Electric Gelandevagen – What We Know

Electric Gelandevagen – What We Know

Be it called the G-Wagon or G-Wagen, the Mercedes-Benz G-Class is a competent and versatile vehicle in the market. It is luxurious, classy, and offers remarkable performance both on and off-road. The features of this G-Wagen (or the Gelandevagen) are all rolled into one boxy ideal package.

Having said that, it does have its downsides. A significant issue for this car is indeed the fuel consumption. Its box-shaped body and heavy-duty engine certainly make for bad gasoline mileage. Making on average of only 14 mpg altogether, the G-Wagen is one among the most polluting cars on the market in America.

However, change is coming as the company is going electric with the G-Class.

Mercedes is pioneering a ‘G’ subdivision, similar to Ford’s change with Mustang and Bronco, and it will be an electric kind. The company disclosed upcoming production research of the car. It was named the Concept EQG which was held in Munich at the IAA Mobility event 2021.

The company did not mention the range estimation or size of the batteries and not even the energy output of the electrical engines. All we know is the vehicle will be AWD and will feature both low as well as high gear.

Besides this, there were not much details shared. Nevertheless, together with Zemotor we have put together the things we know thus far.

G-Class Electric SUV Named The EQG

Electric Gelandevagen – What We Know

Since the year 2020, this G-Class electric SUV has been highly-awaited by many ever since the Mercedes-Benz Strategy Update event conducted by Daimler.

Regarding naming its models, the company always makes sure the people can easily comprehend its ranking of vehicles. It has already launched the EQS, which is the S-Class electric version. It powers the comfort and luxury of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class through electrical energy only.

In simple terms, EQ will symbolize ‘Electric,’ while the character behind will classifies an original existing variant or a modification with an identical shape.

The main reason Mercedes pioneered the G-Class electric car is so that it could make a stand in the crowded competition. There are various other car manufacturers pushing hard to turn all their automobiles into electric by the year 2030. Hence, it comes as no surprise that Mercedes wants to join in the game and unveil an already popular variant such as the G-Class.

Many large SUVs are set to go electric, including the Ford F-150 Lightning, Hummer EV, etc. Sooner rather than later, we will definitely be introduced to more EVs.

Power is one other benefit of launching the G-Class electric. It is a fact that the G-Class can move alongside other identical-shaped vehicles only with the help of a heavy-duty engine. This makes the model a fuel hog in exchange for the performance a six-cylinder would give you on-road.

Powered by electric engines implies that the vehicles will get instant power. It will not have rpm, so there is no determining the horsepower and torque. All these factors are what make the G-Class economical and without much emission.

Above all, it will definitely intrigue the leading-age of the show business consumers.

The EGQ: Performance and Specs

Electric Gelandevagen – What We Know

As long as the plan goes accordingly, the EGQ is set to be on the market in the year 2024. Along with that, Mercedes is expected to make a formal appearance the following year.

The company has branded the EQG 560 as well as the EQG 580, hinting at two electric vehicle models that we are aware of. As per CarWow, the G-Class electric SUV will cost approximately $138,000.

According to all the facts we got to know from the EQS, it seems that the 580 model presents AWD (all-wheel drive.) It also generates 516 hp owing to its double motor design.

While the 560 is yet to be launched in different electric Mercedes, it may be a G-Class with lesser load and lesser power.

When it comes to the EQS 4Matic, the model also offers a torque shift feature. It is an electrically operated variable set-up for the torque applied on all four wheels depending on the condition of the road.

Therefore, if the G-Class’s off-road driving is done by ladder frames and firm axles thus far, then the AI may do it eventually.

From what we know, we acknowledge the EQS 580 to most likely invent almost exact specifics for the EQG model. There was no formal announcement from the company itself regarding an accurate mileage or speed test.

However, what we can expect is for Mercedes to use the 108-kilowatt hours’ battery on the EQG 580. The battery has the capacity of powering the EQS model for up to 400-470 miles.

Also, as per Motor1, we may get to witness a 300 mileage for the big G-Wagen. This is undoubtedly a massive climb up the ladder in the electrical section. The reason is that the Model S’s 100 kWh battery generates the most power to date.

Wrapping It Up

Electric Gelandevagen – What We Know

It does not matter when one of its EQG inventions makes an appearance. But when it does, it will take a stand in the crowded competition of EVs that can perform well in rocky terrain.

The company General Motors brought back the Hummer. They are now inventing two fully electric models of the brand, i.e., a utility truck and an SUV. One of the startups, Rivian, is set to pioneer its first utility truck. Adding to that is an SUV that will come in the course of this year.

Not only that, there have been rumors of Ford producing an electrical kind of its renewed Bronco SUV which may soon show up.

The Gelandevagen car has not only symbolized status and luxury but also its ventures off-road. Therefore, it is highly likely that the EQG may come with similar features that Mercedes has added to their latest, overpriced cars, such as the EQS Sedan.

What’s more, the company is expected to offer EQG the exact performance and mileage provided to the EQE and EQS sedans. If this were to happen, the G-Class Electric SUV could be the next big thing in the EV market.

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