Five Things That Could Help Your Insurance Claim

Five Things That Could Help Your Insurance Claim

Insurance companies make all of their profits by offering protection to people if they are caught up in a car accident. However, they do not make any money by paying out on accident claims. Instead, it’s the thing that hurts their profits the most. Hence, you can expect every insurance company out there in the market to try and save as much money as possible on your coverage. They can do this by making a settlement offer that is far less than the total value of your claim, intentionally delaying the investigation for your settlement, in some cases, even denying your claim, intimidating you to accept a wrongful offer, or even engaging in bad insurance practice. 

Don’t even think for a second that your insurer is on your side. Their interests lie with the company profits, and the more profit the company makes, the better they earn. And this can only happen by making sure your settlement is as low as possible. So, here are FIVE things that can significantly help your case and get you the coverage that you truly deserve. 

Get In-touch with a Professional Car Accident Lawyer

Five Things That Could Help Your Insurance Claim

If the insurance company is not on your side, then it’s time you got a professional in your corner. You will need an experienced car accident lawyer who knows how to squeeze money out of these fraudulent insurance companies. Any well-trained lawyer knows the ins and outs of the governmental laws protecting the citizens and can use that information to bombard the insurance company until they decide to provide the proper coverage for your case. But suppose the insurance company persists in not giving you your right. In that case, the experienced lawyer can threaten them to take court action against them, which usually results in the insurance companies caving in because they know that you deserve this payout. 

Have Sufficient Evidence 

Five Things That Could Help Your Insurance Claim

When it comes to insurance claims, lack of evidence means you will not get a single penny. We have already established that most insurance companies show their true colors when you need their services. And when they do, you will need to press them into a corner properly to get decent coverage from them to cover the costs, medical bills, and repairs. However, you won’t push anyone around if you don’t have the necessary evidence to do so. Evidence can be gathered from many sources, but you can achieve irrefutable evidence through a dashcam. As the events of the accident occur, the dashcam will be recording everything in ultra HD, making it clear who was at fault, and you can prove your innocence. Once that’s done, the law will be on your side, and the other party’s insurance company will have no choice but to provide you with proper financial coverage to cover every cost you are facing due to the car accident. 

Keeping Accurate Record of Everything

Five Things That Could Help Your Insurance Claim

From the moment of the accident, it’s a given that any communication, interaction, and engagement that happens between you, the government officials, and the insurance company should be appropriately documented and recorded for later use. And you can be fully assured that they will significantly help you and your case shortly. Any accident-related transaction you have made or any other type of accident-related document you possess should be kept with utmost care because you never know what might help you win over that lump sum money! 

Speak Only the Truth

Just as you are recording everything, they take this to the next level. Every meeting you have had with the insurance company, every word you have spoken, they have it on audio and video files. This is why you must not speak a single word of hesitation that can be used against you to dismiss the case entirely. Because if you give them something like that, they will without a doubt use it against you. Under no circumstance should you speak a lie because they will record it, and it will be proven wrong in front of you and the court? And one false statement means losing the case. So make sure you think a lot before speaking and speaking only the truth. It is highly advisable that you not attend any meetings with insurance companies without your lawyer’s presence and let him do most of the talking. 

Read Before You Sign 

Five Things That Could Help Your Insurance Claim

It’s understandable to agree to the terms and conditions and move on to the good part. But, this is no Google Play store gaming application. This is your case in the hands of a fraudulent insurance company that doesn’t want to give you even a single dime. You can’t just trust them and sign away at whatever paper documents they throw in front of you. This is why it’s highly recommended that you take your lawyers with you to the meetings with insurance companies. Experienced lawyers are reasonably good at reading contracts and documents to find any unfavorable terms you might be agreeing to without knowing and fully understanding them. They will sniff out everything wrong with the contract and make sure you sign something that will get you the financial coverage you deserve. 

To Sum it All

Don’t ever trust the insurance companies just because the insurer speaks to you politely and with such kind words. They are only your friends till you give them money. Once it’s your turn to receive some cash, they will turn on you in a second. But if you follow these FIVE tips mentioned above, then you might receive the financial coverage you truly deserve. Good luck! 

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