6 Effective Tips for Discount Auto Repairs and Maintenance

We have outlined the most effective tips and tricks for discount auto repairs in 2019! Learn how you can save money at the auto shop today!

Everyone always gets that same feeling when it happens, that little pit in the bottom of your stomach, burning with the anxiety as you see it on your dashboard: the check engine light.

Yes, that check engine light is almost universally hated, because we all know what it means: another huge car repair bill. When it comes to car repair, no news is ever good news it seems. You can never find a decently priced mechanic it seems, and the cost of parts is often breathtakingly expensive.

Getting discount auto repairs is no task for the faint of heart, but it can be accomplished.

Follow these 6 simple tips on how to achieve discount auto repairs, and you'll be well on your way towards repairing your ride without breaking the bank!

Discount Auto Repairs: It All Starts With You!

While it is impossible to identify every problem before it happens, you can make a big difference in stopping problems before they even become problems!

How? By being a proactive and attentive vehicle owner!

Many major car repairs begin as minor issues that slowly get worse over time until finally, the lack of basic care becomes a full-blown issue needing professional attention.

You can prevent a substantial number of major auto repairs throughout your life by simply following your owners manual recommendations. The manual can tell you all kinds of things about your car, from the best kinds of fluids for it to replacing certain parts at specific mileages.

Of course even just keeping up with basic maintenance like making sure the oil is clean or keeping the engine tuned-up well can make a marked difference in the number of major repairs you might have over the lifespan of your car.

But regardless of how well (or poor, let's be honest with ourselves) we maintain our cars, repairs will come, and if you don't know what to do, they can be costly.

Here is how you can do your part to make your next auto repair a discounted one!

1. Research Your Potential Issue

When your car breaks down, don't just take it straight to the closest mechanic and take their word as gospel. The world-wide-web is a wonderful place, and there is so much information out there, all you need to do is access it.

You can try to research your issue by searching keywords that align with your car troubles, such as "engine misfire" or "transmission bucking". You can gain more specific insight into your issue by searching the forums for whatever brand vehicle you have. There are often many helpful fellow owners on there who have been through the same issues with their cars as you.

Through independent research and getting yourself informed, you can be best equipped to know how to get the best prices, whether to get these auto parts or those auto parts, and which local mechanic is best for your repair.

2. Find A Mechanic Willing To Let You Provide The Parts

This is a biggie. So many mechanics are unwilling to let the customer provide the parts to them, even if the customer has a specific part they want that the mechanic does not offer.

The reason for this? Like so many things in life, money is a driving factor.

While the price for an hour of labor remains relatively consistent from mechanic to mechanic (although not always, be careful and look around!), the price of parts varies greatly. Mechanics can mark the prices of parts up greatly in order to maximize their profits, selling you the same part you could have bought online for far less money.

Find a mechanic who will allow you to bring in your own parts. Whether you actually do or not is ultimately up to you, but it is at least an indicator of a mechanic who is doing the right thing.

3. Check For Recalls

A simple suggestion, but one that nonetheless always bears reminding. Many parts and issues with cars can be traced back to a manufacturers recall.

Always check to see if your year, make, and model may be under a recall for the auto repair you have.

4. Internet Parts. Seriously.

Like almost everything else in the world today, auto parts can be found far cheaper on the internet than in a brick and mortar store. You will often find that the luxury of getting the part today versus 2 days shipping isn't worth the upcharge. There are a variety of great online wholesale auto parts stores out there.

Plus, even if you're into niche cars, you can almost always get any part you can dream of, and often for prices that don't even compare to the local stores.

5. Bundle Your Repairs

When feasible, go in to get more than one thing done to your car at the same time. Some auto shops will give you discounts if you do multiple services such as getting an alignment, an oil change, and a transmission fluid change all at once.

They get the added business, and you get a bit of a deal for giving it to them. It's truly a win-win.

6. The Big Dealer Isn't Always The Best

There is a notion out there that getting your oil changed or your tires replaced at a place anywhere other than the dealer you bought the car from could void your warranty.

That is exactly how the big dealers want you to feel. The truth is, when it comes to basic maintenance and repairs, you can see any mechanic you want and it isn't likely to affect your warranty.

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If you follow these 6 tips, you really can achieve discount auto repairs, no matter what's wrong with your car.

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