Features to Find in a Dog Car Hammock

Features to Find in a Dog Car Hammock

When choosing a dog car hammock, you need to take into account many characteristics that are easy to get confused about. Sellers highlight the best benefits of their product, but it’s important to consider them all so you can find the option that’s perfect for you, your car, and your pet.

In this article, we will talk about the four main characteristics to find in car hammock for dogs that really determine its quality. We will share what details and small things you should pay close attention to so as not to waste money and be 100% satisfied with your purchase!


There are dog hammocks of different sizes – for example, large ones for a back seat or compact ones for a single seat. How to choose right?

First of all, consider the size of your pet. For small breed dogs, small single seat hammocks work just perfectly. But for medium and large breeds, a big backseat dog hammock is the best option. And for puppies of large breeds, we also advise getting a hammock “for growth”. Puppies grow faster than you think!

Also consider how much space you have for your doggie. Obviously, if you have a sports car and a family of four, taking the entire back seat is not a good idea. Or let’s say you are planning a road trip with a group of friends and your dog is traveling with you.

In this case, pay attention to the universal placement models with zipper design. Like, for example, this dog backseat hammock from Owleys brand, which can be used both on the entire back seat and single seat to save space. Perfect and versatile.


If you’ve already tried searching for a dog backseat hammock, you’ve probably noticed that almost all of them have the same style. Classic version: plain solid black. Or gray. Most pattern styles are also similar. Sometimes it’s even difficult to separate hammocks from different brands because they look exactly the same.

If you, like us, are tired of the sameness, pay attention to the unique models of different colors and designs. Yes, there are far fewer of them, but they are worth looking for! Such a dog car hammock works not only as protection, but also looks stylish in your car interior.

Also check out any extra accessories the hammock has. For example, pockets. They are super handy to store leashes, toys, or travel bowls during long road trips. Or mesh windows that allow the dog to see the road while lying in the back seat.


The main function of getting a dog car hammock is to protect seats from dirt, scratches and dog hair. But how do you know how good its protection level really is?

Pay great attention to materials and number of layers. Make sure the hammock is actually waterproof and damage-resistant. The best material for dog car seat hammock covers is nylon and nylon-based fabrics, such as Oxford cloth. The more layers a dog backseat hammock has, the more durable and resistant it is to dirt, liquids, and damage.

Check the quality of hardware and trims. It’s a detail you can easily overlook, but it shows the real quality of a backseat dog hammock. All seams must be neatly sewn, while hardware and fasteners must be made of durable materials. Preferably metal.

Door protection is another key point to consider. If you don’t want your doors scratched or stained, protective sidewalls are a feature you should look for in car hammock for dogs.


Here we recommend paying attention to three important points: safety of use, installation process, and cleaning method. Let’s look at them in more detail.

First and foremost, a backseat dog hammock should have special holes for attaching a safety belt. You attach one side of it to your car’s seat belt buckle, and the other side to your pet’s harness. Then your doggie stays secure and safe on the road, and you can drive peacefully. But if there are no such holes or they do not fit your car seats, the hammock is simply dangerous to use!

Installing a dog hammock should be as simple and clear as possible. Check the instructions or watch the video on how to install it. Do this before buying to save your nerves and avoid dealing with incomprehensible setup manuals.

Washing method should also be easy. We recommend choosing either machine washable dog car seat hammock covers, or ones that you can clean right in the car. With a simple damp cloth, car vacuum cleaner or sticky roller. Based on our experience, the latter option is the most convenient. It saves you time removing the hammock from the car, washing, drying, and reinstalling it.

To conclude, let’s pack up with all we discussed today.

There are four main features to look for in car hammock for dogs – size, style, protection, and functionality. Each characteristic has its own details and little things that define the quality of the dog car hammocks and require your special attention.

In terms of size, consider the space available in your car and the size of your dog. If space is limited, pay attention to transforming dog hammocks, such as those from Owleys.

In terms of style, check out colorful dog hammocks with unique designs and additional accessories, such as pockets or mesh windows. Such hammocks are not only useful, but also nice to have in your car interior.

In terms of protection, check the materials and layers of a dog hammock. The best hammocks are multi-layer and made from nylon or Oxford fabric. Also, be sure to check the quality of trims and hardware. Another big bonus will be side walls to protect your car doors.

In terms of functionality, most of all, make sure that the dog hammock allows you to secure your pet with a safety belt. Before buying, check that the hammock is easy to set up and clean.

Keeping in mind all the points that we have listed in the article, you are sure to find the perfect dog car hammock and travel with your pet happily!

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