured up to minute updates, but the default setting is 5 minutes.
  • Revolutionary solar powered case has a USB adapter which will keep several other devices powered from solar power. Li-ion polymer battery 3.7V 10000mAh.
  • No installation and can be accessed from any PC, MAC, smartphone, tablet, or iPAD. Real Time Tracking allows the Device to be viewed Anywhere and Instantly through the Tracking Portal. The GPS Monitoring Device records up to 6 months of Tracking History. The application is free to download and can be used on both Apple and Android. Name of the application is SpySpotGPS. Login and view the device through any personal computer, smart phone, or tablet.
  • 24/7 Email or Text Alerts - Geofence/Perimeters can be configured to provide notifications whenever the device enters or exits a certain area. This is perfect to know when your loved one arrives at work or when a child arrives to and from school. Multiple Perimeters can be configured for each individual device. Tracking Portal will allow the user to view the MPH of the tracking device and be provided of alerts when the vehicle reaches a certain speed.
  • Monthly service as low as $18/month when year paid for in advance. $20/month when paid 6 months in advance. $22/month when paid 3 months in advance. $24 when paid month to month. Can be cancelled anytime. One time activation fee of $9.95 Tracking now works in United States, Canada, and Mexico!

‘Real Time Live Mini Micro GPS Tracker in White – GPS Tracking Device + Magnetic Clip’ is the finest product in the market available to track your vehicle and keeps you up-to-date by customizable system which alerts you about device system. Its handy features are as follows:

Reliable to use: To prepay multiple months of monitoring it does not need any contracts to sign or any requirement to done. Therefore it comes with the impressive service that you can cancel the subscription of any time

Easy to access: Now it’s easy to aces anywhere any time without installation that can be accessed from any compute technology of (PC, MAC, smartphone, tablet, or iPad)

Tracking device with 1 year history: Tracking device of 1 year history, per hour covered miles will displayed with complete information, it designate any perimeters by allowing you


  • Include a Breadcrumb Trail,
  • Reports may be provided via text message and/or email.
  • Track on any computer or PDA-Style cell phone


  • Expensive unit

Trackport Vehicle Auto Car Fleet GPS

Brickhouse Security GPS Tracker for Vehicles- TrackPort OBD II Tracking Device- Tracker for Car Location and Speed- Mini OBD GPS Tracker for Vehicles- GPS Trackers- Subscription Required
  • ENSURE SAFETY OF YOUR LOVED ONES: Monitor your kids and vehicle with our car tracker device. Our vehicle tracker creates Geofences that alert you when your vehicle enters or exits defined areas. Our car tracking device also monitors the length of time your car was in the area.
  • MONITOR DRIVING BEHAVIOR: Our OBD II car tracking device detector also runs reports on excessive speeding, harsh acceleration, turning, all stops, total time, and mileage driven. With these features, our GPS tracker for cars can help monitor your personal driving behavior, your kids, and other loved ones using the same car or vehicle.
  • TRACK REAL-TIME SURVEILLANCE: Maintain surveillance over your vehicle or commercial fleet with our GPS tracker for cars. Our portable GPS tracker will send alerts when your car is on the move. With Brickhouse Security GPS car tracker, you can have peace of mind that your car and valuables are safe.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Our car tracker device can be simply plugged into the OBD II port under the dashboard of any car. No professional installation and batteries are needed. The subscription for our tracker also offers three (3) plans to choose from Annual, Quarterly, or Monthly. Our mini GPS tracker can be the ideal choice for monitoring the location of your loved ones or assets.
  • ABOUT US: BrickHouse Security is a supplier of security and surveillance solutions to consumers and businesses of all sizes. We provide solutions and consulting services to more than 400 of the Fortune 500 companies, as well as more than 2,500 local and national government agencies, including the NYPD, the L.A. County Sheriff's Department, and the FBI.

‘Trackport Vehicle Auto Car Fleet GPS Tracker OBD Plug & Track GPS Tracking System’ is the pioneer product with the great features to track vehicle by long lasting battery life. Its attributes are as follows:

Constant monitoring: The reliable secured device contain best features like it can monitor in Real-time speed, monitors Global positioning, and Vehicle locating

No installation: The device contain no installation required and by plugging the Track Port Unit into the OBD Port it moves instantly from car to car

Easy to access: Now it’s easy to aces anywhere any time without installation that can be accessed from any compute technology of (PC, MAC, smartphone, tablet, or iPad)


  • Ideal For Fleet Tracking
  • OBD GPS tracker
  • Plug and play


  • Expensive unit


A GPS tracker for car is an invaluable tool to have in today’s world. Not only can it provide you with peace of mind knowing your vehicle and its contents are safe, but also the ability to track location and speed if stolen or lost. With features like live tracking, geofencing alerts, and more, a GPS tracker will give you the insight into where your vehicle has been so that you can protect what matters most—your family’s safety. Investing in a reliable GPS tracking device is one of the best decisions you can make when looking for security solutions for your car. Don’t wait any longer — get yours today!

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