Essential Accessories for Long Motorcycle Rides

6 Essential Accessories For Long Motorcycle Rides

There are many ways to spend your weekends and holidays. Thanks to technology, you can get entertained from the comfort of your home with Ripper casino bonuses. Alternatively, you can spend time outdoors exploring your state on a motorbike.

Long bike rides are the perfect adventure for outdoor lovers. However, they can become unpleasant if you are not equipped with the right accessories.

Carrying the right set of tools can come in handy if you encounter emergencies. They will also make your trip more comfortable.

Are you wondering which tools you should carry for a long ride with limited storage space? Here are some tips for you.


Safety should be a priority when taking a long ride. A reliable helmet should be top of the list of accessories you will pack for your trip. Statistics show that helmets are 37 percent effective in preventing deaths in riders.

Most riders get involved in accidents, and thanks to their helmets, they can protect their heads. A helmet can protect your face when you get dragged on the tarmac during an accident.

Riders who go on adventures without helmets also complain about bugs hitting their eyes or mouth, which affects their riding experience. Wearing a helmet covers your entire face, protecting you from stubborn bugs and making your ride smooth and safe.

Helmets with Bluetooth capability can allow you to answer phones, get directions and even listen to music when riding.

Wearing a helmet protects your brain. A helmet protects your head and prevents brain damage when you get involved in an accident. Wear a helmet to avoid getting on the wrong side of the law when riding.

Many states require riders to wear helmets; don’t spoil your adventure by clashing with law enforcement.


Essential Accessories for Long Motorcycle Rides

You will likely get lost if you take a cross-country motorcycle ride to unfamiliar territories. While trying to find your way back is still part of the adventure, having GPS will keep you on track and save you more time for exploration.

A reliable GPS will make your adventure more fun; you will get to access all the destinations in your itinerary and avoid frustrations linked to losing direction. The beauty of GPS gadgets is they are compact and can be easily installed on your bike.

Some gadgets will also alert you to avoid high-traffic areas and highways. Look for an easy-to-use and weather-resistant GPS to guide your journey.

Tank Bag

One of the biggest challenges riders face when traveling is limited storage for their tools and personal effects.

A tank bag will allow you to carry anything you need for the trip and provide easy access. Tank bags are ideal for carrying your tools, beverages, food, jacket, an external batter, and much more. There are many options to choose from; choose a waterproof tank bag that will protect the contents in unfavorable riding weather.

Consider the mounting methods and ensure they are compatible with your bike. For instance, make you’re your bike can hold a magnetic bag. Most riders prefer strap mount tank bags as they stay secured on the bag regardless of their weight and the terrain of the area you are riding.

Cooling Vest

Essential Accessories for Long Motorcycle Rides

Overheating can weigh down your riding experience. That is why you need a cooling vest. It is a necessary accessory, especially when riding on a hot day.

They are designed to maintain a comfortable core body temperature, preventing the negative effects of overheating, like exhaustion.

They are worn under your gear and mostly work by evaporation. However, there are different types of cooling vests. You could choose from thermoelectric, cool flow cooling, PCM cooling, evaporative, and ice-chilled cooling vests.

The most common vests are evaporative and lower your core body temperature through evaporation. They are made with absorbent materials which soak up water, gradually evaporating it without dehydrating the rider.

Leather Gloves

Essential Accessories for Long Motorcycle Rides

Riding gloves are important accessories to have for a long ride. If possible, you should carry a spare one to adjust to changing situations; for instance, you may need to change them after riding in the rain.

You need something to protect your hands from losing skin or your fingers from breaking in case of an accident. They will protect your hands from friction and keep them comfortable the entire journey. They come in handy when riding in the rain or during the hot summer months; weatherproof gloves protect your hands from the elements and overheating.

Besides protecting your hands and making the ride comfortable, they also look good. They are a great asset to your rider look.

A Toiletries and First Aid Kit

You need to maintain hygiene during your adventure. Mini-sized toiletries will help you maintain hygiene without taking up too much space in your tank bag. You can carry a small hand wash, a moisturizer, and sunscreen.

If you are camping, consider including your toothpaste and toothbrush in the kit.

A first aid kit will help you take care of small injuries and manage injuries as you wait for medical assistance in an accident.


Long rides are more fun when you are prepared. Having the essential accessories above will make your ride safe and comfortable and ensure you are not stranded in case of emergencies.

A helmet and a pair of gloves will enhance safety and keep you comfortable riding for miles. A GPS device will help you stay on track and save time during your trip.

Choose accessories that will not stretch the available storage space.

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