First World Problems: What Are the Top 10 Things the Wealthy Tend to Struggle With?

It can be true that you never have enough money, and that your spending grows to match your income. Hitting a certain level of wealth through changes the game somewhat.

1. Spoiled Kids

How do you teach your kids the value of money when it seems to be so easily available? How do you disabuse them of the notion that not everything is going to come to them just because you have money? Not the easiest thing to do while still providing for them.

2. Kidnapping Worries

If you are in that bracket of rich where it is super obvious how much money you have, it may occur to you that other people are going to see your kids as potential bargaining chips in a kidnap scenario. So you will have to make sure they have good security.

3. Lawsuits

If you have money and people know that they can get it from you if they have a case, you are probably going to experience more lawsuits than someone who has no money at all. Some of them may have grounds and some may not, but a lot more people are going to try their luck. Will you have to sell your belongings to cover things? Get An Offer Today.

4. Family & Friends Asking for Money

If family and friends can see you have money and they don’t you may find that you are suddenly considered to be a cash cow, and everyone is going to turn to you to solve their problems. This can be a very awkward thing to have to continually deal with.

5. Strangers Asking For Money

It’s not only relatives and friends you have to worry about. Aren’t rich people expect to be charitable and to help those less fortunate than themselves? Begging letters are not the nicest thing to receive, and you can’t help everyone.

6. Do Your Friends Like You?

It can definitely be harder to spot the motivations of the people around for doing what they do, and you may find yourself wondering if they are there for you or for your money. It isn’t always going to become obvious immediately either.

7. Losing Old Friends

You are going to develop policies pretty quickly to govern how you manage your money, and there may be people who are unable to think with that. They may want you to lend money, finance their projects, or just give you handouts. Being rich may be enough to kill the friendship.

8. Does Your Partner Love You?

If friends and family and the entrance of money into the equation can complicate things, that is nothing to the problems that it can cause when it comes to the closest of relationships. Do you handle it with a prenup, and if it happens after you got married, you are going to be wondering if it is going to change things.

9. Trusting Money Managers

It is unfortunately not an unusual thing for people to embezzle money from the rich, and they are often people that had worked for the person for a long time. You want to be able to have the people you employ to do their job and not have to keep watching them, but sometimes that is necessary.

10. Everything Makes You Worry

What is your money doing? Who you are connected to should you worry about? What are the markets doing? Do you actually have enough money? Could that last decision you made bankrupt you? Yep, you worry about everything.


Being rich is not worry-free. There are still things that cause you to stress, and there are actually some unique challenges that you encounter.

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